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Get that Extra Edge with a Pair of Nike Shoes

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Shoes define a person’s character. From formal shoes to casual and funky ones, there are plenty of footwear out there. Each of them is designed for a particular use and they come with certain features and styles that set them apart from each other. For example, formal shoes come with glossy finish and are made of high quality leather. These can be worn with everything from jeans to suits. While Nike shoes are designed to give maximum support, flexibility, breathability and comfort to the wearer, there are boots that help the wearer to cope up with extreme conditions such as mountain trails and snow trail. There are Nike shoes that are designed for medical purposes and these are helpful in giving the wearer comfort from ankle and foot problems. When it comes to choosing a pair, you need to have an idea about what you want, your size, your usage and your budget. There different varieties of Nike shoes out there and selecting the right one from the lot can be made easier if you know your needs and requirements. In this way, you can narrow down to a couple of pairs that will match your needs and requirements and pick out the best from it. Nike is one such brand that offers a wide range of sports and fashion related footwear to its customers.Nike shoes

Nike is an American multinational corporation that is involved in the designing, developing, manufacturing and worldwide marketing of footwear, apparel and sports equipment and accessories. It is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of athletic footwear and apparel. Nike shoes come under various categories such as trainers, sportswear, football boots, court, boots, slip-ons and sandals & flip flops. Nike footwear are incorporated with various types on Nike technology such as Nike Zoom, Nike Air Max, Nike Lunarlon, Nike Free, Nike Flyknit, Dynamic Support, Flight Plate, Nike Flywire, Hyperfuse, Hyperscreen, Nike Air, Nike Drag-On, Nike Power Transfer Zone, Nike Shox and Nike+ Running. Also, they are highly durable, made of top quality materials and can withstand the daily wear and tear. Nike trainers come with maximum flexible cushioning, ventilated support, smooth ride, supportive fit, ultralight support, natural stride, breathable upper mesh and such. Nike sports shoes come with features such as engineered foam upper with perforations for support and ventilation, updated heel clip for extra support, high flexibility and support and rubber outsoles for durability and traction. Nike designs footwear for sports such as football, tennis, basketball, golf and such that are incorporated with the latest technology to give athletes an edge.

You can shop for Nike shoes online from various online websites which offer a huge collection. These websites offer easy, safe and secure payment options such cash on delivery, credit/debit card or net banking. Also, with easy return and replacement policies for you to avail in case of an issue with your purchase, you are ensured of a satisfying shopping.


Get Yourself a Pair of Running Shoes and Run Like the Wind

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Most of us join gyms, take up cycling or running as ways to keep ourselves fit. In this modern world, keeping ourselves fit is important. Running everyday is a great way to get into shape. It is effective and keeps you healthy. It increases your stamina, boosts your immune system and lowers the risk of developing blood clots. Running also helps in losing weight or maintaining a consistent weight. You can run in your local park, neighbourhood or places free from traffic and such. Whether you are an athlete or a casual runner, owning a pair of running Shoes is a must. These shoes are versatile and come with features that will help you maintain your pace, your running style and such.running Shoes

Every runner has his or her own style. You can be a long distance runner, marathon runner, casual or recreational runner or trail runner. To cope up with the demand of each style, manufacturers design their running shoes with several features that give each pair of shoes added support, durability, comfort and agility.
For long distance runners, there are shoes that come with extra padding to protect the runner from injuries. These shoes are made of lightweight materials and help in improving the forward speed of the runners. Having a pair of running shoes with quality shock absorbers and extra support system is ideal for long distance running.
People who run in marathons have high levels of mental toughness along with aerobic and muscular functioning. Since they run for a long period of time without stopping, they need shoes that offer maximum cushioning, stability, flexibility and breathability. Lightweight shoes that do not compromise on any of the features are also a great choice.
For casual or recreational runners, shoes that offer decent amount of flexibility, cushioning, support and breathability are ideal.
Running shoes designed for outdoor trails such as hills and off-road surfaces come with high levels of grip and durability. These features help the runners to tackle the various objects such as mud, twigs, sticks and rock found on the trail. Moreover, these shoes come with thick soles that protect the runner from injuries and provide stability and proper power transfer when the foot strikes the ground.

