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For The Red Coral jewellery Lovers

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Red coral or precious coral that is used as a gemstone in making jewellery is actually the hard skeleton of red coral plants. It is made up of hard calcium carbonate and is naturally matte but it can be polished to a glassy shine. It has a range of warm reddish pink colours starting from pale pink to deep red. It has been used as a decorative stone since ancient times due to its intense permanent coloration and glossiness. Coral jewellery are also found in colours of scarlet, saffron, coral red, pink to vermilion red and white.

Coral has been used as decorative stones in jewellery since ancient Egyptian and prehistoric European times. Red coral is still popular as an important gemstone used in jewellery. Red Coral jewellery are cut out due to its softness and opaque nature. They are used mainly in rings and bracelets for both men and women. In Indian astrology, the stone is believed to reduce the effects of Mars or and is worn to protect oneself from Mangal Dosha. It is also worn to derive benefits as it is also worn as a lucky stone by some people.

Some of the important qualities of a good coral gemstone are – deep red colour, regular shape and smooth surface, round or oval shape and no perforations and dents. It is also easy to test the authenticity of the coral stones. As they are organic in nature, they are soft and porous, which is why they need proper care and cleaning. They are mainly sourced from Algeria, Tunisia, Spain, Italy, France, Corsica, Sardinia, Sicily and India.

Coral jewellery made from maCoral jewelleryterials like crystals, mother of pearl, silver and sterling silver. There are earrings, pendants & lockets or jewellery sets that are adorned with pearls or coral. These pieces are manufactured by brands like 925 Silver, Surat Diamond, Pearls Cart and Sparkling Drop. You can find beautifully crafted jewel set comprising of necklace and earrings. There are pendants decorated with coral jewellery stones all around in traditional designs. Pendants that symbolize spirituality spiritual energies are also available with coral stones.

There are jewellery for daily wear, for special occasions, for spiritual purposes crafted in a variety of designs to suit the different purposes and individual likes. You can buy these jewellery items from various jewellery stores across the country or from online stores of the brand mentioned above and other online shopping sites. Online shopping will help you in making your decision about which product to buy with the informations and the refiners that are provided to help customers. These sites provide a delightful shopping experience for the customers as they give extremely helpful services like home delivery. There are also enough payment options to let you pay according to convenience.


Ayesha Jewellery – Versatile Fashion For Women Worldover

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Jewellery is an integral part of fashion, style and accessorizing and has been so from time immemorial. Ancient Egyptians found ways to mould metal to adorn themselves as did the Grecians and the inhabitants of the Indus valley civilization. Jewellery has come a long way since then – today it has become an art of sorts, to be able to create a look, put together the accessories that match, make a statement and set trends that will catch on in terms of street fashion.Ayesha jewellery

Jewellery making is an intricate art that is not everybody’s cup of tea because of the finesse and foresight that it requires in its application. While anyone can try their hand at crafting jewellery, only few people or brands actually stand out as masters of the art, moulding and crafting material to perfectly complement the attire it was intended for.

Focussing on the generation of today, the youth, Ayesha is a brand that creates beautiful jewellery that keeps the traditional value of designs intact while providing a modern twist to it.Strives to strike the right balance between the old and new to provide fun and fabulous for girls to accessorize with on an everyday basis. With Ayesha jewellery, there is something to suit every budget and every occasion.

Ayesha jewellery : The Philosophy

Ayesha jewellery believes in intense research on fashion to maintain that edge over everyone else in terms of crafting jewellery that is simple and versatile while not compromising on the style quotient. Focuses on making you feel special with its trendy range of offerings taking into account the fact that you need variety to spice up your life – each creation is different from the other, catering to your thirst to try something new each day.

Ayesha jewellery : The Range

Offers a wide range in terms of jewellery, ranging from earrings, necklaces & chains, bangles, bracelets & armlets and rings – there is something to adorn every part of the body with. Ayesha jewellery strives to offer something to suit every budget and for both men and women.

