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Diamond jewellery – A Sparkle in the Sky

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As a woman’s best friend, diamonds have, from time immemorial, added that sparkle to her jewellery box. First said to have been mined in India, today the world’s diamonds come from Australia, Botswana, Russia and Canada.

World’s Most Famous Diamonds

The Kohinoor diamond from India that currently part of Queen Elizabeth’s crown is part of legendary stories. Similarly, Akbar Shah diamond from the Mughal period is a pear-shaped beauty that was supposedly part of the peacock throne. The Archduke Joseph diamond, the internally flawless Golconda diamond was sold by Christies in 2012 and the Black Orlov that is called the Eye of Brahma Diamond is cushion cut. The Dariainoor is also from India, largest pink diamond in the world which is now part of the Iranian Crown jewels. These are but a few of the most beautiful creations of nature that the world has witnessed.

Types of Diamond Jewellery

Diamonds can make for very pretty earrings and beautifearrings online
ul pendants & lockets. You can also have a small diamond set on a nose ring or stud if you like a particular design and a diamond jewellery set will steal people’s breaths when you walk in radiating its glory at the party or wedding. But what puts the crown on diamond jewellery is the perfect diamond ring that marks the beginning of a new relationship or as an appeasement to the better half.

How to Gauge a Diamond

The first step is to identify the shape of the diamond that appeals to you and settle on a carat weight. Then you can start with the highest quality diamond you can find based on the set criteria. You can make compromises on clarity, color and cut and adjust them in order for the diamond to fit your budget.

Choose from brands like BlueStone, Diti Jewellery, Caratlane, Asmi, Kiara Jewellery, Nakshatra, Sangini and such which are readily available online.

Shapes of Diamond in Jewellery
diamond jewellery
Round is always the shape to go to if you are buying a diamond as a present and you have no idea what the recipient might like. Apart from that, you can also invest in a princess-cut that is square and comes with intricate facets that enhance the inherent sparkle. An emerald cut diamond also is appealing and comes with long lean lines to enhance the clarity of the stone. The asscher-cut diamond feels very art-deco type and is a square-emerald in shape while the marquise-shaped diamond is dramatic and bea
utiful with tapering ends. Apart from this, you can also get a radiant-cut, cushion-cut, pear-shaped, oval-shaped or a fancy heart-shaped diamond to adorn your jewellery box with.

Buy diamond earrings online from e-commerce websites that offer a wide variety and classy designs. You can narrow down to what really catches your fancy and purchase it safely by paying with a credit or debit card or via net banking. You can also pay cash on delivery which makes it simpler in case you are not comfortable with sharing your banking details online. Easy to order and quick on delivery, buying diamond jewellery online could solve all your worries about decking up for the wedding season.


Trinkets Galore: The Mahi Jewellery Story

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Jewellery making has been a long-standing tradition in the Indian subcontinent with a rich history that has stood the rest of tome. The first traces of jewellery making have been found in the Indus Valley Civilization who created gold earring and necklaces and bean necklaces aparmahi jewelleryt from bangles of metal. From then on, jewellery has been constantly evolving over time all the while retaining the typical Indian style to it.

Makers of Mahi – An Overview

One of the leading imitation jewellery brands in India, Mahi Fashion Jewellery is a big player in creating ethnic pieces of jewellery that have the style of contemporary design. Mahi is associated with international brands like Swarovski as well. With a customer base spread out across India, U.S.A, Europe, South Africa, U.A.E and such countries, mahi jewellery is known for presenting bold, sophisticated jewellery in a typical fashion that the company has mastered.

A lot of research goes into creating each particular design as the tastes and preferences of the end users change with time. A prediction on what might come into fashion in the near future is also looked into by Mahi.

Awards & Recognition

The makers of Mahi jewellery believe in designing with
innovation, crafting with care and creating with utmost quality to ensure that anything you invest in has complete value for money. Every Mahi piece is check for quality stringently and ensured that is the perfect translation of all that the maker intended it to be. Ultimately, the company has won a variety of awards like the Best Jewellery Award in 2010, Best Design Away in Lead/Tin Casting Jewellery in 2012 and has had a design features in the Swarovski Gem Vision 2012 as well.

