Chosen to Rule the Roost Vans

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Spirited and passionate about what it does, Vans has created a name for itself in the fashion world. Started by Paul Van Doren, James Van Doren, Gordon Lee and Serge D’Elia, the first Vans store was opened in 1966. The brand, thanks to the exceptionality of its make, sold 12 shoes on the first day and the customers came back – the loyalty was sealed. The 1970’s saw skateboarders everywhere wearing Vans shoes for their pursuits in the game. The sticky sole of the shoes were the main selling point for these shoes. A rugged crafting helped the consumers make a buying decision with ease. Within a decade of its launch, the brand had already created for itself a substantial consumer base.

With the launch of slip-ons in the 1980’s, Vans saw a huge rise in its sales – the shoes were perfect for the busy youth who had no time for lace-ups. The unique designing of these shoes also meant that the wearers were always at the top when it comes to fashion. With skateboarding still being its main sport, Vans spread its wings to encompass motocross, surfing and other sports. The brand by then had become so popular that there were counterfeiters making shoes, reducing the market for the originals. The brand sourced them out and had them shut down their manufacturing. Recognized as one of ‘America’s Best Small Companies’, Vans retains a wide consumer base and gives to them a part of itself with each shoe it makes.vans shoes

The most interesting aspect of the brand though, is it’s website into which its customers can log onto and design their own pair of shoes. If you want a particular design, a specific pattern and certain colours on your shoes, you can go ahead and ask Vans to put them together for you – you will be amazed by the results. The superior materials used in the crafting of Vans shoes and the master craftsmen housed by the brand will make way for such comfort that you will be blown away.

The American brand is now available in all parts of the world, even the remotest towns and it’s all thanks to online shopping sites. When you want to buy Vans shoes online, all you have to do is look for the most trustworthy site and begin browsing. You will even get many more options than you would have if you were shopping physically at a store or at a mall. The reliability of the website comes into picture when you have to make payments for your choice of Vans shoes. Many Online Shopping sites today offer Cash on Delivery and other payment modes to allow you to pay according to your convenience. Once you have selected your pair of Vans shoes and placed your order, all you have to do is sit back and relax – as the shoes make their way to you through home delivery – a speciality of online shopping sites. A pair of Vans shoes, now even better!


Shooting for Excellence Puma Shoes

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Puma, a brand that has been in the market for over a century now, has established itself as a one stop solution to all your sports needs. Designing footwear with a passion that surpasses any, the brand ensures that its footwear boasts of the finest quality and excellent designs. Advanced technology and an innate understanding of the sports person’s needs give Puma an advantage when it comes to the making of quality footwear. It comes as no surprise then that puma is one of the most sought-after brands in the sports world. The brand’s foray into casual footwear was received with as much furore as Puma found the perfect balance between sporty and casual, giving the fashion conscious wear the confidence to go after anything.puma shoes

Asserting Puma’s strong presence in the sports world, the list of top ten Puma footwear is dominated by sports shoes. First on the list is a pair of Puma Iridium II Full Spike Mid Cricket Shoes. With its spiked sole and exceptional crafting, these shoes leave behind an impressive line of admirers. A cushioned ankle that these shoes have been incorporated allows for lasting comfort, thus making your game better. Bringing casual into the picture and coming in second is a pair of Puma Esito II Sneakers. This pair, with its contrasting black and white designing, brings to the wearer a cool, casual look. The cushioned footbed and ankle are what revive his feet.

Coming in third on the list are Puma shoes – evidently, the game of Golf is as attractive as any. The shoes, with their textured sole make for some excellent grip as you move across the lawn, owning the game. Reinstating the effect of boldness is a pair of Puma High Ankle Sneakers that comes in at the fourth position. These sneakers, with their high ankles and offers of lasting comfort are perfect for the confident young man. Crafted from leather and designed for a sophisticated look, the Puma Venym Lo Sneakers that comes in fifth makes for some effortless style. The comfort these sneakers provide the wearer’s feet with, thanks to a padded footbed, makes them all the more attractive.