With jewellery crafted out of aluminium, fabric, leather, metal, plastic and wood,manages to make the jewellery funky without taking away the element of beauty from it. You can choose from colors like gold, blue, pink, red, black, silver, purple, green, white, grey, beige, brown, yellow and orange from the Ayesha jewellery collection to suit the attire that you want to accessorize.

Shop online for Ayesha jewellery from e-commerce websites and get complete access to its wide range of products. Eliminate the tedious process of going from shop to shop to find what you are looking for and just add what you like to the cart. Payment is easy and safe – just pay by debit or credit card or transfer via online banking. You can also choose cash on delivery option and avail the benefits of quick shipping and fast delivery, only with online shopping.

For the Jpearls jewellery Pear Lovers

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Jpearls jewellery is a subsidiary of the Sri Jagdamba Pearls Group, which is one of the leading manufacturers and distributors in the pearl industry. The Group is not new and is known to many as the group that has been providing the best pearls from the time of the Nizams of Hyderabad, who were famous for their patronage of pearls. Jpearls was founded in 1999 as an online store for providing high quality pearls. The company was founded to help customers do away with the trouble they had to go through to find authentic pearls.Jpearls jewellery

The company eventually became a leader in the pearl industry by combining the charm of their beautiful pearls with the modern technology that allowed them to showcase their products to its customers in a much more convenient fashion. The brand operates on three principles – to find the best pearls from around the world, use technology and innovation to reach out to more customers and provide the highest level of comfort and satisfactory service to customers.

There are necklaces & chains, pendants & lockets, earrings, bangles, bracelets & armlets and jewellery sets in the brand’s collection. There are gold chains, gold pendants and pearl necklaces for both men and women. Pendants and lockets made from gold, yellow gold and white gold are available in romantic, spiritual and various abstract designs. These pendants are decorated with beautiful gemstones that heighten the value and attractiveness of the jewel. You can find clip earring, drop earring, stud earring and hoop earring in a variety of unique designs and embellished with colourful stones. Made from alloy, white gold or yellow gold, there are earrings that can be worn for special occasions or for daily wear.

There are bangles made from alloy and decorated with pearls of various shades and hues giving them elegant looks. Jpearls jewellery also has bracelets made of pearls that can be worn as an accessory while attending parties or functions. The jewel set in the Jpearls collection comprises of necklaces and earrings or earrings and pendants. The necklaces are either made from metals and adorned with pearls or designed as chains of pearls in single or multiple strands. You can find necklaces with pearls of different colours like off-white, black, golden, brown and others. You can find designs that stick to the classic style of pearl necklaces or those that accompany a lot of detailing and are decorated with bright and colourful stones.

Jpearls jewellery pieces are hand-crafted using only the best freshwater pearls and are one of the best in quality and value. You can buy Jpearls jewellery from online shopping sites that have jewellery collections. These sites will allow you to have a more convenient shopping experience with their customer-friendly policies.

Out of Serendipity – Juvalia jewellery

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Juvalia & You is one of the finest jewellery selling companies. The company brings some of the most beautiful designs of jewellery from around the world. Juvalia & You was born out of two women’s passion for travelling and collecting the most exquisite and unique jewellery items. Anna from Russia and Livia from Brazil met in New York and had a conversation about these like any two women. However, they did not let the conversation become one of those trivial talks and actually converted it into an idea. Today, that idea has become a social selling company that offers the busy modern women career alternatives where they can become successful doing what they like and believe in.Juvalia jewellery

The brand operates in four countries – Russia, Brazil, Germany and India – and has its headquarters in Berlin. The Indian division of the brand is projecting itself as the first and finest international jewellery brand in India. The brand has a large collection of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings and other jewellery pieces. These pieces are made from materials like acrylic, alloy, brass, crystal, enamel, fabric, glass, resin, wood and zinc. Designs range from traditional classic ones to really modern funky ones. They are available in various solid colours or combinations of different hues like black, green blue, pink and gold.

