Diamond Bangles – Elegance at Its Best

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Right from my childhood, being a girl has been difficult for me. Conforming to the norms of the society, portraying myself as a gentle, graceful woman has been challenging. But as I grew up, I realised that all those were just mental barriers that did not let me be myself. Now that I have broken my own shackles, I also realise that being a woman is so much fun. I get the privilege of dressing up in different ways according to my mood. I can portray myself as a hippie by wearing funky tunics and chunky accessories; when I feel like it, I can wear an elegant dress with a chic diamond necklace and diamond bangles to go with it. The clink of my bangles is music to my ears; I can adorn my hands with so many bangles at once.

Like most women, owning and wearing diamond jewellery has been my dream. When I wear diamonds, I feel elegant. Bangles have always been my favourite pieces of jewellery. Even as a little girl, I always wore so many of them together and shook my hands to create that magical sound. Now, diamond bangles fascinate me. When I wear them, the sparkle of diamonds doesn’t let me take my eyes off my wrists. I am thoroughly mesmerized by these stones.

When I am going to a wedding and I am wearing an elegant saree with a chic design and sequined embellishments, these accessories complete my overall look. Wearing them makes me feel sophisticated. You can wear them with a long, flowing dress too. Sarees are perfect for festive occasions while dresses are great for evening balls. Some of the people I know wear diamond bangles to work. They are usually considered too grand and are preferred to be worn only on festive occasions. But you should definitely consider wearing a single diamond bangle with your professional attire. It looks classy with a business suit or a formal shirt.

They are great accessories to have. No matter what the occasion, they add elan and sophistication to your ensemble. Buying them has been one of my best investments so far.

I usually prefer to buy clothes and accessories online. Diamond Bangles are also easily available online. There are so many different varieties and brands to choose from. Online stores have a user-friendly interface so I hardly take time to place my order. Most of these stores deliver the product to my doorstep within 4-5 days. The entire process is so easy and convenient. What’s more, I can pay for the product after I receive it. Online shopping is so much fun. You should try it too.


Silver Bangles – For Accessories that are Subtle yet Completely Mesmerising

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There is just something so elegant about silver jewellery. Though jewellery made of this metal may seem subdued, these are statement accessories in their own right. And what better way to flaunt silver jewellry than by donning silver bangles! Bangles have been worn by women in India for centuries. From being worn for traditional purposes, this humble accessory has now become synonymous with being statement accessories. Today, as reluctant as you might be, there is no denying the fact that fashion is now not exclusive to public figures and socialites. Fashion is in the streets. As oblivious as you may seem, every clothing, accessory, or product choice you make is you making a fashion choice. You can’t escape fashion, so you might as well just give into it.

The biggest advantage about silver bangles is that these look good on any one, regardless of skin tone, gender, and personal style preference. Silver bangles can be made of precious or semi-precious jewellery or just be made of imitation metals. Those made of imitation metals are ideally meant to be worn as fashion accessories. You can choose to keep it simple with a classic single silver bangle or go that extra mile and sport bracelet style bangles. Unlike gold, silver is more open to experimentation. Silver bangles with pearl, diamond, amethyst, coral, crystal, emerald, sapphire, and turquoise engraved on them are great way to dress up any outfit. Wear these to a fancy party or wear them on a casual day out – these will not look out of place.

Thin or medium sized Silver Bangles can be stacked on one or both arms for a girly, bohemian vibe. The same cannot be said for bracelet style bangles. These are usually thicker and stacking them can therefore overwhelm your outfit rather than accentuate it. Bangles with precious stones are also best off when worn as statement pieces. Even if you do decide to jazz up your statement bangle with other accessories, be sure you stick with complementary colors. But like with all metal tones, it is also best to avoid wearing silver earrings, necklaces, and bangles all at once, to avoid looking washed-out. If you must sport an all-silver look, pick a silver accessory that has some sort of complementary color stone engraved on it.

