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Kurtas and Kurtis – For your Ethnic Elegance

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Today, westernisation has taken over every other aspect of our culture and upbringing, be it cuisine, dance, music, attire, language and so on. When it comes to attire, kurtas & kurtis take the prize because of their refreshing appeal. Their traditional yet modern look comes as a waft of fresh air quite opposed to the everyday western outfits.

These loose-fitted clothing can keep you at ease for long hours without making you feel comfortable. While buying one, it is important that you keep in mind certain points for a smart buying decision. These include size, body type, occasion, style, material, brand and colour. As kurtas are loose, it does not mean that you have the liberty to buy a bigger size and just put it on. Its ethnicity and grace can definitely make you the cynosure of all eyes.

Women have to be very choosy when it comes to buying the perfect kurti. If you have an apple-shaped body, you can go for a short one which will highlight your leggy frame. A V-neck kurti with a matching stole and earring can create an admirable look. Dark and unique colours will do a good job at hiding your heavy torso, thus giving you the illusion of a curvy structure. Pear-shaped women look the best in a-line kurtis which conceal your heavy lower body. You can experiment with necklines and unleash your inner fashionista by complementing your kurti with dark coloured bottoms. Choose a light or a bright coloured kurti for the best look. If your body is in the shape of an inverted triangle, a simple strap-patterned kurti with a printed bottom can make you the talk of the town. For rectangle body types, a frock style kurty paired with skinny jeans or a gorgeous anarkali with tight-fitting leggings can work wonders for you. kurtis with flare work complement this kind of body type the best. If you are blessed with an hour-glass figure with perfectly defined curves, you are one of the lucky one. Any kurti which fits you perfectly without being too tight or too loose, can highlight your curves. You can choose one and pair it with straight fit jeans for a casual yet stylish look.

Men with kurtas are definitely a rare sight these days. However, if they get it right, nothing can beat the demeanour they carry themselves with. Today, short kurtas among them have gained popularity and are being modified with every season. However, knee-length kurtas still take the prize with their traditional and classic look. You can go for a kurta material which feels comfortable on your skin. Some of the materials are chiffon, rayon, cotton blend, silk blend and khadi. The beauty of a kurta lies in the tie methods. You can go for tasselled tie, loops or just buttons. Choose one according to the occasion. If you want something for a formal event, choose one with intricate and unique embroidery to stand out in the crowd. For a casual use, a simple well-fitted kurta paired with jeans or a pyjama can definitely keep you at ease.

You can now buy kurtas and kurtis online from various shopping portals, thanks to the major boost in e-commerce. You can choose from brands like Biba, Soch, Ishin, Shree, Veda, Aapno Rajasthan and Monte Carlo. Buy one or more and add to the graceful ethnicity.


Sarees – Define Your Sensuality Your Way

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Elegance, grace and beauty – a saree adds these enchanting words to a woman’s personality each time she drapes it. The beauty of this garment lies in the fact that it suits every woman; adds so much charm to her appearance that she is automatically looked at with respect and admiration when she wears it.

Sarees are looked at with wonder by the rest of the world because they are made out of a single piece of cloth of about five to nine yards. They are one of the oldest symbols of Indian ethnicity. They are known to have existed even centuries ago – during the Mesopotamian civilisation and later during the Vedic period. The Ramayana and Mahabharata also speak of women wearing sarees. What’s astonishing is that sarees still haven’t lost their appeal among Indian women. They have just been reinvented to suit modern styles and choices.

Infact, the pizazz of sarees has enchanted women abroad too. Several Hollywood actresses have flaunted sarees on the red carpet at award ceremonies – Jessica Alba, Victoria Beckham, Naomi Campbell, Cameron Diaz, Elizabeth Hurley and so on. Even Bollywood divas have been seen showcasing Indian ethnicity abroad by wearing sarees on international film festivals and award ceremonies.

Wear chiffon sarees and look like a diva at a party or wear silk ones with heavy embellishments on a festive occasion or a wedding. They will make you look glamorous and sensuous instantly. What’s more, you can wear them anywhere, on any occasion. No matter what your body type is, you can carry them off easily. Every region in India has got its own traditional way of draping these garments. Drape them in different ways based on the look you want to flaunt.

