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Blouses – For the elegant and beautiful you

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A blouse is one of the staple wardrobe necessities. Blouses have had a series of changes ever since their origin. They’re worn to work, casual outings, formal meetings and other such events. In most of the countries, a blouse typically means a shirt that is tucked in and created with silk, cotton, chiffon, nylon and other such materials; some blouses have a collar while some don’t. Blouses are meant to be teamed with a trouser or skirt. But, in countries like India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh a blouse refers to a saree blouse. These blouses are designed to be worn with a sarees and are available in different designs, materials, colors, patterns and prices. Also, there are readymade, tailor stitched and designer blouses.blouses

Things to keep in mind while buying a blouse:

Blouse material: There are different types of blouse materials available in the market. Depending on your saree fabric, design and color, you can pick an appropriate material. Some of the popular blouse materials are silk, cotton, satin, net, georgette, tussar, jute, dupion, chiffon, lama tissue, crepe, kora cotton, velvet, munga silk, noil, organza and spun. You get readymade blouses as well as tailor stitched blouses in these materials – depending on your needs and requirements you can choose either a readymade or a tailor stitched one.

Blouse measurement: It is very important to wear a well-fitted blouse. An ill-fitted blouse looks very shabby and changes the whole appearance of the outfit. A tailor stitched blouse usually fits well as the measurements are taken for you, but, a readymade blouse comes in standard sizes. Therefore it is very important to pick a right size with perfect measurements. You can even alter the readymade blouse to your size.

Blouse design: There are different types of blouse designs and textures available – brocade, herringbone, jamavar, jacquard, matt, natural, soft, woven, wrinkled and many more. Depending on your style and personality, you can pick an appropriate design and texture that suits your saree as well as your taste. Also, you get blouses in different neck shapes, sleeve lengths and blouse lengths. Pick the best looking blouse that suits your saree.

Blouse price: Depending on the blouse material, texture and pattern the price of the blouse varies.


There are many brands that design blouses and some of the popular brands are 9rasa, Mina Bazaar, Mrignain, IndiDori, Ira Soleil, moKanc, Inblue Fashions, Medhira, Neerus, Sareez and many more.

Where to buy blouses?

You can buy readymade blouses online or in retail stores depending on your convenience. Shopping online is easy, safe and convenient. Some online shopping websites have easy payment options and return policies to ensure that you have a satisfying shopping experience.


Blazers, a must-have wardrobe essential

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Like how a woman’s wardrobe has a ‘must-have’ list, a man’s wardrobe also has a ‘must-have’ list. And, a blazer is one such must-have wardrobe essential. A man looks the smartest in a well-fitted blazer. How a man wears and carry’s off the blazer talks a lot about his style and personality. Blazers can be worn to work, on vacations, on dates, to parties and to a variety of special events. Blazers come in different sizes, fabrics and patterns.blazers

Different types of blazers

Before buying a blazer, it is essential to understand the basics a blazer to avoid wardrobe disaster. There are different types of blazers that are worn to different occasions. Therefore, it is important to understand what type of blazer best suits the given occasion.

One-Button blazer: These blazers are more relaxed and playful and are perfect for summer use. One-Button blazers look impeccable when worn for casual evening outings, vacations and weddings.

Two-Button blazer: These blazers are ideal for job interviews and workplaces. Two-Button blazers are dressy and they do not appear overly formal.

Three-Button blazer: These blazers are ideal for semi-formal meetings, job interviews and business presentations. Three-Button blazers are widely used and give a classy and formal appearance.

Four-Button blazer: These blazers are usually worn for formal meetings and few conservative workplaces that demand a professional, dignified and formal atmosphere.

Blazers are available in different materials, such as: wool, polyester, corduroy, cotton, silk and tweed. Wool blazers are perfect for cooler months and they are quite heavy and require special care. Polyester blazers are easy to maintain and are relatively less expensive. Corduroy blazers are impeccable for winter months and are perfect choice for leisurely nights. Silk blazers are ideal for special and formal events, they are very delicate and require special care. Tweed blazers are heavy weighted and are available in different prints and colors. Blazers are available in different lengths – regular, short and long. Regular-length blazers are ideal for workplaces and are flattering for almost all body types. Short and long length blazers are chosen accordingly, depending on the occasion. One of the most important feature of a blazer is its color. Blazers are available in different colors and the most common colors are black, brown and navy blue.


Blazers are quite pricey and are available in different brands. Some of the popular brands that design blazers are – Blackberry’s, John players, Arrow, Raymonds, Louis Philippe, Louis Vuitton, United Colors of Benetton, Zara, Guess, Calvin Klein, Kenneth Cole, etc.