Running shoes these days come with improved materials that are durable, offer proper cushioning power and breathability. There have been improvements in the aerodynamics of the shoe design as well. It is important that you pick the right style when choosing a pair. From chunky, heavy-duty ones to streamlined, lightweight and narrow looking ones, there is a pair for everyone.

You can shop for running shoes and sports shoes online through various e-commerce sites. You can choose from popular brands such as Nike, Puma, Adidas, Reebok, Sparx, Skechers, Fila, Umbro, Superdry, Gliders and such. These sites offer easy, safe and secure payment options such as net banking, credit/debit card or cash on delivery. Also, in case there’s an issue with your purchase, there are easy return and replacement policies that you can avail.

Converse Shoes – Because fun Starts from the Streets

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A brand for the bold and daring, a brand for those who like to have fun, for those that do not allow themselves to be tied down by rules, those that loathe monotony, and a brand that celebrates change and encourages going against the norm – Converse is truly a brand for the young, old, and in-betweeners. A subsidiary of Nike since 2003, Converse is an American lifestyle brand that stands for change. The brand originally started out as a company for boots and sneakers. Today, Converse shoes are out on the streets, worn by public figures, fashion icons, athletes, artists, and anyone rebellious enough to think. Shoes from Converse are unique and original in design, style, and make, much like the wearer himself.Converse Shoes

Converse Shoes are the perfect blend of sports and fashion footwear.From their huge collection of shoes, their line of Converse Chuck Taylor All Star sneakers are notable. These are designed to be a player’s ideal companion, in the basketball court. Converse shoes for casual wear is also hugely popular among people of all age groups – more so among the college going crowd, dancers, and artists. From classic white and black canvas shoes to attractive, bright ones designed to make you stand out in a crowd, Converse has it all. Converse shoes for men and women comes with rubber sole, which is also flexible. With an outer material made of canvas, suede, or PU and a fabric inner material, cleaning Converse shoes is relatively simple – you can simply wipe these down with a soft, wet cloth or hose them down with a solution of water and soft detergent. Other Converse shoe materials include synthetic and leather. When it comes to style, shoes from Converse are available as canvas shoes and sneakers. You can also avail shoes with a slight ankle rise – for that extra dose of fun.

Stylish, affordably priced, and versatile, casual shoes from Converse are the perfect wardrobe addition. Wear your Converse canvas and sneakers with jeans and smart tees and be prepared to be admired – whether you are casually catching up with friends, at college, work, or simply running errands. Girls can also pair their Converse canvas and sneakers with shorts, leggings, jeggings, and flared jeans. You could also channel your inner Kristen Stewart and wear these shoes with skirts and dresses, for an androgynous take on these otherwise feminine outfit. One of the best things about shoes from this brand is that you can play around and mix and match laces. Coordinating your outfit and shoes is now easy and you do not have to worry about buying shoes in different colors just to add variety to your look. Simply buy laces in various colors and designs and create a new look everyday. Whatever your mood or outfit choice, when wearing Converse shoes, it is important to keep in mind and respect their brand philosophy – sneakers and canvases are all about having fun. So, have fun with them and stay original. Well, if you’re now ready to break free from the norm, go get yourself a pair of shoes from Converse from the nearest store or even better, you can buy them online without having to leave the confines of your home.

Heels – Add a Touch of Glamour to Your Walk

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It is said that tall looks accentuate the beauty of the body, wearing high heels can make a woman look tall, feel confident, smart and stylish. Some of the reasons why women wear heels are to add height, to draw attention to her long limbs, for that extra confidence boost and also because heels give the illusion of a longer body frame.heels

Fashion high heels can bring out the attractiveness of clothes – you can wear box or conical heels with the corporate attire, pencil heels can be worn with minis or tunics, platform heels go well with trousers or wide bottom jeans. Consider your options before making a purchase.

The different types of heels include:

Wedges – these are the most comfortable and easy to walk in, they have thicker soles and offer more support while walking. They range from 1.5 to 6 inches high and do not cause foot and ankle problems as much as other heel styles.

Kitten heels – these range from 1.5 to 2 inches tall and are the preferred choice of working women. Since it comes with a small heel, it makes for comfortable wear.

Stilettoes – these are long, thin and range from 2 to 8 inches tall. These can make you look taller and are made with padded insoles to comfort the balls of your feet.