One important aspect which determines which sarees look good on you and whether they suit the occasion, your body type or even the climate of the place is: the material of the saree. You have to be very careful while making a choice here since each material gives a different look entirely. Depending on the material, sarees can either spruce up your panache or make you look like a fashion disaster. So, make a wise choice. They are available in materials like chiffon, brocade, chanderi, cotton, crepe, georgette, linen and so on.

Buy sarees online for the best shopping experience. You can easily take your pick from the large collection with the help of filters which simplify the selection procedure for you. Place your order in a few simple steps to have it delivered to your doorstep. Online stores give you multiple payment options like cash on delivery, credit/debit card or internet banking. Most of them allow you to have the product replaced in case you are not satisfied with it.

T-shirts – So Comfortable, So Effortlessly Stylish

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They say everything in life comes with a price. But style does not need to have a price. All you need to know is what suits your face and your personality. You don’t need a stylist to tell you what looks great on you. Be your own judge. Whatever makes you feel good about yourself makes you feel confident. Confidence makes you stylish automatically.

You could look stylish and sophisticated in just a simple t-shirt. All you have to do is, slip it over your head and slide it down your torso – so comfortable, so stylish and so affordable. The best aspect of this garment is that you can wear it on any occasion whether you are a man or a woman. And you can wear it whatever you want, be it a formal occasion or a casual one.

The versatility of t shirts is its most appealing aspect. You can choose from those having cartoon character prints to those having flowers or other patterns printed on them. T-shirts can also be printed with different quotes which reflect your mood. Choose from the ones which have meaningful lines printed which support noble causes like saving trees or animals. You can also buy ones which support organisations that fight for these noble causes. T-shirts come in so many vibrant colours like yellow, orange, pink, purple, red and many more so that you can flaunt your personality perfectly.

Some people choose to wear t-shirts on casual occasions; some people wear them for parties by teaming them up with a chic jacket, some others like to wear them as nightwear because they are comfortable. They are also perfect to be worn on the beach or while playing sports.

Style Guide for T-shirts

For Women

Ladies can team a t-shirt with so many different garments. The ladies who want to be conventional can wear it with a pair of jeans or capris. Unconventional, bold women can team them up with a pair of shorts. Going by the trend, t-shirts can also be paired with a pair of printed leggings or jeggings. Women who want to break all the rules in the style book can also pair them with pair of patialas. Other options could be teaming them up with dhotis or harem pants.

For Men

Men can also wear t-shirts with jeans. Shorts and three-fourth pants are great options for nightwear and lounging on the beach. A cool t-shirt and a well-fitting pair of jeans make a style statement like nothing else. For formal occasions, men should wear a jacket over it and polo t shirts also give a formal look.

Although you can buy t-shirts from anywhere, buy them online for the best shopping experience. Online stores give you so many options to choose from that you will be spoilt for choice. What’s more, you can sit in the comfort of your home and place your order. The product will be delivered to your doorstep in a short period of time.

Winter Clothes – Keep yourself Warm and Stylish this Winter

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“Fashions fade, style is eternal.” as rightly pointed out by the famous French designer, Yves Saint Laurent, he echoes the sentiments of millions of people. Style is immortalised by fashionistas and imbibed by many. With every season, comes new trends, but the innateness of style stays till eternity. The onset of winter is the harbinger of warm and cosy clothes to cover yourself up from head to toe. As opposed to the earlier concept of covering up yourself with layers of clothes, today, winter styling has gained immense popularity. Winter clothing is no more just tiers of clothes to save yourself from the cold wave. It is about how you carry yourself and retain your style quotient even with those layers on.

Looking hot in winters may seem like an oxymoron, but is very much possible. It might be frustrating as you cannot step out in your tee or spaghetti top and get done with your styling. Looking stylish even whenthe temperature is in the negative degrees outside can be everyone’s cup of tea with a little bit of effort. You can go for various types of clothes like sweatshirts, jackets, overcoats, mufflers, shawls, cardigans, pullovers, thermals, blazers, gloves, windcheaters and sweaters.

For a perfect, snuggly winter look, a smart and confident corporate woman can carry off a stylish coat, complete with a scarf and a pair of sexy stilettos. If you want to look your casual best in college, a sweatshirt or a bold pullover can totally make your peers jealous. Winter does not mean that you cannot wear your sexy little black dress for parties. You can always pair it with classy stockings and a pair of stylish boots and you are good to go. If you want to carry off a skirt in the cold, a pair of tight jeggings or stockings can keep you warm and stylish.