The Mahi Collection

Mahi Fashion Jewelry crafts a wide range of jewellery from earrings, nose rings & studs, pendants & lockets, bangles, bracelets & armlets and rings apart from matching sets and other accessories. It also has charms, cufflinks and showpieces as well. For any piece, you can select from a wide range of colors with Swarovski crystal, ruby, cubic zirrings onlineconia and zircon gems set on brass or alloy bases and polished to an impeccable finish. Ultimately, every design that comes from the house of Mahi will ensure that you look ethnic with a contemporary twist coloring your accessories.

Shop for Mahi rings online and other jewellery  from e-commerce websites which offers attractive discounts during seasonal sales and wider variety than you will find at an offline store. You can narrow down to a piece of jewellery that you really like and pay conveniently with a credit or a debit card or via net banking. If you are not sure of how to pay online, you can always choose the cash on delivery option. Online shopping also offers fast shipping and safe delivery.

All About The eclat jewellery Stone

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Eclat Jewellery is a leading supplier of some of the finest jewellery to retailers around the world. Eclat means a burst of light producing a brilliant display in French. Like the name suggests, it is a brand that produces exquisitely designed jewellery items of high quality. It uses diamonds, sapphires, spinels, moonstones and jades in various creative combinations to produce a highly unique collection of jewellery pieces that is impossible to be overlooked.

The brand focuses a lot on the stone and its quality, as much as the design of the jewellery. For Eclat, the design of the jewellery is inspired by the stone and revolves around it, unlike other brands. It invests its resources to find the rarest and most precious stones. The stone that is collected becomes the focus, and the jewellery is designed in a way that it tells the gemstone’s story. It ensures that every piece of jewellery is aeclat jewellerys unique as the individual who will wear it.

eclat jewellery employs artisans from Paris, Rome and Geneva as designers. These designers are people who have got tremendous experiences in this field and belong to families of jewellers. There is a lot of innovation and reinventing that happens at Eclat due to the passion of the artisans.

Earrings, pendants & lockets, bangles, bracelets & armlets are the jewellery items that are available in the Eclat colection. There are also jewellery sets which comprises of necklaces/pendants and earrings. In the earring category there are stud earrings, drop earrings and hoop earrings to choose from. There are pendants with stones of beautiful colours like clear pink, turquoise, green, blue and red. There are beautiful bracelets in various abstract designs, which are either thin or wide rings or have hooks for closure.

All these pieces are made from either brass or alloys and plated with rhodium or gold to give them the look of yellow gold and white gold. Whether it is to pamper yourself or for presenting to someone on a special occasion, you can choose from the huge collection that Eclat provides. There will always be a piece of jewellery from this brand that tells the story of the stone it possesses and connects to you.

You can buy Eclat jewellery easily from online shopping sites by viewing the various models of necklaces, earrings or bracelets from the brand. There are various offers on select models that you can avail of when you buy from online stores. Ensure that the shopping site you are going to buy from sell genuine and brand new products, so that you do not have to face any problem later on. While paying online make sure that the site is using a secure payment channel.

The bewitching beauty of Amethyst jewellery

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A violet variety of quartz, amethyst is primarily used in jewelry and is also considered to be one of the lucky stones for individuals born in the month of February. A quartz is nothing but a crystalline gemstone that comes in varying shades and sizes. Just like the amethyst, Citrine is also considered to be a semi-precious stone.
Amethyst exudesAmethyst jewellery a violet sheen and it is believed that ancient Greeks and Romans used the amethyst extensively to prevent themselves from getting intoxicated. A semi precious stone, amethyst also occurs in hues of pinkish violet to deep purple. An amethyst stone may exude one or more of these shades and it is said that people have used the amethyst as a protector and a healer.

