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Earrings – Add Sparkle to your Personality

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Earrings have been an essential form of jewellery since ancient times and the tradition still continues. Choosing the right pair of earrings is of utmost importance as they can make or break a look. They accentuate your style by considerable notches and give you the intended look each time. With the fashion-conscious women taking over the world, earrings have also undergone drastic transformation in terms of shape, size, design, material used and so on.

When choosing the perfect pair of earrings, there are few tips you need to keep in mind. These include face shape, skin tone, hair style, attire and so on.

In order to choose earrings, you need to know about the different styles available and some of the popular styles are teardrops, dangles, studs, chandeliers, hoops, huggies and clusters. As the name suggests, teardrop earrings are in the shape of a teardrop or a dewdrop. Dangle earrings are available in narrow as well as wide styles and they hang below the earlobe. Studs fit perfectly on your earlobe and look good with almost every face type. Chandelier earrings combine the style, design and appeal of both stud and drop earrings. These have a stud which is attached to a dangle running below the earlobe. Hoops are usually flat or rounded and run from one side of the earlobe to another. Smaller versions of hoops are called huggies. Cluster earrings are flashy earrings, which are studded with gemstones.

Earrings will accentuate your look if they complement the shape of your face. The standard face shapes are oval, round, heart-shaped, square, narrow and diamond-shaped. Oval faces are the luckier ones as any kind of earring can do wonders to their look. However, for the best look, they can opt for oval-shaped dangling earrings. If you have a round face, you would want something which would elongate your face. Hence, go for dangle or teardrop gold earrings that do not have rounded designs. For heart-shaped faces, earrings designed with elongated curves and lines give them the best possible look. They can opt for dangle, teardrop and chandelier earrings to give them the intended look. Square faces should ideally choose earrings which do not highlight their sharp cheekbones and jawline. Pieces of dangling earrings and hoops suit them perfectly. If you have a narrow face, cluster or elongated dangle earrings accentuate your look to a great extent. For people who have a diamond-shaped face, they should opt for long and elegantly curved earrings to enhance their look.

Earrings are made of various materials such as gold, silver, platinum, plastic, leather, shell, ivory, glass, enamel, bronze, ceramic, brass and so on. Choose a material which suits your skin tone, thus making a wise buy. You can choose earrings with settings of precious, semi-precious, artificial and fashion gemstones to go with every look and occasion.

You can choose your favourite pair of earrings and flaunt it with the right outfit and attitude and become the talk of the town. You can also shop online for earrings under brands like Zaveri Pearls, 925 Silver, Voylla, Touchstone and many more offer a wide range of earrings to choose from.


Express your Love with a Diamond Ring

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A diamond is a perfect way to express your love, to tell the other how much he or she means to you. When you want to go down on one knee and seal the bond of your love with an engagement ring, a diamond one is your perfect choice. It will make your beloved feel cherished and treasured. Go ahead and show her that she is as rare and beautiful as the diamond rings on her finger. It is said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. So, when you adorn her finger with a diamond ring, you can only imagine how happy she will be.

Just like your love, your diamond has to be perfect too. Choose one that best suits her personality and her sense of style. Also, since you will probably propose a woman only once in your lifetime, the ring you choose should be the best.

Consumers find comfort in credibility and credibility comes only with the best brands. A branded ring will give you the assurance that you spent your hard-earned money on an incredible piece of jewellery. Brands give you authentic products which meet quality standards because your loyalty towards their brand matters to them. For a diamond which will stay on her finger forever, go for the best brands.

Some of the best brands which rule the market today are:


The jewellery of this brand reflects mystery and beauty. It is designed to mesmerize every woman so that her inner beauty is reflected on the outside. Every ring from Nakshatra is designed to give you an elegant, royal and timeless look. No matter what the occasion, Nakshatra jewellery will add bling to your overall look.


Asmi recognizes and applauds the inner strength of a women. Its jewellery is designed to cater to the needs of modern women. All their designs reflect contemporary tastes. Since this brand designs jewellery for the women of spirit, all their design have curvilinear forms which reflect the fire that drives a woman forward. Asmi uses diamonds which are carefully chosen and are authentic. Also, they are designed for upper middle class and middle class groups of the society and hence are affordable.

Whether you want one for day-to-day wear, for traditional occasions or for your D-day, D’damas has the right diamond ring for you. It has a vast collection of jewellery designed to suit people of all ages who have different choices and requirements. All designs are made according to contemporary tastes but have a blend of traditionality in them.

You can buy diamond rings of these brands from jewellery stores across the country. But if you don’t want to take the trouble of going from store to store, buy it online. Online shopping is convenient and fun-filled as you can place your order within minutes and have it delivered to your doorstep.