Sporty is back with the sixth position being taken by Puma Bogatie II Running Shoes. Made to give you a boost as you run, these shoes bring to you as much style as they do comfort. Incorporated with a padded footbed, these shoes ensure that there is a spring in your step throughout your running. Similar to these are the Puma Stocker Running Shoes that come in at the seventh. The eighth position is grabbed by a pair of Puma Amp Sport XW Golf Shoes that not only provide comfort with their padded footbed, but style with their designing and a firm grip with the seven pods on the sole. Taking the ninth and tenth positions are Puma Evo Speed Low SF NM Sneakers and Puma Pooler MINI Sneakers that stand out for their unique designing and lasting comfort.

Shooting for the Heights Top ten Adidas Shoes

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A brand that has paved for itself a path with hard work and dedication, Adidas is now one of the most widely recognized brands in the world. Having started over a century ago by Adolf Dassler, the brand mainly manufactured shoes for running and football. With the performance of the sportsmen who wore Adidas, the brand soon rose to popularity and within no time, athletes were thronging the Adidas store with demands of comfortable shoes. The brand has, even today, maintained the same standards in the making of each of its footwear and this is evident in the comfort its shoes offer. Now, present in almost every sport there is, Adidas is an icon when it comes to the makers of sports footwear.adidas shoes

Look for the most well-doing shoes from the brand, one finds that they are all sports-oriented. The list is ruled by shoes made for different sports, showing how much athletes trust in the capabilities of the brand. Topping the list is a pair of Adidas Lift Off 2013 Basketball Shoes that make for some effortless playing. These shoes ensure that you are at the top of your game by keeping your feet ensconced in a cocoon of comfort, thanks to a padded footbed. The designing of these shoes in navy and white adds to your personal style.

Attractively designed with grey, silver and yellow, the Adidas shoes come in second on the list, highlighting the importance of running. The extended sole and the padded footbed make these shoes a delight to step into and run with. The racquet sport tennis proves to be as popular as any other game with the Adidas Swerve Str 2 Tennis Shoes grabbing the third spot on the list. The black and white designing of these shoes makes them attractive to the wearer, but what sways their decision the most are the padded footbed and cushioned ankle.

Football shoes enter the list fourth with the Adidas Zeron Football Studs. With 14 studs and a padded footbed, these shoes are the exemplary of comfort and its effect on performance. Next on the list is a pair of Adidas 3 Series 2013 Basketball Shoes – their making has used Adidas’ Torsion System to give one the ability to perform at his best. The shoes, with their textured sole, ensure that the player is always sure footed. The fifth and sixth positions are taken by Adidas Vermont M Running Shoes and Adidas Impulse Syn M Running Shoes – their designing amounts to such comfort that the runner can push limits and achieve what was thought impossible.

Basketball makes its presence felt again at the eighth position with the Adidas Commander Td 3 Basketball Shoes – their Torsion system, textured sole and cushioned footbed being the most popular features. Ninth on the list is a pair of Adidas Zeron Football Studs. With 14 studs and a padded footbed, these shoes are nothing less than delightful. Taking the tenth position are Adidas Phantom Running Shoes – the comfort they offer is second to none.

Converse The Guiding Star for Fashion

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Having begun its journey as Converse Rubber Shoes Company, the brand now stands on a pedestal so high that its founder, Marquis Mills Converse could not have dreamed of. The brand came to life in 1908 when Basketball was just another game. Having discovered its opportunities in no time, Converse took a leap of faith and began making sneakers that were designed to make the game of Basketball better – more oriented towards performance while keeping in touch with the trending styles – a turning point in the history of converse shoes.converse

The situation bettered with the introduction of Chuck Taylor into the scenario. Having entered the Converse store with complaints of sore feet, the renowned player remained as a faithful user and then became an ambassador for the brand. A line of Converse Shoes – All Star – was begun for this legendary Basketball player and this line, to this day, remains one of the most favoured among the masses. Thus is the colourful history of a brand that one day would become the image of sneakers.

Converse, a brand synonymous with hipster has made its presence felt in almost every walk of life. Propagating change across the globe, Converse leads the way with its attractive range of footwear. From Basketball, the brand made its way into other sports, promoting comfort and making for better performance. Tennis has also had its fair share of Converse Shoes. Most interesting are the footwear lines, like the All Star, that have come and remained in the picture since their inception. Notable among them are Pro Leather, Star Player, the Weapon, Star Chevron, Jack Purcell, CONS and others.