An interesting fact is that the highest grade of amethyst is called as Deep Russian and is considered to be rare among collectors. Nevertheless, Amethyst still ranks lower than ruby or sapphire under the ranking of precious stones.
Under imitation jewelry, synthetic amethyst has also been produced that resembles the original stone in stunning similarity. However, it is also said that it is not quite easy to distinguish the real from the simulated version as only gemological testing can prove the actual results. Synthetic amethyst is made using a process wherein gamma-rays, x-rays or electron beam irradiation are employed. It is applied on clear quartz and with the effect of heat, the quartz changes colors and soon turns yellow or green in hue which may also be termed as burnt amethyst. One of the chief factors that determine the worth of an amethyst stone is the depth of color and carat weight.Amethyst

However, in the recent times, carat weight has not been attributed with much importance and therefore only the color is taken into consideration.
Since Amethyst jewellery has a high appeal factor and invokes second looks without a shadow of doubt, this semi-precious stone is used extensively in jewelry. It is considered fashionable and elegant to wear earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces which have the amethyst stone infused into their designs. Some of the popular brands that feature the finest range of amethyst jewelry are BlueStone, Caratlane, Ivory Tag, Sparkling Drop, Just Women, Aaditya etc.

With the massive influx of online jewellery shopping sites and e-commerce hubs, the concept of tiresome shopping at a store is redefined. You can shop from the convenience of your home, without a fuss and look into a wide range of amethyst jewelry that online sites offer. With the help of crystal clear images and easy payment options, you can shop without a hassle and even avail seasonal offers. Grab the opportunity for discounts and price slashes. Moreover, online sites also offer an exchange policy so if you’re not happy with the product, you can return it for another one.

Alluring ornaments – buy Earrings onine

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Earrings are one of those few accessories that invoke the attention of onlookers in an instant and lend a whole new edge of beauty to one’s face. As eye-grabbing as they are, they are also accessories that help in making a statement. An individual can make a compelling statement, solely through his or her earrings. So what are earrings?earrings

Earrings are ornaments that are worn exclusively on the ears to beautify them or magnify their appearance. There are numerous categories of earrings based on design, style, and type. There are clip-on earrings which do not require a piercing and then there are earrings which require a piercing on the earlobe. Some individuals go beyond the usual and opt for piercings that can be done in the other areas of the ears such as the cartilage, the rook, the tragus and anti-tragus.

Historically speaking, earrings have been an item of interest and have been worn by both men and women through the years. Since time immemorial, especially in regions such as ancient Persia and Egypt, earrings were a covetable choice amongst the royalty who wore highly precious-stoned earrings and even among commoners. The English renaissance period also had women who donned pearl or diamond earrings.

Through the years, earrings have had a renaissance, and if you look around, you will see new-fangled designs and variations in earrings as compared to the designs of yesteryears. Earrings may be classified into into stud earrings, danglers, hoop earrings, huggy earrings, magnetic earrings, clip-on earriearrings onlinengs, ear spikes, ear screws and ear cuffs.

In order to wear earrings, except clip-on earrings, a piercing is required. There are various methods of piercing such as ear piercing guns, medically sterile methods and home methods. However, home methods involve simple tools such as needle, alcohol and self-piercers and they have lost popularity to newer methods of piercing. Earrings are not restricted to just women, even men enjoy wearing earrings. In fact, earrings have redefined style by a whole degree. Earrings are infused with precious and semi-precious stones such as diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires.

With the arrival of online shopping for fashion jew
 and E-commerce sites, you can choose from a wide array of earrings that are featured in a range of prices to suit your requirements. Look into popular brands such as Mahi, Vendee Fashion, Ziveg, Hi Look, Crunchy Fashion and Tanishq, for. With the advantage of easy-payment options, you can pay by card on delivery, cash on delivery or through net banking, all from the comfort of your home and the product will be delivered at your doorstep.

The Jewellery That completes her attire

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The pride of any woman’s collection, jewellery is that part of her which completes her attire. Women have been adorning themselves with jewellery from time immemorial and the way these adornments have evolved over time is truly amazing to study.

Types of Jewellery

Jewellery can be worn on any part of the body – specific shapes have been designed to fit individual body parts like bangles, bracelets, chains and pendants, rings and earrings. While these kinds of jewellery are most commonly worn, maang tikkas, anklets, body piercing rings and stones, toe rings, amulets and such are popular in niche markets. And a lot of jewellery types have religious and cultural connotations as well, especially in tradition rich cultures like Indian and Chinese.

