Slip Into the Comfort Zone of Trendy Slippers

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Among all the types of footwear, slippers are perhaps the most simple ones. There is nothing complicated about them but that does not make them uninteresting. A majority of the people own at least a pair of slippers in their footwear collection. From being simple footwear meant to be worn within the confines of the house they have evolved to become footwear that can be worn outdoors too. Slippers now come in a variety of designs and colours making them more popular than ever.


They are available with various styles of straps, apart from the traditional V-shaped ones. The straps have been replaced by panels in some designs. These panels cover the middle or the front of the feet but somehow hold the lower part of the slippers comfortably with the feet. Slippers have come to be manufactured using different types of materials apart from the traditional ones that were manufactured from leather or rubber materials. There are slippers made from fabric and suede that give more choice to select from and to suit comfort levels of different individuals.

Nowadays, slippers come with attractive designs and prints on them to portray different styles and cultures. They display unique designs and have more detailing on them that have changed the way slippers look and are known to be. Today more people wear slippers – to the beach with shorts and loose shirts, as part of casual wear with jeans and trousers or with traditional wear especially leather slippers. For ladies, slippers come with more designing, detailing and accessorising to give the chic look. For ladies who love heels, there are also slippers with heels making them more stylish than ever.

There have been more developments in the comfort factor, where the soles and the straps now come with better padding. And the heels are also designed to be more comfortable and softer on the feet. Moving away from the tag of being affordable domestic footwear, slippers are also available in high-end designs and lines. People now consider slippers as part of their fashion wear. Manufactured by popular brands like Puma, Adidas, Reebok, Nike, Fila, Red Tape, Lotto and available in funky colours, slippers have captured the imagination of consumers when it comes to comfort in the footwear section.
Add some trendy slippers to your footwear collection and see them fulfil their purpose, when they come in handy at times when you run out of footwear variety to match your clothes.

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