Puma shoes and Adidas shoes Comparison

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Puma and Adidas are two global brands that came into existence 60 years ago after successful shoemaker brothers Adi and Rudi Dassler. Later on their bitter rivalry divided the town of Herzogenaurach, where they built their competing factories on the opposite banks of the town’s river. Adolf, preferred to be called Adi and named his business Adidas, combining his first and last names, while Rudolf tried the same with his firm called Ruda, though he later changed it to Puma. It was during the war period both these brands grew and made a statement. Adi gathered the equipments left by the first world war soldiers and made their first shoe. For Puma, their mother’s laundry room became the company’s headquarters, They beginned with making football shoes for many footballers and the brand also sponsored the jamaican track athlete Usain Bolt.Puma shoes

Adidas established itself in the sports footwear industry by providing the Germans with the most sophisticated shoes for their battle against Hungary. For Puma, its technology having always been ahead of the times and was an advantage for this footwear giant. Adidas moved into the production of other sports gear as well, they began with the making of apparels that were specifically designed for an athlete’s free movement and comfort. Puma not only offers shoes but also has a line of clothing and bags. Puma’s apparel held the same charm that its footwear did. Each piece of clothing by Puma is painstakingly crafted, with the best of designs to allow for free movement and oodles of comfort. Adidas produces other products like bags, shirts, watches, eyewear, and other sports- and clothing-related goods. The most attractive feature about Adidas is the brand’s passion for sports. Puma is an established brand that boasts of its line of footwear. They have different kind of shoes like golf shoes, ankle sneakers, running shoes, full spike mid cricket shoes, canvas shoes and mid lifestyle shoes. Adidas offers approximately 50 models of soccer shoes, including a bevy of indoor and outdoor models. Many Adidas shoes come equipped with PowerPulse, which Adidas touts as aiding in power, swerve and control. Puma offers approximately 30 types of soccer shoes, including several offerings for both indoor and outdoor use. Most Puma shoes feature a “lace wrap” system, which allows players to mold the shape of their foot for first-rate energy preservation.Adidas shoes

To have the best Puma and Adidas shoes, shop online. One has to do some homework and be prepared for the shopping. The first thing we have to focus on is whether the shopping site is reliable or not. Secondly, we have to make sure that if the site is offering methods of online payment, the payment portals are safe. With the Cash on Delivery options many sites offer, you can make sure that your product is delivered to you intact. This even gives you the chance to personally ensure the quality of service the online shopping site offers. Your online shopping will be fun without letting you go through that crazy mall all the way in the traffic.


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