Find the Right Look with a Pair of Gold Earrings

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gold earringsEarrings are the most basic jewellery wardrobe piece and most earring styles go with anything.
The wide variety of earrings available in the market allows you to experiment with your looks.
Gold earrings are one such example. They have been around for ages and are perfect additions to any woman’s jewellery wardrobe. If you are looking around for a pair of gold earrings that boosts confidence and style, there are certain tips that you need to keep in mind.

Firstly the cost of a pair of gold earrings depends on how much gold the earrings contain. There are three types of gold earrings – solid gold, gold filled and gold plated.
Solid gold earrings are entirely made up of gold. The amount of depends on the carat, the highest being 24Kt. Lower carat gold earrings are alloyed with stronger metals such as nickel. Solid gold earrings are pieces of fine jewellery.
Gold filled earrings feature a base metal filled with a thick layer of gold. The gold in these earrings last longer because it is bound to the base metal.
Gold plated earrings have only a thin layer of gold plated on top of a base metal. And thus the gold plating wears away over time.

Secondly, choose earrings that showcase your personality. If you are an outgoing person, wear flashy, bold gold earrings or if you are old-fashioned go for vintage, conservative and simple gold earrings. The key part however is to not emphasize who you already are. You could always experiment with different styles to create a unique look for yourself.

Thirdly, style is everything. Focus on a particular style and match the earrings with the style and you will be able to strike the right balance. With earrings you can either tone yourself down or reveal a sense of fun. Having the right pair of gold earrings will help you subtly go against stereotypes and find your own signature style.

And finally, if you are buying a pair of gold earrings for an event, make sure that you pick the right one. Earrings are like your attire, it has to be appropriate. If you are attending a business meeting, go for a classic look with studs or if it’s just a normal day at work, go for stylish gold hoops. Again the choice is up to you, if you are looking to stand out, go for elaborate gold earrings.

Finding the right pair of gold earrings can go a long way. They are beautiful and give a timeless look. Choose from the wide variety available to you and find the pair that fits you perfectly for numerous occasions.


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