How to take care of your imitation jewellery

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Precious jewellery is gorgeous and expensive, not to mention risky to carry or travel with. Real jewellery has its own special place in the world of accessories, with instantly recognizable value and worth. Having said that, real jewellery is fast being replaced by costume jewellery or ‘funky trinkets’. From teens to homemakers, imitation jewellery has worked its charm on one and all. Imitation jewellery is available in all forms such as rings, necklaces, earrings and anklets. There is an ornament for every occasion, in all sizes, and colors.

Costume jewellery is funky and stylish at once. You can have a cocktail ring in all colors, stones and styles. While attending a destination wedding, imitation jewellery comes in handy. You can carry jewellery sets, rings, earrings, anklets, arm bands and much more without having to worry about theft during transit.
Artificial jewellery or costume jewellery is now in great demand, and hence may cost a little more owing to the exquisite craftsmanship. You ought to pick up the right pieces for the right price.

Once you have acquired the right piece of ornament for an occasion, you must take care of it, in order to ensure longevity. The basics which you must keep in mind are simple and easy to practice. To begin with, avoid contact of jewellery with organic chemicals such as spirits, water and sprays. Do not store costume jewellery in velvet boxes. Keep them in air-tight containers. After each use, you must wipe the pieces with a soft cotton cloth.Apart from these basics, there are a number of other factors, which you should keep in mind. If you are using the ornament for everyday wear, you must remember that wear and tear is caused by exposure to pollution. Air pollution can cause the gemstones to blur and consequently dull their brilliant shine. This contamination can harm the gold and silver plating of the ornaments.

Most companies provide special cases or containers to protect the ornament and ensure durability. You must place the pieces of jewellery in these respective cases, to avoid damage. Avoid exposure with abrasive surfaces. Stones such as emerald, amethyst, pearl and peridot are very sensitive to abrasion and scratches. Avoid exposing them to extreme temperatures, perfumes, cosmetics and household chemicals.You can buy imitation jewellery online through the numerous e-commerce websites, which make the purchasing activity a very smooth process. You can buy them and make the payment online. You can also choose to pay later when the piece of jewellery arrives at your doorstep. Once you have set your mind upon a certain ornament, it is literally only a few clicks away from you. If you wish to present the same to a loved one, you can simply pay online using your credit card and ask for the delivery at their address. Indulge in the divine experience of online shopping and keep everyone happy!


How to Select the Perfect Rock Engagement rings

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Bands that bind you for a life, must be special and beautiful. engagement rings hold a special place in your heart. You ought to ensure that they hold the same worth in your partner’s life too. To get the perfect wedding ring, you must know what your woman or man wants. Once his or her respective preference is in place, you have you start looking for a place that makes them in the finest way. For instance, do not visit a jeweller for a special solitaire ring. You should go to the a diamond ring expert for that, because only her can give you a wide range and variety, along with the right clarity for the correct amount.

Your wedding ring will be the reminder of the love with which you got married to your partner, it will reflect upon the companionship that you have shared over the past few months or even years. Most couples end up buying readymade rings which are not made to order. You should have a custom made ring for your fiancee because she is special and unique, and so should be her wedding band.

When you are to buy a ring for your fiancee, you must be familiar with the jewelry jargon. Here are a few helpful terms which will help you get by with jewelers, who are always smarter than most of us.

The Band: The band is not just a synonym for “ring” but the circular part which sits on the finger. It is usually gold, silver or platinum. It can be made from other alloys too, however, the more pure the metal, the better it is.

The Setting: The setting is the piece which keeps the gemstone intact and in place. The setting may or may not be invisible. The higher the number of prongs in a setting, the safer the setting is for the stone.

The stone: A gemstone is the life of the ring. The crux and worth of a ring lies in the quality and clarity of the ring. It also referred to as the “rock”. Solitaires are a woman’s best friend. You can please any woman with a square-shaped diamond. However, before making the final decision, you must know your girlfriend’s preference. She may want a wedding band with tiny diamonds set in a flower shape.

You can buy gorgeous wedding rings at stores. But thanks to e-commerce technology, you can now order for limited edition rings online through e-commerce websites. You can pay online with your credit card or pay in cash when the piece of jewelry is dropped at your doorstep. Once you are sure about the design and pattern, you must be able to find the piece online.