Pumps – these usually come with 4 inches height or more and are lightweight, strapless shoes with closed backs.

Cone heels – these are wider and available in all heights. They come with round heels that are broader at the sole. Cone ones are comfortable and offer support to the heels.

Dress sandals come with a thin strap over the toes and one strap around ankles. Mule shoes feature closed toes and some of them come with single strap. Slingback pumps come with single strap behind the heel or ankle. High heeled boots such as ankle boots, knee high boots or cowboy boots can make you look stylish and can be worn for a night out or a casual meeting. Furthermore, types of heels include platform, spool and prism ones.

Heels are available in various patterns, attractive designs and styles. You can pick from its attractive colours. You can choose from brands like Catwalk, Do Bhai, Nell, Hype, Carlton London, Tresmode, Babylon, Bonjour, Lavle, TouRistor, Wet Blue, Delco, Femme, Enroute Women, Kart Out, Kielz, KnighT N Gale, La Bariza, Studio 9, Titas, Twee Broer and much more. With the advent of e-commerce websites, buying heels online has become easy and convenient. These websites also provide easy and secure payment options like credit or debit card, net banking or you can opt to pay cash on delivery. You can choose a pair of heels that best suits your style.

Flats – Because Basics are Always in Vogue

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Flats are a style of footwear most popular among the college going crowd. Easy to slip on when in a hurry and attractively designed to suit any outfit, these are an easy favourite. Plus, the fact that these are relatively cheaper than most other styles of footwear only adds to its appeal. Flats give off an extremely laid-back, casual vibe and are the perfect choice of footwear during hot summer months. Many high-street and high-end brands offer their collections of this footwear style each season. From flats with bare minimum designs to ones with embellishments and delicate designs, the market today has it all.

Flats look good on any one, so long as your feet are well maintained. Regardless of whether you are a tall girl looking for footwear that will not further enhance your height or are simply looking for minimal, at-ease shoes, footwear of this style are a good bet. Unlike heels or wedges, this basic footwear style is comfortable to wear and do not tire your soles. Simply put, you could refer to these as the dressier version of slippers and flip flops. As simple as this style of footwear may seem, wearing them with the right outfit can create an easy yet stylish look. This style of footwear are versatile and can be worn by anyone – from college going teenagers, to working professionals, to stay at home moms, and even by little girls.

Wearing flats with shorts or cropped pants is an ideal option for summer dressing. For a clean, polished look, you could try pairing your jeans with flats and a nice blouse or top. Besides, these also perfectly pair well with leggings, dresses, skirts, and even ethnic wear. Normally, footwear of this style are considered as footwear meant for the day. From skin-hugging slim fit jeans to long, flowy maxi dresses and skirts, these are the perfect companion for your feet when out and about on a sunny day. However, with such diversity in styles of flats, you can easily avail ones that are fancy enough to be worn when hitting the bar at night with friends or even attending a semi-formal event. Dare to be different, break the rules, and wear your flats with pride. With this style of footwear, you can do away with the whole fashion over comfort philosophy. Yes, heels are a girl’s best friflatsend and one cannot deny the versatility of canvas, ballerinas, and sneakers but one’s footwear collection would be incomplete without a few pairs of basic flats.

Dressing up and experimenting with clothes is always fun. Why not apply the same rule to footwear! After all, the choice of footwear greatly affects the overall look of an outfit. Flats are versatile and paired with the right outfit, these can be worn to work, as casual footwear, or with party dresses and on a night out in the city. This style of footwear is effortless and surprisingly pair well with bell-shaped skirts or dresses and other dramatic cut outfits. Shopping for this style footwear is no task – every major street and corner has a store or vendor selling this style footwear. You could also get with the times and try shopping for flats online – just be sure you choose a trusted online shopping site.

Jumpsuits – Enhance Your Style Quotient

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Jumpsuits are one-piece garments that come in variations of short-sleeves, pants, tank tops and shorts. Rompers are another form of jumpsuits with short sleeves and shorts. Both of these are of loose fitting and eliminate the uncomfortable waistlines of pants and shorts. Women prefer them for this comfort feature and also these versatile clothing can be dressed up according to style preferences. These are ideal for a casual outing as well as for a lunch and dinner invite. For women who want to look young, flirty and feminine, jumpsuits make the perfect choice for the occasion.jumpsuits

Rompers were originally worn by children because of their loose fitting and comfortable design made it easier for children to move around. Later women started wearing them during casual activities and beach trips. Jumpsuits have their origin from parachuters and sky divers with the specially designed one-piece garment suitable for high-altitude diving. Rompers and jumpsuits were adopted by the fashion world as a ramp style fashionable wear for women.

