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Apple iPad Tablets – Stepping Towards The Post-PC Era

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Apple has been revolutionising the technological world with innovations ever since its inception. It has been nothing short of a trendsetter in the PC, smartphone and software sections. Apple manages to come out with ground-breaking products or technologies every time people start thinking that it is becoming predictable. Built up by Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs, with their strong ambitions and hard-work, the company has grown to become one of the most trusted ones. From building the first true personal computer to making the most loved smartphones, Apple has always been a game-changer and now it has put its feet towards the post-PC era.

PCs have already made a great iapple ipad tabletmpact and gained an important place in every aspect of our lives. With the creation of laptops, computers started benefiting people more than ever. Laptops ushered in the trend of possessing smart devices that helped consumers compute on the move. Then, there came smartphones that changed the way we looked at technology. However, smartphones did not possess that much power or were not capable enough to completely take the place of PCs. So, the common focus among computer makers was to create a device that was more portable than laptops and also achieve what smartphones could not.

Apple capitalised on this necessity and came out with its iPad computer tablets when other companies were still dabbling with the same idea and producing devices that could not strike the right chord with consumers. Now the Apple iPad is a series of tablets that combines the best of Apple tablet like the iOS and the brilliant display that became popular with its iPhones. The first model of the iPad, which came with a 9.7 inch full-touch display and WiFi connectivity, was launched amidst widespread anticipation along with the optional 3G model in 2010. It was powered by Appleā€™s own A4 chip, and being run by the same OS that runs iPods and iPhones it was compatible with many apps. It could be used as a computer with a bluetooth keyboard or a keyboard dock and could easily sync with other Apple devices. It was designed with features that allowed users to browse the web, send emails, read, play games, listen to music, watch videos and movies, enjoy pictures and more.

Apple tablets has been continuously updating its iPad models and different versions of the iPad have been produced. Latest innovations and features were incorporated into these models to make them suitable for the times. The 2nd Generation of iPad included a rear camera for taking pictures and a front camera for video-calling. The iPad 2 came in a lighter and thinner body with faster processors. Apple made subsequent improvements on the iPad and came out with the iPad 3, the iPad 4, the 7.9 inch models – iPad mini and iPad mini 2, and the latest iPad Air. These Apple iPad models can be bought from online shopping sites, where customers can easily find them.