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Fashion jewellery – Be beautiful and look beautiful

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You are ready for the party in that beautiful gown and look stunning from head to toe. You look at yourself in front of the mirror and realise something is missing; just then your eyes spot your jewellery box and you know what you really need to complete your look. You put on that golden hued metallic shimmery earrings and an armlet. Voila! You got the look to rock the world. It is beautiful how a simple piece of jewellery can do wonders to your wardrobe. Human love affairs to all things sparkly and glittery dates back to centuries when men and women both adorned themselves with jewellery made from various materials like stones, feathers, leaves, metals and bones.bracelets

Sneak peak on the evolution of fashion jewellery

Fashion jewellery is inspired by ancient jewellery. Jewellery was and is still considered as a symbol of wealth, status and rank but with the evolution of fashion jewellery the myth is busted and contemporary men and women prefer fashion jewellery over original metal and stone ornaments. The history of jewellery dates back to centuries. Indians were always intrigued with decorating their body with gold, silver, bones or feathers. Each region in India had its own style of jewellery. However, it was in Egypt where the earliest statement jewellery was found. Different kind of jewellery like dangle earrings and thick, cylindrical rings were discovered in Egyptian jewellery boxes. These belonged to the princesses and the house of royalty. Romans on the other hand preferred rings made from heavy stones and delicate materials. It was in the 1920s when Coco Chanel started creating exquisite jewellery from crystal and coloured glass inspired by Egyptians. Thus, Coco Chanel is often credited for the invention of costume jewellery. The 1930’s and 40’s was an age of bold and elaborate jewellery that popularized multi-strand pearl necklaces, jewelled rings and use of rose gold and metals. Modern day fashion jewellery is all about the bold and beautiful which are inspired from previous decades. Fashion jewellery is all about bangles, rings, belly rings, nose rings, armlets, anklets, chunky necklaces and earrings made from materials other than gold and silver. Charm jewellery like mood rings, charm bracelets, tattoo jewellery and sterling silver are a huge craze these days just like online shopping. Nowadays people buy fashion jewellery not only for special occasions but for daily wear too. Shopping for fashion jewellery online is preferred by the youth and the aged as it is convenient and easy.

Shop fashion jewellery online

Online shopping sites provide you with an array of option on designs, colours, shapes and sizes in different kinds of fashion jewellery. You can select fashion jewellery from a wide range of brands at a discounted rate. Online shopping sites assure you fast delivery and 30 days replacement policy. Some of the brands that are available online are BlueStone, Voylla, Caratlane, 925 Silver and many more. Payment is easy and safe via netbanking, credit or debit card and cash on delivery.


It’s A Feet Thing: The Evolution of Anklets in World Culture

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Women have adorned every part of their body with jewellery since time immemorial with religious, social and fashionable connotations. The kind of jewellery that is worn has evolved over the ages and has come a long way from what it was at the inception of time but the idea behind it remains the same – beautification of the body.Juvalia jewellery

What are Anklets?

Anklets are bracelets for the leg and are also called ankle chains. They can be worn on both or either ankle according to convenience and personal tastes. While women in Western cultures wear one anklet, Eastern cultures demand that they be worn on both ankles to not only contain the feet so that they are dainty but also to denote the feminine charm and pettiness.

History of Anklets

The first we hear about ankles is from the Egyptian times when women of all social classes wore anklets crafted out of different metals and of different shapes – those who were better off wore gold and the other wore silver or iron. Later, they started wearing beaded anklets but with time, Egyptians chose to phase out the anklet wearing as it is not in line with their Islamic beliefs. Bronze anklets have been found in the European area and have been assumed to be the part of the Tumulus culture that spread in that region. Indian women have always been wearing anklets on both feet as they consider the sound of the anklets to be feminine and the harbinger of good will and good luck. Tamilian, Rajastani and Punjabi women specially take to this kind of jewellery.

Types of Anklets

Anklets can be classified into two types, ones which are worn for fashionable purposes and those which are worn for the purpose of performing arts. Fashion anklets are usually light and modern and can be sported on an everyday basis. Those worn for dances like Bharatnatyam, Kathak, Odissi and Kuchipudi are heavy and come with a lot of small bells to ensure that they make noise when the feet are moved to denote the Ankletsstep that they are performing.

Anklet Brands

There are anklets which are artificial, precious and semiprecious which com with acrylic, alloy, aluminium, brass, copper, crystal, enamel, glass, metal, plastic, resin, shell, silver, steel, sterling silver, stone and wood bases crafted by brands like Juvalia jewellery, Voylla, 925 Silver, Little India, 20D, Toniq, Vendee Fashion, Abhooshan, Arezzo, Craftstages, Crunchy Fashion, GB Jewellery, GoldNera, Jisha, Luxor, Maheshwari Fashion, Mischika, Pataaka, Sv Jewels & Pearls, Taraash, The Pari and Touchstone.

