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The New Asus Memo Pad 8 has it all

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The Asus Memo Pad 8 is a new world in itself. With amazing features and exclusive features, it certainly makes for a stylish device to hold in your possession. With a 7-inch display, you are sure to experience vibrant colors and neat content without any clutter.

The Memo Pad 8 from Asus Tablets is crafted with perfection with brilliant features and crystal clear images. You can read novels, play games and be active on social networking websites without squinting your eyes or strain them. The streamlined curves have a high gloss finish, which has compact bezels and fits perfectly fits in your palm. This tablet gives a 30% enlarged view as compare to the 7-inch displays. The touchscreen is endowed with HD 1280 x 800, 178 degree wise-view angle.

The tablet like most other flagship tabs has two cameras, one on each side. The front camera or the secondary camera has 1.2 MP resolution. You can click cute selfies using this smart camera, just as you do video chatting for hours at a stretch. The primary camera has a 5 MP resolution and displays improved digital image and signal processing. It functions well in dim light conditions as well, which lets you capture detailed images.
The pre-installed Asus gallery in the tablet allows you ample freedom to edit, crop, sort, and share and create smart images that you can share with loved ones, with a single click. A more fascinating feature lets you adjust expressions on the screen with only a bit of tweaking here and there. In addition to that, it lets you click Panorama shots with ease, by panning the camera for a few seconds. You can then share the images with the world with ease.

You can use the Asus Memo Pad ™ 8 to store and play music. The sound clarity is impeccable and efficiently makes use of the Asus SonicMaster technology and Asus Audio Wizard. The stereo speakers amplify your music so that everyone can enjoy it with you. The Asus SonicMaster uses smart audio processing from Waves, recipient of a Technical GRAMMY Award® for enhanced quality music. The Audio Wizard experiences five customized audio modes, so as to customize music to your needs.

Processor and Touch
The Memo Pad™ 8 uses 1.6 GHz quad-core processor which is immensely powerful and lets you perform complex actions with ease and smoothness. You can explore graphics and gaming without any lags or delay in response with this processor at work.

The touch of the ASUS Memo Pad™ 8 has unmatched touch, measuring to about 127 mm across the tablet. The intuitive touch input is highly sensitive to your gaming touch as well surfing.You can get the ASUS Memo Pad™ 8 online on various e-commerce websites or in a showroom. The former will save your time and energy to a large extent. You can compare different tablets online, read reviews from authentic customers and make an informed decision for yourself.


Karbonn Smart Tab 8 is Ready to Rock the Market

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Karbonn launched the smart Tab 8 is the first in the world to be boxed with Jelly Bean. With Android v4.1.1 as the operating system, the Karbonn tablet 8 is certainly one of the most advanced ones. The tablet is powered by 1.5 GHz Dual Core Cortex-A9 processor.
The tablet is endowed with two cameras on both sides. A primary camera with 3 mega pixel resolution promises you crystal clear images, while the secondary camera enables you to click cool selfies and also enjoy video chatting with your loved ones.The device has an internal memory of 1.51 GB which is expandable up to 32 GB. You can save your messages, chats, pictures and videos safely in this multipurpose tab! You can use a micro SD memory card to expand the storage capacity.The impressive capacitive screen is 8-inches long and helps you work on an uncluttered slate. The screen responds to 5 point multi-touches.Within the box come a data cable, a dongle connector cable and the tablet charger. The device is Wi-Fi enabled and can also make use of your smartphone as the hotspot.You can also read and view your mail on the tablet. The Document support enables you to view and edit documents. This is like assigning power to your touch and finger tips. Use King Soft Office and PDF Reader to do the same. You can store and read multiple books in the ePUB and PDF formats.The preinstalled browser provided by Android is Google Chrome, which is faster than most browsers, and saves up the data used in the process.

You can watch videos in full HD format. The videos can be stored in MP4, 3GP, AVI and MPG formats. You can store your music in the MP3 format and enjoy the melodious feel of it.If lost on streets, make use of Google maps and navigate your drive through the lanes and streets of your city.With this smart tablet in hand, you are bound to remain up to date with everything happening around you. You get to listen to latest music, download blockbuster hits and surf the social networking websites every now and then.You can constantly be connected with your peers through YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Play games like Angry Birds and Need for Speed and keep a tab on your scores on a daily basis. Use news apps like Flipboard and Drop Box which are preinstalled on your tab and share and save your pictures and information on cloud technology.

You can buy the Karbonn Smart Tab 8 tablet on several e-commerce websites. This saves your time and energy of personally visiting a store. You can avail the amazing offers and discounts, while you use flexible payment options for the same. You can choose to pay with cash or avail the easy EMI scheme to make the payment. Enjoy shopping as you widen your horizons with the tablet!

The Latest and Best of Samsung Tab 3

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Samsung Galaxy launched the new tablet in 2013. The smart tab is embedded with amazing features which make it device worth possessing. Tab 311 is a stylish, sleek and a user-friendly device! It has dimensions at 209.8 x 7.4 mm, which makes it slim and easy to use. It weighs only 314 grams, which makes it very easy for you to hold it for hours at a stretch.