Finding the right fit of these garments need more attention because these are one-piece clothing. It is important to find out the right measurement of a woman’s body to figure out the correct size of the garment. Jumpsuits have the power to accentuate a woman’s figure as well as can portray her body flaws. So it is important to choose the right garment according to the body type. For those who have bottom heavy body type, mid-waisted jumpsuits with a loose and flowing top portion will look good. Curvy and voluptuous women should also stick with mid-waisted rompers with plain design. All designs of jumpsuits will match the hourglass figure because of their proportionate body type. Low-waisted rompers with shorts are ideal for short statured ladies, while long-legged jumpsuits are perfect for tall women. Those who have relatively few curves can choose loose and mid-waisted garments with ruffles to add volume to their upper and lower body. Top heavy women can wear low-waisted jumpsuits to add volume to the bottom area. Try out different jumpsuits to see how it complements your body type. Give attention to the fabric also as large and small prints can enhance your body type according to their pattern styles.

Different style combinations of jumpsuits and rompers are available according to specific style preference for women to enhance their fashion quotient. Capris and short sleeves style jumpsuits can be worn casually while halter tops are meant for semi-dressy occasion. High-neck garments are considered for a more dressy look and for a perfect look these can be paired with high heels and long necklaces. Strapless jumpsuits are always casual and will go well with casual footwear like flats or heels. Summer wear jumpsuits are characterised by their long sleeves and shorts. And with flat or high heels they become slightly dressy. Decide on the occasion for wearing these outfits and choose one according to that. You can buy jumpsuits in various online clothes shopping sites.Style it with the appropriate accessories and achieve a ramp ready style without any professional help.

Formal Shoes – For the Professional in You

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Formal shoes are necessary to complete the formal attire. A wrong pair of shoes can ruin the look of a smart tailored suit. A pair of formal shoes should suit the occasion as well as match the attire. While selecting formal dress shoes, there are some factors to consider to choose the correct footwear. These factors mainly define the pieces and assembly of a formal shoe. The different parts and assembly of formal shoes affect the quality of the footwear and it is important to understand these pieces to help choose a quality pair which fits one’s feet.Formal-shoes

The different pieces that comprise a formal shoe are – the upper, the lining, the outsole, the insole, the midsole and the heel. The upper covers all parts of the foot except the sole. It is constructed using leather, synthetic material, rubber, suede and other textiles. The highest quality material generally used is genuine leather upper and suede. The inside part of the upper is the lining. It provides extra insulation to the foot and protection for the upper. The outsole is the bottom part of the shoe and it provides support for the foot. The inside part of the bottom of the shoe is the insole and it should take the shape of the foot’s arch to provide maximum support and comfort. Midsole comes between the insole and the outsole and it is there to provide extra comfort for the sole. Heel pieces elevate the shoe and act as shock absorber for the heel of the foot.

Assembly determines how the pieces are held together and this decides the quality of the formal shoes. Welting and cementing are the two common assembly processes employed. Welted shoes have a piece of leather, rubber or plastic stitched to the upper and the insole. These pieces are called welts and the space the welt encloses is filled with material like cork. Welted construction provides waterproofing along the bottom of the upper. In cementing, the outsole is attached to the insole and the upper using a binding agent like glue. The space between the insole and the outsole is filled with filler material to even out the foot bed.

There are different styles of formal shoes available. These styles differ in their assembly and detailing.

Chelsea Boots – The laceless Chelsea boot dates back to the Victorian era and it has an upper that comes over the ankle which stretches open using elastic on the side.

Derby Shoes – It is called open-lacing for its attached eyelets on the outside of panels on single-piece uppers. It was originally used as a hunting shoe in the mid-9th century.

Loafers – Also called slip-on shoes, these have small pieces of elastic on the sides of the upper for slipping into the shoes with ease and for secure fit.

Other styles and design features include various toe-shapes and colours. These are considered according to the personal style of the wearer.