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A blouse is one of the staple wardrobe necessities. Blouses have had a series of changes ever since their origin. They’re worn to work, casual outings, formal meetings and other such events. In most of the countries, a blouse typically means a shirt that is tucked in and created with silk, cotton, chiffon, nylon and other such materials; some blouses have a collar while some don’t. Blouses are meant to be teamed with a trouser or skirt. But, in countries like India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh a blouse refers to a saree blouse. These blouses are designed to be worn with a sarees and are available in different designs, materials, colors, patterns and prices. Also, there are readymade, tailor stitched and designer blouses.blouses

Things to keep in mind while buying a blouse:

Blouse material: There are different types of blouse materials available in the market. Depending on your saree fabric, design and color, you can pick an appropriate material. Some of the popular blouse materials are silk, cotton, satin, net, georgette, tussar, jute, dupion, chiffon, lama tissue, crepe, kora cotton, velvet, munga silk, noil, organza and spun. You get readymade blouses as well as tailor stitched blouses in these materials – depending on your needs and requirements you can choose either a readymade or a tailor stitched one.

Blouse measurement: It is very important to wear a well-fitted blouse. An ill-fitted blouse looks very shabby and changes the whole appearance of the outfit. A tailor stitched blouse usually fits well as the measurements are taken for you, but, a readymade blouse comes in standard sizes. Therefore it is very important to pick a right size with perfect measurements. You can even alter the readymade blouse to your size.

Blouse design: There are different types of blouse designs and textures available – brocade, herringbone, jamavar, jacquard, matt, natural, soft, woven, wrinkled and many more. Depending on your style and personality, you can pick an appropriate design and texture that suits your saree as well as your taste. Also, you get blouses in different neck shapes, sleeve lengths and blouse lengths. Pick the best looking blouse that suits your saree.

Blouse price: Depending on the blouse material, texture and pattern the price of the blouse varies.


There are many brands that design blouses and some of the popular brands are 9rasa, Mina Bazaar, Mrignain, IndiDori, Ira Soleil, moKanc, Inblue Fashions, Medhira, Neerus, Sareez and many more.

Where to buy blouses?

You can buy readymade blouses online or in retail stores depending on your convenience. Shopping online is easy, safe and convenient. Some online shopping websites have easy payment options and return policies to ensure that you have a satisfying shopping experience.


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