Buy anklets online from e-commerce websites which offer many different styles to choose from. Pick what you like best to suit your budget and your material preferences and add it to cart – interfaces are simple and refiners are provided to find something that is perfect for you. Payments are easy on online shopping portals as well as they accept net banking and credit and debit cards. You can also choose the cash on delivery option. Online shopping makes it easy and simple for you to buy products that you want without the hassle of going to the actual shop.

Enhance your charm with beautiful jewellery

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Jewellery is an expression, an expression of oneself and personal style. From time immemorial the use of jewellery and its significance on cultures have been known to all. A piece of jewellery not only beautifies us or enhances our beauty, it elevates our personality adds charm to our presence. From the beginning of human history, jewellery is considered as a form of visual communication. During earlier days jewellery was crafted from beads, stones, wood, leaves and feathers. Animal skin was also used in jewellery making. The discovery of metal jewellery was an important stage in the development of the art of jewellery during the ancient period. With time, and innovative technology, the advancement in jewellery making led artisans to tame metals and precious stones into works of art that influenced modern jewellery styles.Online jewellery

Evolution of jewellery

The credit of the development of early jewellery goes to the ancient civilizations – Egypt, India and China. Setting standards in metallurgy, gem collecting and glass manufacture, Mesopotamia laid a foundation for their successors like European civilizations and influenced fashion trends even during that period. Jewellery has always been considered as a form of expression, wealth and social status. From an early date jewellery was also worn as protection against evil and dangers of life, and to deal with the mystical aspect of culture. Till date some believe it and wear precious stones and gems to evade evil and misfortune.

Types of jewellery

Different kinds of jewellery are available these days in the market and online. Jewellery is available for men and women, children, boys and girls and babies. With growing demand for jewellery, jewelry is made from different materials like stones, plastic, metals – silver, nickel,bronze, pewter, copper, rhinestones, glass and sterling silver. Nowadays jewellery is available for people of all status. People wear some kind or the other type of jewellery everyday. With the craze of piercing, nose pins, earrings, hoops and many more types of jewellery are available in different shapes and design to suit each individual style. The fascination for jewellery is seen among all, both young and old. It is also an ideal gifting option not for women but men too. Today, as jewellery is viewed as an artistic expression simple and inexpensive jewellery made of anything but precious metal are rivaling with expensive jewellery. Gone are the days when jewellery was synonymous to gold.

Online jewellery

Buy different kinds of online jewellery and beautify yourself everyday without having to go out to the market and wasting time in traffic and long queues. All types of jewellery designs are available online. You name it and online shopping sites have it! Jewellery sets, earrings, pendants & lockets, rings, necklaces, bangles, bracelets, mangalsutras & tanmaniyas, anklets, nose rings and studs, armlets, chains, charms , brooches are few of the types of jewellery that are available online at a discounted price. You can use the refiners to select the kind of gemstones you prefer and the price range that suits your budget. Make your payments through credit or debit card, net banking and cash on delivery.

Adorn your ears with fabulous earrings

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Earrings are one of those few ornaments that complete the look of any man or woman’s face. In the ancient times, earrings were preferred by both men and women. However, with each progressing year, the ratio has been increased, with women opting for earrings, as opposed to men. Earrings have been deemed as accessories that help in making a statement, in the modern day. The more variety, style and elegance that earrings have, the more they become covetable and are considered to be statement makers. As the term suggests, earrings are ornaments that are worn exclusively on the ears, to beautify them or to make their appearance better.Earrings

Earrings are categorized, based on their design, style, and type. In order to wear earrings, a piercing on the earlobe is required. For those individuals who do not wish to pierce, clip-on earrings are perfect as they do not require a piercing. However, individuals have always tried to exude their own styles by piercing in the other areas of their ears such as the cartilage, the rook, the tragus and anti-tragus. In the ancient times, the royalty and the common classes were seen wearing elaborate earrings with intricate designs. This was especially prevalent in regions such as ancient Persia, Egypt and India where earrings were a covetable choice. Highly precious-stoned earrings such as the ones encrusted with diamonds and rubies were common among the upper class. In fact, the English renaissance period also had women, who donned pearl or diamond earrings.

