Sony Mobiles – Taking Technology to Greater Heights

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When it comes to technology you can trust the Japanese to constantly push the limits. Sony mobiles are testament to this statement. The brand is always on the move, always looking for fresh innovation. It already has quite an impressive list of top-selling mobiles to its credit. The latest innovative smartphone that it has claim to is the Sony Xperia XZ. This Android smartphone embodies the essence of what today’s generation smartphone users want from their device. The Sony Xperia XZ comes with IP68 rating which makes it water and dust-resistant. It also boasts a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chipset and an impressive 23 MP 4K camera which comes with object tracking settings.Then there are the classic models of Sony Xperia phones. These Sony mobilessony-xperia-x-dual-sim-na-original-imaejj39jtt4wnce caught the attention of smartphone users because of their sleek and sophisticated design, but what kept people coming back were things like their usability and functionality. Let’s explore a couple of the best-selling Sony mobiles till date:


Sony Xperia Z5 Premium



With a wide 13.97 cm (5.5) screen, it’s obvious why people love this Sony mobile phone. To make sure every picture you look at and every content you watch on it are up to scale, this phone comes with the 4K technology which upscales content to amazing 4K quality. The best part? Your Sony Xperia will keep you company for hours on end. Its long-lasting 3430 mAh battery charges quicker than regular smartphones so you get about an hour’s worth usage with just ten minutes of charging.


You can also forget dealing with passwords or tricky pattern unlocking systems. The Sony Xperia Z5 Premium comes with the fingerprint sensor which lets you unlock your phone with a single movement. Once unlocked, you can browse the internet, play games, share videos, chat with friends who are online, or get work done on your phone – this Sony mobile’s upgraded Android OS facilitates better multi-tasking and longer battery life so you never miss out on anything.


Sony Xperia XA Ultra Dual


The first thing that strikes you about this Sony mobile is its borderless design. This Sony Xperia smartphone features virtually non-existent bezels and is incredibly sleek. Its entire body has a single color. If you want to amp up the game, you can change its wallpaper to match its body color.



The Sony Xperia  XA Ultra comes with the mini-screen mode which lets you switch from one app to another with ease. It lets you minimize the screen’s size with a single swipe so you can effortlessly switch between screens. This Sony mobile is good news for many people, but music lovers have one more reason to love it. The phone’s Loud and Clear technology makes sounds more audible and truer than their original quality so you can soak in every detail of your favorite tracks.



Other models of popular Sony mobiles you can check out are Sony Xperia X, Sony Xperia XA, Sony Xperia M5 Dual SIM. To get them at the best prices, buy Sony mobiles online.


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