Blazers, a must-have wardrobe essential

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Like how a woman’s wardrobe has a ‘must-have’ list, a man’s wardrobe also has a ‘must-have’ list. And, a blazer is one such must-have wardrobe essential. A man looks the smartest in a well-fitted blazer. How a man wears and carry’s off the blazer talks a lot about his style and personality. Blazers can be worn to work, on vacations, on dates, to parties and to a variety of special events. Blazers come in different sizes, fabrics and patterns.blazers

Different types of blazers

Before buying a blazer, it is essential to understand the basics a blazer to avoid wardrobe disaster. There are different types of blazers that are worn to different occasions. Therefore, it is important to understand what type of blazer best suits the given occasion.

One-Button blazer: These blazers are more relaxed and playful and are perfect for summer use. One-Button blazers look impeccable when worn for casual evening outings, vacations and weddings.

Two-Button blazer: These blazers are ideal for job interviews and workplaces. Two-Button blazers are dressy and they do not appear overly formal.

Three-Button blazer: These blazers are ideal for semi-formal meetings, job interviews and business presentations. Three-Button blazers are widely used and give a classy and formal appearance.

Four-Button blazer: These blazers are usually worn for formal meetings and few conservative workplaces that demand a professional, dignified and formal atmosphere.

Blazers are available in different materials, such as: wool, polyester, corduroy, cotton, silk and tweed. Wool blazers are perfect for cooler months and they are quite heavy and require special care. Polyester blazers are easy to maintain and are relatively less expensive. Corduroy blazers are impeccable for winter months and are perfect choice for leisurely nights. Silk blazers are ideal for special and formal events, they are very delicate and require special care. Tweed blazers are heavy weighted and are available in different prints and colors. Blazers are available in different lengths – regular, short and long. Regular-length blazers are ideal for workplaces and are flattering for almost all body types. Short and long length blazers are chosen accordingly, depending on the occasion. One of the most important feature of a blazer is its color. Blazers are available in different colors and the most common colors are black, brown and navy blue.


Blazers are quite pricey and are available in different brands. Some of the popular brands that design blazers are – Blackberry’s, John players, Arrow, Raymonds, Louis Philippe, Louis Vuitton, United Colors of Benetton, Zara, Guess, Calvin Klein, Kenneth Cole, etc.

Where to buy blazers?

You can buy blazers either from online clothing stores or from the retail stores. You should be extra cautious while buying blazers online, as you won’t be able to try out the blazer before purchasing. Also, shopping online is easy, safe and convenient. Some online shopping website provide easy return policies to ensure that you have a satisfying shopping experience.


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