There are different types of earrings in the Juvalia jewellery collection like dangle earring, drop earring, earring set, hoop earring, huggie earring and stud earring. Necklaces from Juvalia jewellery are available in a wide range of choices including those that you can pair with an evening dress, a gown or with everyday wear. These necklaces are made from materials similar to those used for earrings. There are anklets to adorn your pretty ankles and make them look daintier. You can choose from smooth rings, heavily detailed ones or string designs.

For your fingers there are really unique designs of rings. You can find rings embellished with a variety of stones and other materials. There are also rings that come in a variety of abstract shapes and engravings to accessorize or express yourself with them. The vision of Juvalia & You is to create jewellery designs that do not just become accessories but to create a world where women are strong and live to their fullest, through their products.

The company is guided by three concepts in their quest for the most creative and unique designs – wearable, versatile and irresistible. It derives its inspirations from anything that is interesting including the most unthought-of places – vibrant colours in the market, graffitis and even thrift stores. You can buy Juvalia jewellery jewellery products from various online shopping sites. Ensure that you go for the online store that sells genuine brand new products and guarantees the same.

Adorn Yourself With Ruby jewellery

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Rubies are one of the precious gemstones that are found on the surface of the earth. It is found in variations of colours ranging from pink to blood-red and purplish. It is a variety of the mineral corundum (aluminium oxide) and the red colour is due to the presence of chromium. It derives its name from the Latin word for red – ruber. There is often a confusion between rubies and sapphires due to their similar properties and colours. There is a minimum colour saturation that must be met for a stone to be called a ruby, or else it will be called a pink sapphire.

The prices of rubies are determined by their colour. The highest price is paid for the brightest and the most valuable blood-red gemstone. The other factors that determine the value of rubies are clarity, cut and carat. Myanmar was for centuries the world’s biggest source of rubies and it has produced some of the world’s finest rubies. Of late, there has been a reduction in the country’s Ruby jewellery production rate. Rubies have also been mined in Thailand, Cambodia, India, Afghanistan, Tanzania and Sri lanka among others.

There is a variety of jewellery items that are manufactured from precious, semi-precious, non-precious materials like brass, alloys, copper, brass, crystal, gold, white gold, silver, sterling silver, yellow gold and others, which are studded or decorated with rubies. You can find mangalsutras & Tanmaniyas, earrings, necklaces and chains, nose rings and studs, pendants and lockets, rings Ruby jewelleryand jewellery sets. Produced by brands like BlueStone, Jpearls, Cratlane, Mahi, Surat Diamond, Aaditya Diamond, Alysa, Candere, Pearls Cart and Sparkling Drop, these jewellery can enhance the beauty of your outfit and make you look even better.

You can find jewellery items with rubies that are suitable for baby boys, baby girls, boys, girls,men and women. From traditional and spiritual to modern and romantic designs, the range is extremely large. There are hoop earrings, drop earrings and studs in the earrings category that can lend a lot of charm to the wearer. There are chains that are designed in a string of stones in single and multiple stones. These chains are decorated with only a large ruby jewellery or with a number of smaller ones. There are lockets and pendant that will add a romantic flavour to your collection of jewellery with its love themed items or add a sense of spirituality with those designed in religious symbols.

You can also find a whole lot of other ruby jewellery on online shopping sites apart from jewellery stores. Online shopping sites offer a more convenient shopping style, allowing customers to shop from the comfort of the house. The products are delivered to the doorstep and they can pay conveniently with cash or through online methods.

Engage in the allure of mesmeric Engagement rings

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Engagements have become a prominent occasion in the modern times. Since an engagement is the mark of an agreement to get married in the near future, the best way to symbolize an engagement is with an engagement ring. However, it is also interesting to look into the history behind such an occasion. The trend was started in the ancient times, when Archduke Maximilian of Austria proposed to Mary of Burgundy with a ring. The ring was uniquely designed with thin, flat pieces of diamonds in the shape of an ‘M’. The trend took over and was famous throughout the 1800’s. Since then, an engagement has been regarded as a grand affair.Engagement rings

Apart from the big day, a woman’s second best day of joy is her engagement day. While most of the western world celebrates engagements as non-ostentatious affairs, they are still a huge deal where the joy of being in love is celebrated and confirmed. On the other hand, engagements in India are more opulent, convivial and they are definitely marked with an edge of glamour. Most of you who are deciding to propose to your lady love or planning a lavish engagement ceremony know that an engagement ring is of utmost importance.