The modern times witness a renaissance in earrings as compared to traditional, simplistic designs. The rage now is new-fangled designs and variations. Since there have been so many designs and variations, earrings may be classified into into stud earrings, danglers, hoop earrings, huggy earrings, magnetic earrings, clip-on earrings, ear spikes, ear screws and ear cuffs. The various methods of piercings include ear piercing guns, medically sterile methods and traditional home methods. However, home methods involve simple tools such as needle, alcohol and self-piercers and they have lost popularity to newer methods of piercing, that are less painful and are done in a jiffy.

If you are looking to purchase earrings online, you can check out online shopping sites and E-commerce sites that let you choose from a wide range of earrings featured in a range of prices to suit your requirements.

Look into popular brands such as Mahi, Vendee Fashion, Ziveg, Hi Look, Crunchy Fashion and Tanishq, for. With the advantage of easy-payment options, you can pay by card on delivery, cash on delivery or through net banking, all from the comfort of your home and the product will be delivered at your doorstep.

The world of fascinating Jewelry

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Since time immemorial, jewelry has always been a fascination among men and women. Jewelry was primarily worn to enhance one’s look, as accessories of adornment. There are various different kinds of jewelry such as brooches, nose rings, necklaces, bracelets, chains, earrings, anklets, hip chains, rings, jhoomars, matha chutti and so on. Jewelry can be worn directly on the body or even on clothes. A chief example of clothes’ jewelry is brooches.

Jewellery, since the ancieJewellerynt times, has been crafted, using different materials. Right from the beginning of the Indus valley civilization to the 18th century, jewellery, apart from expensive and rare metals, was also made of terracotta, shells along with bones and parts of animals.

Some of the common materials used in expensive jewellery were precious gemstones like diamonds, sapphires, emeralds and rubies. Semi-precious stones were also used such as turquoise, amethyst, opal, garnet and topaz. However, local ethnic groups and tribes often crafted intricate jewellery made of wood, pewter, bronze, copper, rhinestones, glass, sterling silver and other such metals. Modern day jewellery combines all the attributes of yesteryear and contemporary designs. Besides wearing jewellery as ornaments of adornments, they were also worn for talismanic purposes or to keep oneself free from the clutches of evil eye.

Depending on the preferences of individuals, jewellery was crafted to a highly reflective, shiny look. The satin or matte finish is given to reduce the shiny look and to primarily enhance the look of gemstones encrusted in the jewelry piece.

Jewelry has always varied between different cultures and civilizations and still continues till the present day. For instance, Indian Jewelry has so many facets to it and is generally crafted, resonating a regal and exotic look. Costume jewelry or artificial jewelry on the other hand, are popular among the youth and the elderly. Costume jewelry became especially popular during the depression and during the crucial, World War II period.

Costume jewelry is the rage among urbane and suburban individuals and some of the people who were responsible for spearheading costume jewellery’s success were Coco Chanel, Boucher, Kenneth Jay Lane, Ciner, Eisenberg and Stanley Hagler.

With the arrival of online shopping and E-commerce sites, you can choose from a wide array of jewellery that includes rings, bracelets, chains, earrings, anklets and so on in a range of prices to suit your requirements. Look into popular brands such as Oviya, Panache, Tribal Zone, Sia Art Jewelry, Rein lifestyles, Trinket Bag, Spirit of Iris, One Direction, Mahi, Orosilber etc. With the advantage of easy-payment options, you can pay by card on delivery, cash on delivery or through net banking, all from the comfort of your home and the product will be delivered at your doorstep.

Reebok T-shirts – Imbibe a sporty attitude

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Reebok was founded in 1895 in Bolton, Lancashire, England and has been one of the leading companies in the field of sports accessories. The company has been a wing of the German group, Adidas since 2005, and is a producer of sports shoes, clothing, bags and other accessories. The company has its global headquarters situated in Canton, Massachusetts, U.S.A. with regional offices in Amsterdam, Montreal, Hong Kong and Mexico City. With its rising demand and popularity, Reebok was bestowed with the esteemed opportunity to sponsor kits for Indian Premier League teams, such as the Royal Challengers Bangalore, Kolkata Knight Riders, Rajasthan Royals and Chennai Super Kings in the first season of the league in 2008.Reebok T-shirts

Reebok T-shirts are available in a wide range of designs and styles to add a sporty touch to your outfit. Since Reebok excels in sports wear and accessories, these T-shirts scale high on the aspect of fabric. You can get T-shirts in different fabrics like polyester, or a blend of polyester, nylon and elastane which keeps you dry and cool as you workout or play. These fabrics are durable and designed with PlayDry technology which absorbs moisture and increases ventilation without trapping the body’s own thermal energy. This particular technology speeds up evaporation, thereby reducing tiredness. For women, T-shirts are available in a variety of styles such as round neck, graphic or tank tops especially made with athletic contours. Racerback style keeps the arms free, thus increasing mobility.