Memorable for the brand is the time when people began wearing Converse sneakers for occasions that had nothing to do with sports – Converse had become a style icon without realizing it. Rappers began sporting All Stars, the college-going crowd found the latest styles on the shelves of Converse stores and a new era suddenly dawned for the brand. Bringing change into the world’s fashion scenes, Converse has, for a century, been a revolutionary. With tastes that never grow old and passion that never ceases to exist, the brand has a tale that is truly inspirational.

To buy Converse online shoes shopping is somewhat an extension of a boon. Considering the style the brand has to offer and the comfort that one takes for granted after prolonged use makes finding Converse Shoes online and having them delivered to the comfort of your home an attraction that is hard to resist. Keeping a few pointers in mind, online shopping can be one of the most enjoyable affairs and why wouldn’t it be, considering the traffic, dust and rains one encounters while stepping out of home? When you shop online for Converse Shoes, you get to make a choice from the many the site has to offer, pay for it according to your convenience and ask for a delivery to a place of your choosing – isn’t that an alluring package!

Raw Beauties Top Ten Woodland Shoes

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Woodland – a brand that pays tribute to the untamed outdoors with its passionate crafting of footwear. The brand’s beginnings and growth lie in the wild – it is admirable where Woodland has reached and how quickly it has gotten there. The designing of Woodland shoes takes one back to what has to be encountered on a venture into the wild. Having derived its inspiration from nature’s elements, Woodland aims at crafting shoes that help one make the best of what the nature has to offer.


Think Woodland and what comes to mind is a range of shoes that offer comfort even under intolerable conditions. Sturdy footwear that withstands wear and tear to such an extent that it surprises the wearer at frequent intervals sets Woodland apart from the rest of its competitors. The brand takes inspiration from the adventurer, constantly pushing its limits and taking on challenges that may seem impossible to conquer at first sight.

For those who live for those frequent trysts with the wild, Woodland has designed a range of shoes that make all the difference. The most common feature among all these shoes is their ability to keep the wearer comfortable through trying situations. Noticeable of Woodland shoes are the Woodland Outdoor Shoes – the comfort they bring to the adventure enthusiast with their padded footbed and cushioned ankles are rivaled by the rugged build these shoes boast of. With Each stitch on these shoes has been placed with care and with each rivet, grip and loop comes durability. It is no wonder then that these shoes are placed at the top of the list.

A more toned down look of these Outdoor Shoes has been given to the Woodland Outdoor Sneakers. These shoes are much less intimidating and much more suitable for those casual outings you have planned for the weekend. The designing of these shoes brings to the wearer as much comfort and durability, making them perfect for an evening out in town – stylish, yet uncompromising on comfort is the mantra Woodland follows with these shoes.

Among the top three features another model of the Woodland Outdoor Shoes, showing the modern man’s passion for the wild and the untamed. Bringing to the feet comfort is the padded footbed and the cushioned ankle while the inclusion of leather in its crafting speaks for the brand’s passion when it comes to comfortable footwear.


Different makes of the Woodland Outdoor Shoes and Woodland Outdoor Sneakers feature again among the top seven, further driving in the modern man’s passion for comfortable, stylish and rugged footwear for mens shoes. Making an entry at the eighth position is the Woodland Corporate Casuals. These shoes are amiable, simple and give off an impression of suave sophistication – but be warned! Behind the smooth exteriors is the sleek strength that Woodland is known for. These shoes, with their padded footbed and textured sole provide as much comfort as any. Grabbing the last two of ten positions are Woodland Boots – they seem to be flying off the shelves, all thanks to the power they add to one’s ensemble!

Converse With The Stars Top Ten Converse Shoes

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A history that is as rich as its range of footwear makes Converse a brand that is popular among the crowds. Having begun its journey crafting Tennis shoes, Converse quickly jumped into making shoes for Basketball, taking the game to an all new level of exciting. Chuck Taylor’s presence as the brand’s ambassador made everything better for Converse as it grew to exceptional proportions.


Footwear for every walk of life – that’s what Converse has to offer. With a passion that rivals any, the brand has brought into existence sneakers that speak for you. Be it your love for music, funk or rock, your obsession with goth or your ardor for sports, Converse has a pair of sneakers that is designed specifically for you and it takes pride in the comfort these shoes bring to your feet. It comes as no surprise then that Converse is one of the most favoured brands by people from all over the world.