Where to buy blazers?

You can buy blazers either from online clothing stores or from the retail stores. You should be extra cautious while buying blazers online, as you won’t be able to try out the blazer before purchasing. Also, shopping online is easy, safe and convenient. Some online shopping website provide easy return policies to ensure that you have a satisfying shopping experience.

Go all girly with skirts that impress

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Girls have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to clothing. Irrespective of the age, girls or women are often comfortable in what they wear. They look for clothes that flatter their body and are always photo-ready. Beautiful and independent, women have an aura about themselves which they carry along wherever they go. Like dresses, skirts are a must-have in every girl’s wardrobe. According to researchers, skirts are ideal for women to make an impression at work. Shaped as a cube or cone, a skirt is a garment that covers the lower half of the body and hangs from the waist. Skirts are available in various lengths and are often made from a single piece of material. Often designed with dart, gores, pleats or panels, skirts can give a girl the perfect makeover one desires. Versatile than dresses, skirts can be used to dress up or down an outfit. An essential item in every woman’s wardrobe, skirts come in variety of shapes and styles.skirts

Styles in skirts

A skirt can be worn on days when you are running late or feel you do not have anything to wear. Easy to wear than a pair of jeans, skirts can be teamed with a range of tees or shirts. Skirts are designed for different occasions and can be mixed and matched with a range of apparel items. A foundation to a woman’s wardrobe, skirts are available in various colors, patterns and designs to suit each body type.

Broomstick skirt – Designed with a wrinkled appearance, broomstick skirts are either knee-length or ankle-length. They are designed for casual or semi-formal occasions. Usually, three or more horizontal seams are wrapped around a broomstick skirt in layers.

A-line skirt – Designed from stretch materials, an A-line skirt lengthens from the waist and widens as it reaches towards the knees or down to mid-calf. Casual or semi-dressy, A-line skirts are ideal for slim and skinny figures.

Mini skirt – Shorter than knee length, mini skirts are ideal for casual wear. They lend a fun element to a girl’s wardrobe.

Pencil skirt – They are knee length skirts tailored with a straight cut. Formal or dressy, pencil skirts hug the legs closely.

Pleated skirt – Designed with vertical pleats running up and down, pleated skirts are either knee length or above the knee. They are casual or semi-dressy, and require ironing to keep the pleats looking neat.

Sarong skirt – Made with large sheets of fabrics, sarong skirts are an ideal beach wear. You have to wrap the skirt around the waist and tie it on the side of the hip.

Tube skirt – Similar to pencil skirts, tube skirts are made from stretchy materials and are either semi-casual or semi-dressy. They fall just below the knees and can be teamed with shirts and tees.

High-waist skirt – Designed to fit higher than the waistline, a high-waist skirt is very casual and dressy. They are in vogue and can be teamed with tops and high heels.You can buy your favourite skirts in online dress shopping sites.

Suits – Enhance Your Professionalism

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Suit is a type of clothing, which generally consists of atleast two garments- a jacket and a pair of trousers, usually made from the same cloth. Colloquially known as business suits, these originated in Britain and were the most common type of western attire. Suits are of various types which include dinner suit and morning suit, out of which, dinner suits are still preferred today. Suits vary in cut, design and cloth material. Often, suits are divided into two or three parts in accordance to the suitability of the wearer. A two-piece suit has a jacket and a pair of trousers whereas, a three-piece suit comprises of a vest or waistcoat. A traditional suit would often be worn with a collared shirt underneath and a necktie. Until around the 1960s, a hat would also form a part of the suit to add an honourable touch to the men’s attire. With the rapidly growing fashion trends, suits are not limited to men anymore. Even the women have incorporated them in their corporate wardrobe which describe their ambitious and jet-setting attitude of the 21st century.suits

Before making a purchase, you need to keep a few things in mind for the perfect suits . The primary concerns while buying a suit are colour, style and cut. A suit should showcase an air of authority, convincincing nature and respect. Hence, keeping aside the latest trends, classic, timeless styles have an edge over the rest. Business suits come in various dark as well as light shades in accordance to events and seasons. Choose a colour which matches your skin tone and the occasion. For winter business meetings, you can wear a darker shade like black. On the other hand, for a summer look, you can wear a khaki or olive coloured suit with matching accessories for a complete look. It is of utmost importance that your suit fits your body type. The right fit makes you look confident, competent, and professional. Select the one where the trousers fit you snugly, but not too tightly around the waist. Opt for the correct size which fits you perfectly leaving enough space for movement. Women can go for slim fit trousers to enhance their corporate style.