Most of the T-shirts do not wrinkle, thus relieving you of the hassle of ironing. Men can fire up their fitness regime with stretchable T-shirts designed with PlayDry technology for ventilation. Since, armholes tend to sweat the most while exercising, these are constructed to enhance mobility and stretch. Some of the T-shirts have micro-mesh backs to accelerate breathability. Men can also get graphic, slim fit T-shirts to wear to a casual event and team it up with a pair of jeans and sneakers or flip flops. Some T-shirts are 100% cotton garment washed with ribbed neckline and cuffs to give a deconstructed style to your attire.

Washing a Reebok T-shirt is easy as it does not require much detergent. You can also get t shirts for men which have applique detail on their fabrics, providing a vintage style to your overall look. Most of the T-shirts have the Reebok logo at the front. There are different styles of T-shirts such as round neck, V neck and so on that are available in full sleeves, half sleeves as well as sleeveless. You can get T-shirts in a variety of bright hues to match your personality and individualistic style.

However, in order to maintain the quality of your T-shirts, you need to keep in mind certain guidelines. While ironing, do not iron them at a high temperature. You can wash them in the machine in cold water at 30°C. Do not bleach and make sure to dry them properly. Wash them separately and remove immediately to let them dry. If possible, wash with like-coloured clothes to avoid bleeding of colours. The tumble dry should be kept minimal without using softeners.

Round Neck T-shirts – The Perfect Blend of Comfort and Style

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A T-shirt is the most comfortable piece of clothing your wardrobe will ever have. Mostly used for casual outings, T-shirts can be worn anywhere and everywhere. High on the spectrum of comfort, round neck T-shirts are integral to your casual wardrobe.round neck t shirts

Round neck T-shirts neither fit too snugly nor look ill-fitted. With just the right amount of length of the neckline, these T-shirts are easy to slip on and work the best in a warm climate. While choosing a T-shirt or any piece of clothing, the most important aspect which has to be kept in mind is that of the quality of fabric. You can select from various types of fabrics such as burn-out, combed cotton, jersey, linen, modal, organic cotton, polyester, pigment dyed, pima, rayon, rib knit and slub. Burn-out fabrics look cool with sheer patches and pave way for an edgy look. Cotton being one of the most comfortable fabrics, is available in two variants – combed cotton and organic cotton with reference to T-shirts. Combed cotton is a strong, soft and smooth fibre which feels comfortable on the skin. On the other hand, organic cotton is usually softer and treated with minimal fertilizers and pesticides and hence, it is expensive in comparison to combed cotton. Jersey is a commonly used fibre which is made from a cotton or synthetic blend, thus paving way for high flexibility and comfort. Linen T-shirts are ideal for a warmer weather and dries quickly. Modal is a type of smooth fabric which drapes well over your body and has a graceful feel to it. This fibre is shrink-resistant and the longevity increases if it is not connected with the dryer. Pigment dyed fabric looks appealing on a round neck T-shirt that creates a faded and worn-in look. Pima, the highest quality of cotton fibre, is the ideal cotton fabric for a round neck t shirts. With its remarkable qualities like non-pilling, fade-resistant and non-stretchable material, this fabric becomes more skin-friendly and soft with each wear. Polyester is mostly used for gym wear and other sports activities as it absorbs sweat easily and even dries up in a jiffy. T-shirts made from polyester maintain the shape and do not wrinkle. Rayon is a breathable material which has a silky feel to it. For cold days, rib knit T-shirts work fine as they are thick and structured but, breathable at the same time.

A round neck t shirts can be teamed with a funky pair of footwear and the perfect accessories for the intended look. You can get a breathable round neck T-shirt and relax at home wearing them. Round neck T-shirts come in a variety of prints and colours to match every look and event. You can get a hip T-shirt with an interesting and unique quote to grab a few eyeballs. You can also opt for graphic T-shirts with a character of your choice and become the talk of the town. If you are inclined to the traditional side, go for a striped or single-coloured T-shirt for a casual look.

You can get T-shirts for every occasion. Women can go for floral or classy neutral colours to wear to a party by complementing their look with a pair of skinny jeans and stilettos for a smashing look. You can get round neck T-shirts in all sizes to choose from for men, women and children.
Brands like Adidas, Puma, Reebok, Honey, Converse, Nike, U.S. Polo and so on offer a wide range of round neck T-shirts to suit your needs and preferences.