The front side of the tab has a wide 8 inch screen with an IPS LCD display. The earpiece is located on top with a 1.3 MP front camera. The front panel also has proximity sensors. This tablet has smaller bezels which limit the size of the tablet and gives it a compact appeal. The lower part of the tablet, below the display screen has a single hardware button in the center, which is the home key for the device. When you press it for a long duration, it activates the multitasking window. If you flank it on either side, you get the option to reach the menu or the back button.
The right side of the tablet has the volume keys and the power key. The IR blaster lets you link the tablet with your television set and the device can be used as the remote control. The left side of the tab houses the micro SIM card and micro SD card slots. The rim of the tablet is composed of an aluminum band, which gives it a smart look.
The hind side of the tablets is composed of a plastic panel with the Samsung name etched in the center. The LED flash and primary camera lens can be found on the upper left corner.


The device is powered by Android v4.2 Jelly Bean, accompanied with TouchWiz UI on the top surface. The device is ingrained with Samsung exclusive apps with a few modifications. ChatOn, Game Hub, S Voice, Group Play, S Planner and Reader Hub to name a few, along with Flipboard and Dropbox preinstalled on the device. It runs on the 1.5 GHz dual core Exynos 4212 processor, with 1.5 GB of Random Access Memory, which promises a powerful performance.
The new modifications are of the likes of those in Samsung Galaxy S4, such as Smart Stay and TouchWiz. Smart Stay uses the front camera to gauge your attention on the tablet and remains active for that period. In addition to that is the multi window feature which lets you switch among multiple applications with a single click. Additionally, the notification drops down and makes it easy for you to keep up with all that is happening around you.
Buy the amazing samsung tablet online on various e-commerce websites and avail handsome discounts that are going to leave you wanting for more. You can choose to pay with cash on delivery or by card online.

Kids Toys – More Than Just Fun

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Kids love to play and have fun all the time. They just love and adore of toys. The sight of them smiling brightly at seeing a new toy is just a brilliant one. Today, toys are manufactured in bulk with the help of machines in toys manufacturing factories. In earlier times toys were made of easily available materials like wood, cloth or earth but nowadays they are made from rubber, plastic and alloys that make them more durable, lighter and easier to be formed into more educational  toys

Many of the kids toys that are sold in the market employ different mechanisms, which make them more sophisticated and yet more fun for the modern kids who are born into a technology-based world. These toys make them accustomed to practical-science from an early age. The variety of toys have also increased manifold and today there are toys that cater to a number of demands from children in different age groups. Designing toys that are specific to certain age-groups is also an important improvement in the toys industry. To ensure that kids of a certain age group are introduced to only those toys that they can operate or understand, different toys are made for different age groups. It also removes the possibility of introducing toys that will create doubts and confusion in the mind of kids.

There are different categories of toys such as soft toys, skill toys, board games, cars and trains, building toys, dolls and learning and educational toys. Soft toys include teddy bears, soft balls and other stuffed toys made from soft textiles and designed in the shape of fruits, animalsoft toyss and popular animation characters. Skill toys are those types of toys that test the skill of the kids and help them develop a sharper mind as they play on. In this category, there are again different types of children toys that help develop a number of skills like physical and motor skills, social skills, speaking skills, problem solving skills and others.
Board games like chess and carom that are evergreen family games that kids can also play. There are cars, trains and bikes that have turnable wheels that can run manually or on battery and are controlled by remotes. You can find models of famous automobiles that will interest your kids if they are into speed and stunts. Educational and learning toys will help your kids learn while playing with them which is a double benefit.

All the important factors that have been discussed earlier, related to buying toys for kids, have been implemented by online shopping sites that sell them. These stores provide an easy way to make sure you buy the toys or games that match your kids, from popular brands like Funskool, Disney, Hotwheels and others. The various filters make sure you get quickly and only to those results that are specific to your search and hence find the toys that you are looking for your kids easily.

Benefits of Online Shopping for Kids

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A very innovative way in which the internet has been used is to sell products through online stores. These online stores make shopping more convenient to buyers because they bring a variety of products from various categories – apparels, electronics, toys, books and household appliances. This helps customers save more time because they can browse for a lot of products on the same store and also learn more about those products and their features. These online stores also provide delivery of orders and so you save time, money and energy.

Shopping is not always easy and sometimes takes more time and effort. And when you shop for kids it tends to consume more time and takes more work because you have to make sure you think like a kid. While buying kids dresses, you have to consider fashion, fitting and comfort from a kid’s perspective. You have to know what’s in trend so that what you buy is liked and your investment does not go to waste. Buying products manufactured by genuine brands is also an important factor to keep in mind so that your products are reliable. All these are taken care of when you shop from online stores.

online shopping for kids
You can find a variety of products, from T-shirts and shirts to jeans and shorts for kids on online stores. Even when you want to buy your kid a new watch or an interesting/educational book you do not have to go around stores and instead log into your favorite online shopping sites and purchase them. If your kids need new shoes for an upcoming activity like a sports week, you do not need to fret, just check it up on e-commerce sites and get them delivered by making a simple order.