Bangles Online – Click and Flaunt

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Bangles form an essential part of an Indian woman’s attire. They have been an important form of jewellery since the ancient times. From a ritualistic point of view, a married Punjabi woman is supposed to wear bangles called Chooda for an entire year. In some traditions, it is believed that the breaking of the last bangle indicates the completion of the honeymoon period. As opposed to the earlier ideology that bangles would only look good with traditional and ethnic attires, bangles can be worn with every kind of attire in today’s fashion-conscious world. Bangles enhance your look to a great extent.

Bangles are made with materials like glass, silver, platinum, gold, plastic, wood, leather, textiles and so on. Newly married Hindu women in the Bengali and Oriya community follow a custom where they wear a bangle made of sea shells. Choose a bangle which does not irritate your skin and is easy to handle while performing your daily tasks and chores.

Earlier, bangles were always in the shape of a circle. Fashion conscious women try out different shapes like square, rectangular, hexagonal, spiral and so on.

Bangles come in a variety of unique designs. You can get bangles embellished with gemstones, pearls, semi-precious stones and so on to accentuate your overall look. With a heavily embroidered attire, you can go for a gorgeous set of bangles. On the other hand, with a chic attire, you can opt for funky and bold bangles which stand out.

While choosing gold bangles, check for the correct size to get the right fit. They should neither be too tight nor too loose on your wrist. Go to a store and find out your bangle size for easy shopping.

Now, choosing bangles is easy with numerous online shopping websites offering a wide range of bangles. You do not need to move from one shop to another in search of the right bangles. You can get a variety of them under a single roof so that you can pick up your favourite one from the collection. With a single click, you can order bangles online and get them delivered right to your doorstep. Shopping online is easy, fun and convenient with payment options like cash on delivery, net banking and credit or debit card. You can get the right size with the help of size chart. Also, some online shopping websites offer easy return and replacement policies to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Brands like Zaveri Pearls, BlueStone, Golden Collections, India Vogue, Elle, DB Bangles, Fume, Blueberry and so on offer a wide range of bangles to choose from.

Gold Earrings For Every Occasion

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Gold Earrings For Every Occasion

Every woman is bound to own at least one gold jewellery. Gold has been and still is one of the most revered metals. This metal is associated with wealth, status, and prosperity. Gold has been made into a number of accessories – earrings, rings, bangles, anklets, necklaces. It has also been worked into establishments like temples , monuments and even residential homes. It is indeed a diverse metal .

Gold earrings are yellowish in color. The warmness of this color works well with neutral colored outfits. A white ensemble or a black dress paired with a set of gold earrings will make you feel like a million bucks. Gold also accentuates warm burgundy and emerald colors. When it comes to jewellery, gold is usually meant to be worn by itself. It works perfectly with gemstones, and gold rings with precious stone centres make a good accessory. Mixing gold with jewellery made from other metals can be a disaster. Gold by itself is an attention grabbing metal in terms of its color. To get the best of it therefore, it would be wise to deck yourself head to toe ( if you must ) in gold. Gold earrings are statement pieces and come in a variety of styles:

Chandelier earrings help soften a strong jaw line by drawing attention away from it. If you are square faced or round face shaped, this should be your go to style. Save elaborately designed earrings for a fancy event. There are functional chandelier earrings available for day wear.

Cuff earrings are a rage at the moment. Because of their elaborate design, wearing a single earring should suffice. Ear cuffs dramatise any outfit and the best part about this style of earrings is most don’t require your ears to be pierced. They are mostly clip ons.

Studs are classic and pair well with any outfit. Avoid wearing boxy shaped studs if you have a strong jaw line. To define a round face, choose studs with a long curve.

Dangle earrings will help elongate a round face. These are not as fancy as chandelier earrings and can be used as everyday wear.

Drop earrings are similar to dangle ones. Their difference lies in movement. Dangle earrings as the name suggests, sway a little. Drop earrings on the other hand just drop a little from the lobe and hence do not sway. These style of earrings are dressy and minimal all at once. They can be worn as you go out and about your daily work or be worn to enhance a dress.

Hoop earrings can be slender or thick. Hoops accentuate your neck and pair well with v-necks, tube tops, and turtlenecks. For your own safety, avoid wearing hoops if you are in for a physically challenging activity.

Jhumka earrings are traditionally Indian. Pair jhumkas with a traditional Indian attire for an ethnic look. Jhumkas can also be worn with a simple blouse or t-shirt.

There are gold jewellery sets available but it is not necessary to wear them all at once, save for a fancy event. Gold is a flamboyant color and wearing too many gold accessories at once can be an overwhelming sight.