Silver bangles are a fashion craze worth trying. Silver arm bands are also a fun way of giving Silver jewellery a shot. Wear these with your formal wear, your casual wear, with your favourite dresses and skirts, or even with your home wear – just for that element of subtle sophistication. You can now get your hands on silver bangles and various other adornments with just the click of a button, through online shopping. Just be sure you do so from a trusted site.

Sometimes words are just not enough

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When you look at the ring on your finger, there are so many things that come to your mind. You remember that magical moment when you and your beloved exchanged rings when you got married and the moment when you went down on one knee and asked the love of your life to spend the rest of her life with you. That moment must have been so magical, something that you would have put away in the sweetest corner of your heart. Psychologically, as humans we always tend to associate our memories with objects. Your ring is symbolic of the sacred bond of eternal love that you and your partner share. In the years to come, it will always remind you how blessed you felt in that moment; the love your sweetheart had in her eyes when you popped the magical question. You will remember your racing heart beats until the moment you heard that magical word from her beautiful lips – yes!

If you are planning to buy her a ring again, ensure that you create another precious moment to add to your fleet of memories. Make sure that you pick the most beautiful ring embellished with a stone so wonderful that her heart jumps with joy when she looks at it. Choose a design that best reflects your lady’s personality – if she is a girlie girl, pick a ring that has small flower designs or patterns of her choice, if she is the unconventional type, you should buy a ring that is unique and capable of setting a trend of its own. If she is an extrovert and loves flaunting her style to the rest of the world, pick something bold and big so that she gets all the attention she likes and deserves.

Coming to the stones and metals, you have to understand one thing – the way rings look are determined a lot by the metal used in their construction and the stones which they are embellished with. The glint of diamonds is hard to miss while rubies, emeralds and sapphires belong to a league of their own. Set in platinum, they will dazzle you the moment you cast a look on them. Gold is eternal; you could use it to symbolise your eternal love or you could go with sterling silver and create an impression wherever you go.

If you are a lady and are looking for the perfect ring for your man, you can take your pick from simple or elegant designs in different cuts and stones. But ensure that the appeal it gives out is masculine and it defines your man’s personality perfectly. Men’s rings are available in silver, platinum, gold and more.

Buy jewellery online for the best shopping experience. You can sit in the comfort of your home and place your order. The product is delivered to your doorstep in a short span of time.

Be a Trendsetter of Fashionable Earrings

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Earrings are one of the popular styles of jewellery that most women are sure to have in their accessory collection. These are simpler forms of adornments that can add so much style, charm and elegance to your ensemble. They come in a variety of styles, shapes, materials and sizes to best complement your style. It is also important to opt for the ones that best suit your face structure and skin tone.

Be it professional, classy, delightful, silly or cute, earrings help you create your own desired effect with amazing styles. From studs to hoops, drops to dangles, jhumkas to chandeliers, these can enhance any ensemble from casual to formals.

Accentuate your cocktail wear and jeans with stylish studs. These are available in a variety of different styles and designs. Diamond studs are perfect for any casual outfit. Round studs are suitable for rectangular face shapes. Studs are usually attached to posts and are fastened with a screw or can be clipped on. Studs set with diamonds can be the perfect gift for almost any occasion.

Hoops come in platinum, gold or silver metals. Be it casual or formal, hoops go well with any outfit. They usually have a feminine touch and are often made from precious metals. For people with rectangular face structures, hoops are the best choice. When you are going for a party or just relaxing at home, they add a regal flair to your persona. Large hoops exude a young and trendy look, while the smaller ones make an elegant statement.

Drops are available in elegant designs and dangle below the earlobe. Accentuate your traditional Indian look with jhumkas. Their ethnic look is a perfect complement to your ethnic attire. Chandelier earrings have a combination of both drops and studs. For people with square or round facial structures, they are the best option. Cuff earrings come in large designs and wearing one can meet all your accessorizing needs. Since these are clip-on types, they will go well with any outfit and also do not require your ears to be pierced. A cluster earring comprises of gemstones or beads come together in a cluster.

Danglers go beyond the earlobe toward your shoulder. Perfect to be worn with an evening dress, they help elongate your facial structure. Clasps also play an important role in earrings. They come in fancy styles and provide secure closure and a comfortable fit. The different types include – posts and findings, butterfly findings, clips, hooks, lever backs, saddlebacks and such. Posts and findings come with metal nut holds.