Today, men also have many options when it comes to clothes. A classy cardigan can work wonders on them as opposed to the age-old idea that cardigans are made for grandmothers. Whether it is a corporate event or a dinner with friends, cardigans have truly become a popular choice. For a formal occasion, a well-fitted blazer with a matching shirt can definitely make you an eye-pleaser. If you are a college-going student, smart pullovers in bright and bold colours can make your styling pretty effortless. If you are in a colder region, accessorising your outfit with a matching muffler is bound to make heads turn.

Today, with the boost in e-commerce, you can easily buy winter clothes  online from the comfort of your home. You can choose from brands like Puma, Duke, Pepe, United Colors of Benetton, Forever 21, Jack & Jones, Monte Carlo, Adidas, Vero Moda, Again, Campus Sutra, Kappa, Fame Forever, Bedazzle, Wills Lifestyle, Max, London Bridge, Lotto, Little India and Kenneth Cole Reaction. You can buy one or more and add to your winter wardrobe with pride.

Here is the Time to Buy a Jacket That You Always Wanted

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It’s December! The month of hope, love and celebration, and of course the time to buy an awesome jacket. Stay warm and cozy, while not compromising on the elements of style with a trendy overcoat. There is no perfect time to wear a jacket. Any day, any season and any occasion is the perfect time to wear one. However, most people limit it to the Christmas season. Go! Make a bold statement without any inhibitions by sporting a trendy coat.

Brunch Time – Beat the morning laziness and get dressed for brunch in style. Add some color to your Sunday brunch by sporting a bright colored leather jackets with your favourite floral or lace dress.
Cocktails – Not sure what to wear for a cocktail party? Tired of dressing up monotonously? Then, it’s time to experiment with your style. Wear a well-fitted dress or a skirt and team it with an oversized coat. Drape it over your shoulders and it will keep you looking cool and feeling warm.
Date Night – Send subliminal messages to your man on every date you go by wearing a trendy leather overcoat. Show that you are confident and cool by wearing a jacket that you are comfortable in. Make sure the jacket complements your body.
Formal – Most people are afraid to wear a jacket with formal wear, especially while attending a conference or an important meeting. Come out of those inhibitions and try the new style by sporting one with your boring formal wear. However, it is best suggested to wear a jacket in the same color as that of the dress. For regular office wear, wearing a jacket can be a little tricky, depending on the place you work. Always be on the safer side and choose a well-fitted style. Pair it with a sophisticated white button-down shirt and a well-fitted pencil skirt.
Girls’ Night Out – There is something special about a girls’ night out from girly talks to gossips to food. Make your girls’ night out extra special by sporting your coolest leather jackets with your sundress and don’t forget to wear your favourite lipstick.

Buy jackets online from some of the popular brands like Vero Moda, Lee, Justanned, Quirk Box, Aditi Wasan, Alibi, AND, Asst, Avirate, Campus Sutra, Colors Couture, Duke, Fashley London, Fbbic, Forever Fashion, GAS, Glam & Luxe, Jealous 21, Street 9 and Trend Arrest. While buying one, make sure you follow the size chart to get the perfect size. Shopping online is easy, safe and convenient. You can sit in the comfort of your home and choose from various brands. In addition, you can get your product delivered directly to your doorstep.

Wear Your Elegant Yet Sparkly Gold & Diamond Ring on Any Occasion

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You might visit to any part of the world and still come across countless traditions who consider wearing gold or diamond rings as sacred. In western culture, these are a symbol of love and commitment offered as a token during engagements. Both bride and groom exchange vows and wedding bands that are mostly gold rings with diamond studdings or a diamond as the center piece with a plain gold band. In Asian countries, it is also considered as a symbol of beauty along with commitment. People like to wear gold rings, engaged or not.

It is not a hidden secret how expensive these metal and stones are. So, people don’t take buying gold or diamond as a casual affair. It needs a lot of deliberation, but without having a clear idea about what you are looking for, it’s very easy to end up buying a wrong jewellery. So here are few instructions to point you towards the right direction.