Silver Jewellery – The Easiest Way To Get That Sleek, Timeless Look

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Silver Jewellery – The Easiest Way To Get That Sleek, Timeless Look

People wear jewellery for a lot of reasons- to signify an important event, cultural significance, an heirloom, or as fashion accessory. Silver and gold are two of the most common metals. Gold complements warmer skin tones and is usually worn best in isolation. Silver is a more versatile metal and can be worn with other metals. It is a neutral metal and complements cooler skin tones. However there is no set rule that silver does not work on other skin tones. Silver is not as eye-catching as gold and this ensures it does not clash too sharply with anything.

How to wear silver jewellery

. Silver has an almost subdued look. Pairing them with neutral colored clothing such as black or grey, will give you a sleek, classic look.

. A silver ring with a diamond, emerald, or ruby centre is elegant and comes together really well.

. Wearing silver and gold together has been an age old debate. Fashion is all about breaking rules but in this case, the chances of a gold silver combination working out is slim to none.

. As established, silver is a cool color and can therefore, be worn in the summer without it overwhelming your summer’s soft color clothing.

. Jewellery is classified based on style, metal, and make. Metals include gold, silver, brass, copper, and the like. Jewellery styles are classified as chunky, delicate, fine, antique, or casual. To make things easy, remember this simple rule: Mixing metals may be okay, but mixing styles rarely work out. For instance, pairing a delicate styled silver pendant with chunky copper earrings may not work in your favour.

. Silver is not a very flamboyant color and can be worn in any setting- be it work, a fancy event, while casually hanging out with friends; without being distracting.

. Like all other metals, wearing silver Jewellery is no exception. Do not make the mistake of overdoing it. Keep your accessories minimal. Pick an accessory you wish to highlight and work your other accessories around it.

. Wearing eye-catching colored clothes may be too overwhelming if paired with warm metals. Silver has a cooling effect and helps tone down an outfit.

. Jewellery is not exclusive to women. There are silver bracelets, cuff links, watches, and ear studs available for men looking to accessorize themselves. If you are hesitant about accessorising yourself, silver is a safe start as this is an understated color and will not overburden you.

Regardless of your preference, be sure to wear the jewellery and not let it wear you. Comfort should also be a factor while purchasing any jewellery. If you notice your silver turning yellowish, simply put it in a solution of lime with a dash of salt. Avoid soaking them though. To prevent jewellery tarnish, it is best to keep them in a box, away from continual air exposure.

Red Tape Shoes Provide Style, Comfort and Finesse

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casual shoes
casual shoes

Gone are the days when shoes were just used to protect one’s feet. With changing lifestyle and trends, they are much more than just protective gear. A right pair of shoes can take you places and it says a lot about your personality. With a right pair, you can enhance your look and appearance. However, while buying a pair of shoes you need to look into aspects like size, comfort and style. It is best to buy a pair that blends all these aspects and Red Tape is one such brand.

formal shoes
Formal Shoes

Red Tape, UK based fashion brand is known for its unparalleled comfort, style and finesse. It is also known for its unmatched quality, skilled craftsmanship and trendy products. Red Tape is also one of the best leaders in the high-end fashion footwear industry. Its footwear is designed in house from its design studio located at UK and Italy. Apart from footwear, it also houses men’s clothing and accessories. Its clothing range offers casual wear which includes shirts, jackets, denims, tees, trousers/shorts, sweaters and accessories like belts, socks and wallets.

Although it was founded in the year 1994, it entered India in 1996 and positioned itself as a lifestyle brand. In 2004, Salman Khan was voted as its brand ambassador for its footwear. Red Tape shoes have won several awards for their high-quality and designs. Its footwear is divided into three categories – fashion formals, casual and slippers/sandals.

Red Tape fashion formal shoes: In order to be well dressed, you need to find perfect shoes and Red Tape is an ideal brand that caters to your formal footwear needs. Red Tape fashion formal shoes are known for their style and elan. Its shoes come with a sparkle that helps you stand out in the crowd. The fashion formal shoes include slip on shoes, lace up shoes and boots. They are priced between Rs. 1,500 and Rs. 4,000 approximately.

Red Tape casual shoes: For a casual shoes outing, movie or for a date night Red Tape casual shoes are apt. They go perfectly with jeans and solve all your casual footwear needs. Red Tape designs and manufactures a variety of casual footwear, from the latest to the hottest styles. The casual shoes include boots, corporate casuals, loafers, boat shoes and sneakers. They are priced between Rs. 1,000 and Rs. 4,000 approximately.

You can buy Red Tape shoes online or from premium lifestyle stores depending on your convenience. Shopping online is easy, safe and convenient; you can sit in the comfort of your home and choose from various models. However, if you are unsure about buying shoes online, you can refer to the size chart that is available in most shopping portals for a safe buy.