Earrings are usually made from a variety of materials that include gold, silver, platinum, acrylic, alloy, aluminium, bone, brass, bronze, crystal, copper, enamel, fabric, glass, ivory, leather and many other materials. You can choose a metal that perfectly suits your style.

You can buy jewellery online from e-commerce websites. Shopping online is easy, safe and convenient. Choose from brands like WearYourShineBy PCJ, Zaveri Pearls, Voylla, 925 Silver, Mahi, Vendee Fashion, Rajwada Arts, KuberBox, The Pari, Estelle and many others.

Bangles – So Much More than Just a Basic Accessory

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From among the many choices women have today, bangles are accessories that are a favourite among many women. Unlike bracelets, bangles are rigid and do not allow much adjustment but the dressy, effortless style statement they lend to any outfit is enough for people to fall in love with them. Bangles made of precious jewellery are usually reserved for special occasions. Those looking for a fashion purchase can find solace in arm accessories made of semi-precious and imitation metals.

These accessories come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and with all sorts of stones and details engraved on them. Acrylic, alloy, aluminium, brass, bronze, ceramic, copper, silver, gold, ivory, crystal, fabric, leather, metal, rubber, silicone, shell, stainless steel, and wood are just a few examples of the many materials used to make this fashion adornment. Take a look at your options and experiment a little so you can settle on the the perfect arm-candy.

Bangles today are available in every possible color you can think of. Even the classic gold and silver ones have been influenced by the need to cater to the ever-changing needs of style-loving people. As a result, it is not uncommon to see silver and gold wristlets with colorful precious stones engraved on them. These accessories can be worn as a single adornment or be worn in stacks. Bangles made of wood, metal, and other such hard materials clink when worn in stacks. You can wear these arm accessories as statement pieces or simply wear them for the familiar, soothing clinking sound they make whenever you move your arms. Fabric, rubber, and leather wristlets are the products of the ever growing interest in fashion. An interesting take on the traditional style of bangles, these are purely fashion accessories. You can wear these in isolation or pair them with a statement gold or silver bangle – for a quirky, fun mix-and-match game.

Gemstones used in these arm accessories usually include pearl, diamond, ruby, sapphire, emerald, swarovski crystal, amethyst, beads, coral, crystal, moonstone, mother of pearl, and other such stones. These may be genuine or imitation ones. This humble accessory has now gained an iconic status and today, it is not uncommon to see street corners and stores flooded with salespeople attempting to cash in on its popularity. You also have the option of buying jewellery sets which usually come with a necklace, earrings, and a matching bangle. This will save you the need to go around looking for complementary jewellery for your bangles. Dress them up or wear them solely for the comfort they offer, either way you can never go wrong with these accessories. Shopping for these accessories now is also just a click away – with online shopping. Buy bangles online and you get to enjoy the perks of shopping for various styles of this arm candy, in many colors and styles – anytime, anywhere.

Wear Your Elegant Yet Sparkly Gold & Diamond Ring on Any Occasion

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You might visit to any part of the world and still come across countless traditions who consider wearing gold or diamond rings as sacred. In western culture, these are a symbol of love and commitment offered as a token during engagements. Both bride and groom exchange vows and wedding bands that are mostly gold rings with diamond studdings or a diamond as the center piece with a plain gold band. In Asian countries, it is also considered as a symbol of beauty along with commitment. People like to wear gold rings, engaged or not.

It is not a hidden secret how expensive these metal and stones are. So, people don’t take buying gold or diamond as a casual affair. It needs a lot of deliberation, but without having a clear idea about what you are looking for, it’s very easy to end up buying a wrong jewellery. So here are few instructions to point you towards the right direction.

Whether you are a guy buying a ring for your girl or a girl buying a finger band for the first time, by keeping the following things in mind, you can be the ace of the job too.