For a game of basketball, an evening of skating or just a movie at the neighborhood mall, a pair of converse shoes is what you’re looking for. Among the ten most searched for sneakers feature shoes that boast Converse’s signature crafting of canvas. The top two Converse Canvas Shoes are crafted to suit the tastes of men, giving him a style that is authentic. The comfort they have to offer with their designing and the canvas make lends to these sneakers an appeal that is not lost on the fashionable young man. The pair of Converse Canvas Shoes even bears printed canvas to grab attention – and it succeeds exceptionally.

A simple pair of sober-coloured Converse Canvas Shoes comes next on the mens shoes list. These shoes bear no prints and make no noise – simplicity is the key and these shoes are all about understated elegance. Similar to the third-placed pair are Converse Sneakers that come next. With their simplistic designing this pair of footwear is perfect for one of those casual days out. The red inners adds a touch of playfulness to the wearer’s ensemble – it is no wonder that they are so high up on the list. Fifth on the list comes another pair of Converse Canvas Shoes. These shoes make such an impression with their green lace that one cannot overlook them.


For the modern, fashionable young woman, featuring among the top ten of the most favoured list are four attractive pairs of Converse Canvas Shoes and one pair of Converse Canvas Sneakers. Quirky prints, attractively coloured lace detailing and elusive designs make these shoes a hit among the ladies and set Converse apart from the other brands that are in the market. From the list, it can also be observed that high-ankles are making the rounds in the fashion scenario and this sets the stage for some attractive ensembles – cargo three-fourths, printed tees and wristbands – it appears as if the punk look is in this season and Converse has its foot set in the scene already. A century’s worth of experience does make a difference after all!

An Aura of charm and charisma Red tape

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Red tape, a brand known for their exhaustive collection of clothing and shoes. The brand does not stop with fashion for formal wardrobe but goes beyond and also has fashion for your feet. Red Tape shoes is known for the comfort it provides their customers. Established in 1996, Red tape is the flagship brand of Mirza International Limited. This fashion brand signaled the end of red tapism and became successful. In 1996, Red tape commenced into India with heavy advertisements using print and electronic medium. They took over the footwear industry with their exclusive collection. Targeting the young crowd, this brand was made for the fashion conscious crowd with no compromise. Salman Khan was given the opportunity to be the brand ambassador for men’s footwear, while Kangana Ranaut was for the women’s footwear. In 2006, Red tape ventured into the men’s apparel fashion wear and accessories market. This brand started extending and focused on North India. In 2013 they grew to a large extent and opened many stores.

red tape shoes
red tape formal shoes

Synonymous with lifestyle, this brand is known for its unmatchable quality. People loved the brand for its skilled craftsmanship and trendy products. This brand has become India’s most loved premium lifestyle brand. In the footwear industry, red tape gets a crown for its innovative designs. Footwear is designed in the UK and Italy, being crafted from the most finest material, so that comfort and style is all you need. Moving to the apparel industry, this brand unveiled men’s clothing and accessories. With the wide range of shirts, jackets, denims, tees, belts, wallets and accessories, Red tape does not limit their customers. Also, most products have been sold globally with the help of an extensive distribution channel. In terms of being updated with the latest fashion, this exclusive brand never falls back. The range of shoes, apparel and accessories are manufactured using international quality materials in order to produce a global product. The wide range of products is not so difficult for you to avail as it reaches soon and it also appeals the Urban crowd.

With online shopping for shoes online taken over, shopping has become easier than a tedious process. From the comfort at your home you can order a Red tape product. All you need to do is, log into an online shopping website and browse through the impressive collection of Red tape products. You can select the product based on your style and size. While the ordering process, you will need to provide details like the destination address, contact number and email address. You can choose to pay by Credit or Debit Cards and also through Net Banking if your preferred bank supports it. If you do not prefer online payment methods, you can choose the Cash or Card on delivery option and make the payment while taking delivery of your products. Online shopping is a convenient way to shop that lets you enjoy the freedom of shopping without any hassle. The financial transactions are safe and secure and you also have the option of replacements or refunds if you are not happy with the product.