Buy toys ranging from simple and affordable ones to sophisticated and high-end ones for your kids. There are also art and craft, skill development and educational toys that will make your kids develop their skill in a fun way. You do not need to step out of the house to buy stationery items as you can buy them online. You can also order them in bulk and store them at home. Organizing a kids’ birthday party can be done much easily as you can get all the party decorations and other supplies from online sites. Order kids movies online and spend quality time with your kids enjoying them.

The various filters on the pages of online stores help customers find products relevant to what they are searching. Whether it is according to product, size, brand (Funskool, Gini & Jony, Disney, etc.), design, colours, fit or suitability, you can go to the exact page that has the product that you wish to check out or buy, without wasting much time. As you can also make your payment in different modes, online shopping for kids is more convenient than traditional shopping.

Kids Wear – Dress Up Your Little Ones in Style

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It’s no child’s play to dress up your little one. Kids these days are very fussy about clothes, even at a young age. While your little boy wants a flashy T-shirt, you are concerned about his comfort and skin tolerance against cheap quality fabric. When your daughter craves for a vibrant little tee, you are anxious about color running trait of the tee. It is then safe to say, that your primary concern is comfort and quality for kids wear, as opposed to fashion alone.

With multiple brboys clothesands and manufacturers in the industry, your worries are short lived. You can strike a unique balance between comfort and style. Vibrant colors, witty one-liners and cute prints, T-shirts for kids dresses have it all. All you need to do is narrow down on a size and color of your preference, or better yet, of your little one’s.

Choose cotton tees for your girl, that are comfortable to slip into and are lose enough to give her a smooth feel all day long. 5 year-olds love Barbie prints and Disney characters. If you have a hard time deciding what to gift her on a her birthday, you could always opt for a relatively safe bet of tees with Cinderella, Rapunzel or Snow White tees. Also, keep in mind her favorite color. Thanks to advanced technology with regard to photo editing, you can order custom made T-shirts online for your little one.

Boys generally prefer prints of cars, bikes and other cartoon characters such as Pokémon. Order these ready made T-shirts online or opt in for custom made ones. Send the dealers an image of your choice and the preferred size of a T-shirt. They will print and send the same to your address.

If you are jittery about experimentation, you could stick to conventional modes of shopping, that is handpicking your child’s clothes. Girls love floral prints and bows, in addition to fluffy sleeves and tie-up details. It is advised you also have a short denim skirt for your girl at all times. Denim skirts are for convenient styling and team well with most colors, in terms of T-shirts as well as shoe-types. Your little one can wear both ballerina and sneakers with a denim skirt.

Skirts, tees, frocks and party dresses are available online on several e-commerce websites. You need not waste your precious time looking for a needle in the haystack at stores, any more. You can simply use filters of price and brand and add to cart various products for comparison. Use cash on delivery mode of payment and avail the 30 day exchange policy that are offered by e-commerce websites, in case the product does not meet your expectations.

Benefits Of Baby & Kids Toys For A Child’s Development

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Baby products of a vast variety; there are products available for babies of all ages and sizes. Babies love toys and research shows that they also learn a great deal from simple toys. Baby Toys that are only cute and adorable to adults, actually make a large difference to babies and toddlers alike.

Playing with toys helps the child’s mind grow in the right direction. The baby’s brain is oriented in the right direction for the better. The first three years are very crucial to a baby’s development. Children have various needs such as for tactile response, vision, hand-eye coordination etc. Playtime builds their concentration and helps them focus on activities.

Educational Toys used during playtime also help the child’s natural imagination and creativity to grow by leaps and bounds. Funskool toys for kibaby toys 1ds with Play-Doh are very helpful in this regard. It teaches the child the understanding of mass, shapes, molding and much more.
Toddlers need a more open ended playing environment, which makes them socially active, with a healthy mental aptitude. Open-ended toys challenge the child’s imagination in so that, it makes the baby render a new identity to the toy, each time she or he plays with it. A Barbie doll may look like different figures to a baby, it will never be a mere doll for her or him.

Various toys for kids in the market today are meant to cater to educational purposes, so that the child learns while joyfully playing. Smart imitations of laptops are in the market which makes them relate to gadgets better. Prasid brand has launched the English Learner laptop which teaches kids the English Alphabet with the help of a QWERTY keyboard. The letter keys can be associated with different sounds which make children learn spellings faster.

A number of brands such as Funskool, Lego, Fisher Price, Barbie, Disney and Hot Wheels make attractive toys for children of all ages. Babies and kids have a vast variety to choose from such as soft toys, building blocks, puzzles, board games etc. Children enjoy playing and constructing imitations of cars, trains, and educational board games. Children from the 6 and above age group particularly enjoy Scrabble, Monopoly, Jenga, The Game of Life, Tumblin’ Monkeys and the likes of these.

Buy baby products and baby toys on several e-commerce web sites and enjoy great offers. If you are hesitant about online transactions, you can always choose to pay by cash on delivery. The concept of online shopping is new in India, therefore, most buyers are skeptical of making online transactions to make purchase. E-commerce websites these days provide the convenient cash on delivery option which allow you to pay only after receiving the product at your doorstep.