Suits have a number of stylistic elements that need to be rightly carried off. These include jacket cuts, buttons, waist styles, lapels, scarves and shoulder pads. A traditional and classy suit usually has a single-breasted cut, two buttons along with notched lapels. Women can opt for a scarf around their neck which further accentuates the look.

Needless to say, fabrics form an important part of suits as they are required to be worn for long hours. The fabrics generally include wool, cotton, and blends. Cotton suits are best suited for a hot summer day, which would keep you cool and comfortable. With wool as the ideal fabric for a suit, you might think that it is only with respect to winter season. Fortunately, with the advancement in technology and the latest trends, efforts are being made to make a suit of lighter wool suitable for a warm climate.

A suit in itself is incomplete unless you team it up with proper accessories. For men, a suit comes with shoes, ties, socks and a belt for a professional look. Choose the best of colours and compliment them with your suit to give you the much-needed look. Women can go for a silk scarf and stiletto or any kind of heel for a sophisticated and dignified look.

A perfect foot care with clean pair of socks

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Wearing a clean pair of socks is very important, a wrong pair of socks looks very untidy and unprofessional. It is important to ensure that the socks are matching and are free of holes. Apart from providing comfort and keeping the shoe from chafing, socks also tie together the shoes with the pants to unify a look.

History of socks:

During the stone age, men would wrap animal skins around their feet for protection. By the 15th century, socks became more of a fashion statement rather that protection. In the 16th century, knitting machines were invented which led to production of socks in bulk. In the 20th century, nylon become a popular fabric for socks because of its elasticity and strength.socks

Types of socks:

Socks are available in a variety of interesting colors, styles and patterns. Depending on your need and purpose, you can choose an appropriate type of socks.

Formal socks: They are available in different lengths ranging from mid-calf to knee, and they are usually made out a thin material. When you’re buying formal socks, it is better to buy a high quality socks as low quality socks may damage the professional image. Formal socks provides a smooth and uniform finish.

Athletic socks: These socks are made using thicker fabric – to absorb sweat during exercise. Also, it is not recommended to wear athletic socks when dressed in a suit or slacks. These athletic socks have a ribbed appearance and provide more elasticity as they have a stockinette stitch above the ankle.

Toe socks: These socks are specially designed to be worn with toe shoes or flip flops. These socks allow a free-range of movement for the foot as they have individual toes. These toe socks are very comfortable and generally used for athletic purposes.

While purchasing socks, the length, the color, the fabric, the size and the pattern plays a very important role. When dressing up for a formal event, the socks should match the color of the trousers rather than the shoe. And, for a casual outing, a dark colored sock should be chosen. Also, socks are sold in a range of sizes – small, medium, large and extra large. Different brands of socks have a different fit. Therefore it is important to buy socks in those brands that best fit your feet. Some of the popular brands are – United Colors of Benetton, Levi’s, Puma, Adidas, Nike, Jack & Jones, Peter England, Allen Solly, Arrow, Van Heusen, Park Avenue, Reebok, Flipped, Manchester United, American Swan and many more.

Where to buy socks?

You can buy socks online or from retail stores depending on your convenience. There are many online clothes shopping stores that sell socks. Shopping online is easy, safe and convenient. Some online shopping websites also have easy return policies to ensure you have a satisfying shopping experience.

Acer Iconia Tablets – Filled with Excellence and Innovations

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With technological advancements, more and more gadgets are popping up in the market. With hundreds of options, it becomes difficult for the buyer to make a choice. While buying a tablet you should keep in mind – the operating system, screen size, storage capacity, resolution, camera and wireless connectivity. All these features are must-haves in a tablet. There are many brands that manufacture tablets such as Samsung, Apple, HTC, HP, Xolo, Micromax, Lenovo, Dell, Intex and other such. The first tablet to be launched was the Apple Ipad in 2010 and the craze for them has reached heights ever since.Acer Iconia Tablets

About Acer:

Acer, a hardware and electronics corporation was founded in 1976 in Taiwan. Acer produces desktops, laptops, tablets, servers, storage devices, displays, smartphones and peripherals. Acer was the 4th largest personal computer vendor in the world in 2013. The company provides e-business services to businesses, governments and consumers. In addition, Acer also owns a computer retail chain in Taiwan. Acer’s tagline is “Explore beyond limits”.