Why is buying jewellery online better?

The whole shopping process is made easier when it comes to buying jewellery online: select what you want, pay for it and wait for the jewellery to get delivered, that is all it tjewellery onlineakes. Also, by buying online, you get more variety and more to choose from without having to walk in and out of a dozen shops in search for something that really matches what you had in mind. Finally, isn’t it just simpler to order what you need for the best friend’s wedding right from home after work rather than going to a shop and pick something out in a hurry?

How to Buy Jewellery Online

There might be some concerns with purchasing jewellery from online websites primarily stemming from doubts about quality and authenticity. To prevent fraud and ensure that you are spending your money well, follow certain basic guidjewelleryelines to make your experience more fruitful: always understand the return policy of the site and make sure there is one before you pay, if you are shopping for larger amounts make sure the site provides safety during shipping, check for certification where necessary as most authentic brands have their own forms of proving that the jewellery is real. Checking to see if the site has a solid customer care process in place and comparing prices among several sites might also work to your advantage.

Brands Available for Jewellery

Brands like Varaagk, BlueStone, Swarovski Elements-Ouxi, Tanya Rossi-Italy, Sparkles, Caratlane, 925 Silver, Panache, SmithAAnand, Silverwala, Kiara Jewellery, KhoobSurati and Avanishk Jewels create jewellery which are unique to give you the feeling of having invested in something that was made just for you. All good brands have both gold, platinum and diamond jewellery and funky statement pieces; thereby catering to every taste and budget.

Buy jewellery online from e-commerce websites that give a lot of variety to choose from and great discounts to avail during seasonal sales. Pick and choose designs that you like best right from the comfort of your home and pay by credit or debit cards or via netbanking with just a few clicks of the mouse. You can also have the satisfaction of paying cash on delivery when you finally get your jewellery in your hands – all of it without the hassle of traffic, rude customer care and sales people and lack of choices.

Nose rings – the next hot thing

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It goes without saying that nose rings are one of the most attractive forms of face-based jewelry. The beauty of a nose ring lies in its striking appeal and sensual vibe, making it a covetable choice and option for women all over the world. Nose rings are made of a variety of precious metals such as gold, stainless steel, sterling silver, bronze, copper, acrylic, bioplast, titanium and ivory. Besides the metal, nose rings also come with precious gemstones such as diamonds, sapphires, ruby, emerald and amethyst embedded into their designs.Nose Rings

Nose Rings are classified into different types, based on their style and structure. Some of the common styles are nose studs, ball closure rings, and the nose screw. Nose ring styles can extend to L-shaped, bone shape, fishtail and nose hoops. However, there are other different kinds of nose rings and they are worn differently as compared to regular nose rings.

For instance, nostril ring is called as ala and is worn on either the left or the right side and comes with a 18-20 gauge length. The second type is called as septum and is also known as bull nose ring. This ring is pierced purely through the skin and does not pierce the bone or the cartilage. A septum ring has a 16 gauge length or above. The third variety is the bridge piercing and this type is primarily a surface piercing and has varying degrees of gauge length and is more unconventional as compared to other styles.

The fourth type, Nasallang, is a more unique type of ring that encapsulates three piercings in one and is extremely complex to wear. It is fixed on the nose by piercing both the nostrils and the septum. The fifth type, is called as high nostril ring and bears a lot of similarity to the nostril piercing with the exception of the location as it slightly higher. studs can also be used for high nostril ring. The sixth type is called as vertical nose tip which is also known as rhino piercing and is done between the nostrils and goes upwards towards the tip of the nose. The last type may be the septril piercing which passes out from a stretched septum piercing and downwards through the front of the nose. In fact, it is quite similar to a vertical lobe piercing or a t-bar piercing.

The concept of tiresome shopping at a jewelry store is redefined as the advent of online shopping sites make it a whole lot easier to shop from the convenience of your home. Purchase your desired nose rings and avail easy payment options such as cash on delivery and net banking to shop without a hassle.