Whether you are a guy buying a ring for your girl or a girl buying a finger band for the first time, by keeping the following things in mind, you can be the ace of the job too.

Selecting a gold or a diamond ring might be a tedious job, but it simply won’t do to ditch the process altogether and buy the first ring you see. It is important to choose one by keeping the person you are buying for in mind. Ask yourself the questions like does it suit his/ her personality, will it go well with all attires.
Don’t just buy the biggest looking stone and expect it to look good on the person. The cut of a diamond actually shows the quality and brilliance involved in making it. So, look for the diamonds that has either a classic cut like round and oval or more advanced ones like pear shaped, square, marquise, heart, dew drop and others. Remember that a smaller sized diamond with a good clarity and rare colour might be more expensive than a bigger stone that doesn’t have an ideal cut or clarity.
There is no harm in taking help from friends and family if you are unsure about the design. If the person you are buying for refrains from the traditional styles then look for the more conventional styled gold rings.
Always check for the grading and certification of the jewellery before purchasing. The grading guarantees the originality of the product. While buying gold jewelleries, you should look for BIS certification. But for diamonds, GIA and IGI are the worlds best grading labs that provides certification.
You might also try to keep the designs simple as that will help the wearer use it regularly. If you are finding it hard to choose then get inspiration from Angelina Jolie, who was recently spotted wearing her simple yet elegant looking gold wedding band.
Consider buying the jewellery online. You can straight away avoid the stress of hopping from one shop to another in search of the perfect ring. Moreover, there is also a 20-30% difference in prices in the gold or diamond sold by the local shop and the ones available online.

The best approach of buying diamond or gold rings is to start your search after keeping your cash on the table. Once the budget is clear you might easily narrow down your choices. Keep all the above pointers in mind while buying your diamond or gold rings and flaunt it with style on any and every occasion.

Show off your Glam and Glitter by Sporting the Right Gold Jewellery

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There is a special bond women share with jewellery and in specific gold jewellery. The shimmery metal is known for melting thousands of girls’ hearts, be it through bangles, earrings, nose studs, necklaces, rings, pendants and so on.

Most people assume that gold jewellery is limited to traditional outfits. However, this is not true. With changing fashion trends and lifestyles, you can carry off your gold jewellery with any outfit, be it casual, traditional or modern. With the right gold accessories, you can sport any look with confidence.

There is no particular season for weddings. They keep happening every now and then. When your friends or cousins are getting married, all you have to do is dress up and enjoy the occasion. Dressing up for weddings is fun. Wear a bright red sari with a shimmery gold blouse and team it with the right jewellery like intricately designed gold bangles, beautifully designed chandeliers with pearls and a gold necklace and you will surely be the center of attraction at the wedding. For the reception, choose a pleasant pastel shade half saree and team it with jewellery like a nice big ring, drop earrings and a beautiful pair of bangles. For an evening party wear a black dress with minimal gold fashion jewellery. A simple bracelet and a chain would give you the much-needed sophisticated look. For regular office wear, choose a simple pair of earrings.

However, while buying gold jewellery  you need to look into certain aspects like:

Purity: Most gold ornaments have markings inside that indicate their caratage. The caratage indicates gold’s purity. However, pure gold is often mixed with metals like silver, copper, nickel and zinc to provide strength and durability to the pure gold which is otherwise too soft to use in jewellery. 18 K, 22 K and 24 K are the most common Carat options available. The purity of gold depends on this number, the higher the number, higher is the purity of the metal.

Colour: Yellow gold, while gold and rose gold are the popular colour that this precious metal comes in. While buying gold, make sure you choose the color that best complements with your skin tone. However, yellow gold is one of the most preferred colour.

Price: The purity of the metal, the alloy it is mixed with, the amount of skill and labour that goes into the making of the jewel determines the price of the gold jewellery. However, sometime the price varies, higher the skill and labour, higher is the making charges and so on.

Gold, it is one of the most precious and loved metals in the world and especially in India. For most Indians, gold is synonymous with purity, prosperity and opulence. However, with soaring gold prices, it becomes difficult for the common man to buy this precious metal. As an alternative, you can buy imitation gold jewellery which is comparatively lesser in terms of price.

Buy gold jewellery online from trusted and popular e-commerce stores. Shopping online is easy, safe and convenient. You can sit in the comfort of your home and choose from various brands and designs.