Acer Tablet:

Acer’s global press conference was held in New York on 23rd November, 2010 where it presented its first tablet computer. The tablet series was called the Iconia series. The list of tablets in this series is as follows:

Iconia Tab A1-830: This tablet has a sleek look and solid feel to it as it is crafted from top-quality materials. It has a silver metal back which makes the tablet durable. The Acer Iconia Tab A1-830 fits in your hand very comfortably – it has a high-resolution display and 4:3 aspect ratio which makes it ideal for reading. The performance of the Iconia A1-830 is excellent and is ideal for fast browsing and gaming. It has an Intel Atom processor and an amazing battery life which can go all day, every day. It also has 1GB standard memory and 16GB flash memory capacity. In addition, Iconia A1-830 has amazing screen features with advanced IPS technology.

Iconia Tab B1-A71: This tablet has 1.2 Ghz dual core Mediatek processors with 512MB standard memory and 8GB flash memory capacity. The operating system used in the Iconia B1-A71 is Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. The battery life of the Acer Iconia B1-A71 is excellent with a rechargeable 2,710 mAh battery.

Acer W4: This tablet lets you edit word documents, excel sheets and powerpoint documents anywhere. The Acer W4 series comes with Microsoft Office Home and Windows 8.1. It is driven by the latest Intel Atom 1.33 GHz processor and 2GB RAM. The Iconia W4 has 5 Megapixel rear camera and a 2 Megapixel front camera.

Acer W5: This device has 3 modes – touch tablet, keyboard dock and pivot screen.The Acer W5 has a Windows operating system and a 2GB standard memory. The Iconia W510 can be converted into a laptop as well. It has an Intel core processor and an Intel Graphics Media Accelerator.

Where to buy Acer Iconia tablets?

You can buy Acer Iconia tablets online or in retail stores depending on your convenience. As mentioned above, there are different series of Acer Iconia Tablets, some online shopping websites let you compare between two or more tablets – their features, specifications and prices. This makes your buying decision easy. Shopping online is easy, safe and convenient. Some online shopping websites provide easy payment options and return policies to ensure that you have a satisfying shopping experience.

Samsung tab 3-Tablet that can change your life

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samsung tab 3Samsung means “three stars” in Korean. Samsung was founded by Byung-Chull Lee in the year 1938. Samsung primarily focused on trade export, selling dried Korean fish, vegetables, and fruits. In 1970’s, it invested in heavy, chemical and petrochemical industries. In the same decade Samsung also started exporting Samsung electronics, they were one of the top manufacturers in the Korean market. In the early 1980’s Samsung diversified and expanded its core technology businesses globally. Samsung restructured its old businesses and entered into new ones with the aim of placing itself in the world’s top 5 electronics companies. By the early 1990’s, Samsung presented itself as a tremendous challenges for high-tech businesses. By the mid 1990’s, Samsung dedicated itself in the making of world-class products and providing total customer satisfaction to its customers. In the early 2000’s, the digital age bought many revolutionary changes into the global business. Samsung responded with advanced technologies, competitive products and constant innovations. By mid 2000’s Samsung was ranked one among the top 10 global ranks.

Samsung produces a wide range of electronics such as: Home appliances, Televisions, Cameras, Mobile phones, Smart phones and Tablets.

In the digital age there are many new innovations coming up every now and then. And, one of such innovations that has changed the way things work is ‘Tablets’. Tablets are very similar to smartphones. They are bigger than Smartphones and smaller than laptops. With a tablet you can browse the internet, make and share presentations, video conference with clients and colleagues, download e-books, play games, stay connected with e-mails and other social networking sites. Tablets were launched in the year 2010, and the first tablet launched was the Apple ipad.

The Samsung Tab 3 was launched on July 7th, 2013. It is an Android based tablet computer. The operating system used in the Samsung Tab 3 is Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean and has a 1.2 GHZ Dual core processor. The samsung tab 3  comes in 5 peppy colors – Cream White, Peach Pink, Lemon Yellow, Blue Green and Ebony Black. Choose the color that best suits your personality. The Samsung Tab 3 has a 3 MP primary camera and a 1.3 MP secondary camera. It has a very good camera clarity and you can take amazing photos with it. You can also use the secondary camera for video calling. The Samsung Tab 3 has an amazing battery life with a 4000 mAh Lithium Ion battery. With the Samsung Tab 3 you can save as many as pictures, songs, videos, files, games and apps without worrying about the storage. It has an internal storage capacity of 8GB and an external storage capacity which can be expanded upto 32GB. The Samsung Tab 3 has a 7 inch TFT capacitive Touchscreen with 1024 * 600 pixels display type.

The samsung tablet  looks very slim and stylish. It comes in an affordable price and is totally worth all the money. You can buy Samsung Tab 3 online. Shopping online is easy, safe and convenient. They also provide easy payment options like – Cash on delivery, Card on delivery and Net Banking. Your order will be delivered to your home in a span of 2-3 days and you can also track your order. Some online shopping websites also provide a easy return policy.