Turn Your Everyday Wardrobe Into a Colourful Experience

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Traditional Indian wear has made it into almost everybody’s wardrobe, and out of all of that selection, most of them will be kurtas, because unlike sarees, salwars and lehengas, kurtas can be worn in any fashion and at any occasion. There is such a huge selection to choose from as well, because of the different designs and styles, from the varied neck styles, arm lengths, etc as well as the different prints, floral, striped, solids, etc.
You can wear it for a casual day out with the gals, or even deck up with some accessories and go for an evening dinner party and still manage to look radiant and elegant in the moonlight. With the right colours for your complexion and prints and patterns that will stand out among others, you ensemble would be complete even with a lack of heavy duty bottoms or chunky jewellery.
With such a wide usage of this particular apparel, it is no wonder that so many brands make their name solely on the innovation in design, comfort and quality in kurtas.
Brands like Soch, Biba, Fabindia, W and People are known based on their effective and eccentric designs, that young girls are now turning into a trend. With a big touch of modernity to the already existing beauty of our ancient Indian design, kurtas from these brands are a style statement. It is enough to say that most college kids will definitely have at least ten kurtas from either one of these brands or a combination of the five.
Biba, which has added a more colourful palette to their kurtas, has made the whole brighter than the sun look a very appealing one. Casual yet vibrant brings out that relaxed and elegant look to your ensemble. With a variety to choose from, there is no accounting for how many you may end up purchasing.
Fabindia, a little away from the fluorescent colours, still comes through in terms of design and colours. Although a lot of their pieces may not have a lot of energetic, youthfulness in terms of colour, they create very modern designs for material that is more so ethnic, because of its handmade apparel.
Soch, has a blend of both modern and traditional styles, as well as the extremes of casual attire and pieces that are meant for elegant occasions. They aim at creating apparel for the urban woman in all aspects of her life, be it home, work or leisure. They try to stick to the highest quality standards, as well as pay attention to every detail of the piece.
W for women entered the industry to create apparel that is meant for the new age Indian women. With its unique design, it creates ethnic wear that is chic and urban, simple yet stylish with an all round comfort level and has the ability to transform from formal office wear to casual attire.
People, very much like Biba is best known for their vibrant colours and prints, with a little more of a flair for modernity because of the way the cut of the kurtas are designed like an asymmetric hem or piping on the borders etc. They always seem to surprise their regular customers with the constant change in fashion trends.
Whether these five are the best of brands seems to be an individual opinion, but the fact that all five of them give their own very unique style, design and quality level shows you that no two brands are the same and therefore really cannot be ranked.Buying kurtas online are probably an easier solution than going to a retailer, because that way you get specifications on the piece that you would otherwise have to get from a salesman who you would ultimately have to chase down.


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