Selecting a gold or a diamond ring might be a tedious job, but it simply won’t do to ditch the process altogether and buy the first ring you see. It is important to choose one by keeping the person you are buying for in mind. Ask yourself the questions like does it suit his/ her personality, will it go well with all attires.
Don’t just buy the biggest looking stone and expect it to look good on the person. The cut of a diamond actually shows the quality and brilliance involved in making it. So, look for the diamonds that has either a classic cut like round and oval or more advanced ones like pear shaped, square, marquise, heart, dew drop and others. Remember that a smaller sized diamond with a good clarity and rare colour might be more expensive than a bigger stone that doesn’t have an ideal cut or clarity.
There is no harm in taking help from friends and family if you are unsure about the design. If the person you are buying for refrains from the traditional styles then look for the more conventional styled gold rings.
Always check for the grading and certification of the jewellery before purchasing. The grading guarantees the originality of the product. While buying gold jewelleries, you should look for BIS certification. But for diamonds, GIA and IGI are the worlds best grading labs that provides certification.
You might also try to keep the designs simple as that will help the wearer use it regularly. If you are finding it hard to choose then get inspiration from Angelina Jolie, who was recently spotted wearing her simple yet elegant looking gold wedding band.
Consider buying the jewellery online. You can straight away avoid the stress of hopping from one shop to another in search of the perfect ring. Moreover, there is also a 20-30% difference in prices in the gold or diamond sold by the local shop and the ones available online.

The best approach of buying diamond or gold rings is to start your search after keeping your cash on the table. Once the budget is clear you might easily narrow down your choices. Keep all the above pointers in mind while buying your diamond or gold rings and flaunt it with style on any and every occasion.

Show off your Glam and Glitter by Sporting the Right Gold Jewellery

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There is a special bond women share with jewellery and in specific gold jewellery. The shimmery metal is known for melting thousands of girls’ hearts, be it through bangles, earrings, nose studs, necklaces, rings, pendants and so on.

Most people assume that gold jewellery is limited to traditional outfits. However, this is not true. With changing fashion trends and lifestyles, you can carry off your gold jewellery with any outfit, be it casual, traditional or modern. With the right gold accessories, you can sport any look with confidence.

There is no particular season for weddings. They keep happening every now and then. When your friends or cousins are getting married, all you have to do is dress up and enjoy the occasion. Dressing up for weddings is fun. Wear a bright red sari with a shimmery gold blouse and team it with the right jewellery like intricately designed gold bangles, beautifully designed chandeliers with pearls and a gold necklace and you will surely be the center of attraction at the wedding. For the reception, choose a pleasant pastel shade half saree and team it with jewellery like a nice big ring, drop earrings and a beautiful pair of bangles. For an evening party wear a black dress with minimal gold fashion jewellery. A simple bracelet and a chain would give you the much-needed sophisticated look. For regular office wear, choose a simple pair of earrings.

However, while buying gold jewellery  you need to look into certain aspects like:

Purity: Most gold ornaments have markings inside that indicate their caratage. The caratage indicates gold’s purity. However, pure gold is often mixed with metals like silver, copper, nickel and zinc to provide strength and durability to the pure gold which is otherwise too soft to use in jewellery. 18 K, 22 K and 24 K are the most common Carat options available. The purity of gold depends on this number, the higher the number, higher is the purity of the metal.

Colour: Yellow gold, while gold and rose gold are the popular colour that this precious metal comes in. While buying gold, make sure you choose the color that best complements with your skin tone. However, yellow gold is one of the most preferred colour.

Price: The purity of the metal, the alloy it is mixed with, the amount of skill and labour that goes into the making of the jewel determines the price of the gold jewellery. However, sometime the price varies, higher the skill and labour, higher is the making charges and so on.

Gold, it is one of the most precious and loved metals in the world and especially in India. For most Indians, gold is synonymous with purity, prosperity and opulence. However, with soaring gold prices, it becomes difficult for the common man to buy this precious metal. As an alternative, you can buy imitation gold jewellery which is comparatively lesser in terms of price.

Buy gold jewellery online from trusted and popular e-commerce stores. Shopping online is easy, safe and convenient. You can sit in the comfort of your home and choose from various brands and designs.