Engagement rings primarily feature precious or semi-precious stones such as diamond jewellery, rubies, sapphires, emeralds or other such gemstones. However, the most common stone used for engagement rings is a diamond. Besides diamonds, people also use other types of stones to border on a cost-effective engagement.

The symbolism for an engagement ring is that the person wearing it, is soon going to be married. There are pre-engagement rings as well and they are called as promise rings, primarily worn in western countries. While most women wear only their wedding rings after marriage, some of them choose to wear both the rings on the same finger.

Engagement rings these days come in myriad styles and designs. More and more women are opting for a slender ring with a big rock or elaborate, intricate heart-shaped designs. Most would-be brides exude their personal style with their engagement rings and therefore, modern women are experimenting with different styles. In cultures where the man and woman wear engagement rings, the couple most often synchronize their styles to represent their union or bond.

While selecting an engagement ring might be a tedious process for some, e-commerce sites have unleashed myriad styles and designs of engagement rings that customers can browse through. Thanks to high resolution pictures and clarity, you can effectively shop for an engagement ring online. Simply place the order and avail easy payment options such as cash on delivery, card on delivery and net banking. Once the order is place, it will be delivered to your doorstep within a time span of few days.

The Sparkle and The Shine of Crystal Jewellery

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Quartz crystal is a kind of mineral that is found in abundance on Earth and the varieties of quartz are usually used in making jewellery and hardstone carvings. The nomenclature has German and Slavic roots and quartz is very common in sedimentary rocks. The main areas where quartz is mined are United States and Brazil. A strange fact about this crystal is that no matter what the size or the cut, the main prism of quartz is always at a 60 degree angle.Crystal Jewellery

Crystals are also known for their healing properties and is often used as part of alternative healing therapies to cure certain diseases. A quartz crystal can be programmed to be positive and the wearer can benefit out of the positivity that it brings with it. The different kinds of crystals are often associated with various chakras of the body depending on the color and thereby help in healing ailments in that part of the body.

History of Crystal Jewellery

Identified as the mystical substance of maban from Australia, quartz crystals have been found in tombs in Egypt and also in Ireland. The gems have been found in not only bases and extravagant vessels but also on various types of jewellery.

Swarovski is one of the biggest and oldest names of crystals and apart from crystal beads which come in various shapes and sizes, brands also craft pendants in the form of stars, teardrops, crosses, crescents and snowflakes which are popular especially among brides.

Varieties of Quartz Crystals

The pure form is called rock crystal while the colored varieties are called citrine, rose quartz, amethyst, smoky quartz, milky quartz and such depending on the color of the crystal. Agate, sard, onyx, carnelian, heliotrope and jasper are the other varieties.

Types of Crystal Jewellery

Crystal Jewellery comes in the form of earrings, necklaces & chains, pendants & lockets and jewellery sets which are set on base materials like alloy, brass, copper, crystal, metal, mother of pearl, stone and zinc. Some brands which offer crystal jewellery are Mahi, Ouxi, Infinity, moKanc, Oviya, Pearls Cart, Pitaraa and Spirit of Iris – they craft exquisite pieces which are perfect for all occasions.

Buy crystal jewellery online from e-commerce websites that make shopping easier for you. Forget getting into the hassle of traffic and rude sales assistants, online shopping brings you a wide range of crystal jewellery to choose from. You can also avail huge discounts when you shop online thanks to seasonal sales. Browse through the crystal jewellery that you like and add what you need to the card. Payments are made easier and simpler – you can use your debit or credit card or transfer via netbanking. You can also choose to pay cash on delivery as well. Enjoy the benefits of online shopping and make your life simpler.