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Nexus 7 – A Pure Android Experience

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Nexus is a line of Google devices – smartphones and tablets that run on Android OS and give a clean performance without any hiccup. After successfully becoming the most popular search engine and developing its own range of apps, Google started venturing into the world of smart mobile gadgets with the Nexus One smartphone. Google ties up with various original equipment manufacturers to produce mobile devices that are smart and powerful. The Nexus devices are the first to get updates among all products that run on Android.

Manufactured by Asus and powered by Google, the Nexus 7is the first tablet in the Nexus line of mobile devices. The Nexus 7 is thin, light and fast making it the perfect combination of power and portability. The device can accompany you wherever you go as it easily fits into bags and back-pockets. The Nexus 7 comes with the sharpest display in its 7 inch screen that makes pictures and videos look clNexus 7 Tabletearer and livelier than ever. Its longer battery life means that you can do more and there is enough to keep you occupied even on long and monotonous journeys.

Nexus 7 tablet makes the Android experience more fun and inclusive for the whole family or for friends. The device comes with separate customizable space for different individuals with personal homescreens, apps, storage and more, so that you can share it with others. Access to apps and content can be managed so that members get to experience and see content that is appropriate for them. Apps and operations run faster as this device features the latest version of Android.

Asus has designed the Nexus 7 with a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro processor complemented by a 2GB RAM that makes the device function at an incredible speed. 3D graphics is smoother and gives seamless performance with a lot of games, apps and while playing HD videos.The sound system powered by Fraunhofer makes movies, videos and songs sound richer and clearer. With Google Play you can get more exciting games and apps, and interesting movies and eBooks that will keep you occupied. The Play Games app lets you keep track of your gaming achievements and discover new apps.

Dual cameras allow the device to capture beautiful images as well as engage in video-calling. The powerful and portable Nexus 7 comes in three versions – the 16GB and the 32GB come with WiFi connectivity only while the 32GB version comes with WiFi, LTE and HSPA+ features.

Buying the Nexus 7 tablets  is easy as the different versions are available on online shopping sites where shopping is much more convenient. Products bought online are delivered to the customers’ doorsteps and payments can be made in various modes like Cash on Delivery or online payment.