Oppo Mobiles: For Selfies That Receive More Likes

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If you’re someone who loves uploading new WhatsApp DPs and profile pictures on FB, one of the most important features that you would probably consider while buying a new mobile phone is the front camera. As a selfie lover, Oppo is one of the best brands of phones that you can have a look at. With high megapixel rates and a range of beautification features, Oppo phones are designed to impress every selfie lover. That being said, we shall now have a look at a few of the best Oppo phones that a selfie lover can buy online:

OPPO A57 (32 GB) (3 GB RAM)

Love taking unstoppable selfies? Then the Oppo A57 is the phone that should have a look at. The phone’s camera comes with a palm shutter function that lets you take selfies with stability. All you have to do is open your hand in front of the screen to capture a picture. With the bokeh effect, you can even blur the backgrounds of your photos to make them look creative.

This Oppo phone has a 13 MP rear camera with a light-sensitive Stacked CMOS sensor that lets you take beautiful photographs. A fast fingerprint reader, a 2900 mAh battery capacity and an expandable memory of 256 GB are a few other features that you can enjoy with this Oppo phone.

OPPO F1s (64 GB) (4 GB RAM)

A 16 MP camera, the Beautify 4.0 that reduces flaws, the Selfie Panorama feature for wide-angle selfies and a range of creative filters are what you will enjoy with the Oppo F1s. You can now look your best in every selfie, take wide-angle groupfies and experiment with your pictures to make photography fun.

The phone comes with a 13 MP rear camera with large pixels that give you pictures that are vivid and detailed. Designed with thread-thin metallic bands, the phone has a stylish look and feel.

OPPO F3 (64 GB) (4 GB RAM)

The Oppo F3 comes with a dual selfie camera, one for your selfies and one for your groupfies. By using the Beautify 4.0 feature, you can take stunning selfies with the 16 MP front camera of the phone.

The phone has a 13 MP rear camera with a ⅓-inch sensor that lets you take beautiful pictures at night. For gamers and multitaskers out there, the phone comes with 4 GB of RAM and an octa-core processor for an efficient performance. And with an expandable storage of 128 GB, you can store all your favourite songs and videos without worrying about space.

OPPO F3 Plus (64 GB) (4 GB RAM)

Like the Oppo F3, this is another Oppo phone with a dual selfie camera, letting you have fun with stunning selfies and groupfies. However, this Oppo F3 Plus comes with a 16 MP rear camera with the Sony IMX398 sensor, developed exclusively for Oppo, letting you take clear and bright pictures, even in low lighting conditions. With the dual phase detection autofocus feature, you can enjoy a faster focus while capturing precious moments.f3 plus

Operating on six frequency ranges, this Oppo phone also lets you enjoy an improved WiFi performance. With a 4000 mAh battery and power saving optimizations, the phone is also a good choice for outdoor lovers.

Budget Phones from Oppo

If you’re looking for a phone at a low price, Oppo also has a range of budget phones that you can consider buying. So, before we end, let’s have a look at one very popular budget phone from Oppo:

OPPO A37f (16 GB) (2 GB RAM)

With a tough metal build and the Gorilla Glass 4 protection, the Oppo A37f has a sturdy and stylish design. This phone has an IPS display of five inches, letting you enjoy watching movies and videos with an immersive viewing experience. With an 8 MP front camera and a 5 MP rear camera, you can take decent pictures and selfies. This Oppo phone has the Android 5.1 Lollipop that lets you enjoy a fairly smooth performance.

Oppo also has a range of other budget phones online that you can compare and read reviews of to choose the best phone for you. Whether it’s a budget phone or a high-end phone with an awesome selfie camera that you want, shopping for Oppo mobile phones online is sure to help you find the perfect phone for you.


Samsung Mobiles: For Reliability and Innovative Features

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Founded in 1969, Samsung is one of the most trusted brands around the world that doesn’t need any introduction. Whether you want to buy a phone or a speaker or any other electronic appliance, one of the first names that would probably come to your mind is Samsung. Samsung’s products are designed to enhance convenience and foster smarter lifestyles. Whether you’re a selfie lover, a movie buff or a gamer, shopping for Samsung mobile phones online is sure to help you find the perfect model for you. That being said, let’s now have a brief look at some of the most popular Samsung phones that you can consider:

The Samsung J Series

Super AMOLED screens, the Ultra Data Saving mode and stunning designs are some of the features that you’ll come across while shopping for Samsung phones from the J series. If you are a biker, the Samsung J3 Pro (16 GB) (2 GB RAM), Samsung Galaxy J5 – 6 (16 GB) (2 GB RAM) and the Samsung Galaxy J7 – 6 (16 GB) (2 GB RAM) are a few models that you can go for. What makes these phones so special is the S Bike mode that you can activate before you go on a long ride. Callers will now be informed that you are riding, so you can enjoy zooming on roads for long hours without any distraction.

If you want a 4G experience the Samsung Galaxy J5 (8 GB) (1.5 GB RAM) is a phone you can have a look at. This phone has an sAMOLED screen that lets you enjoy all your favourite movies and videos with a wide viewing experience.

On the other hand, if you love taking pictures, the Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime (32 GB) (3 GB RAM) is the phone from the Samsung J series that you can have a look at. The phone comes with a 13 MP camera with an F1.9 lens for crisp pictures with vivid details. For selfie lovers, the phone also has a front camera with a Wide Selfie function for better groupfies and selfies.

If you want an efficient performance, you can have a look at the Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime (32 GB) (3 GB RAM). This phone comes with an octa-core processor that makes it a good choice for gamers and those who need to multitask.

The Samsung Galaxy On Series

From the Samsung On Series, both the Samsung On 5 (8 GB) (1.5 GB RAM) and the Samsung On 7 (8 GB) (1.5 GB RAM) come with enhanced camera features that make taking pictures and selfies fun. You can freeze moments instantly with the Quick Launch feature, take superb group selfies with the Wide Selfie feature and use the Beauty Shot mode to look your best in each picture.

Movie buffs, on the other hand, can have a look at the Samsung Galaxy On8 (16 GB) (3 GB RAM). The phone comes with an sAMOLED full HD screen that lets you enjoy watching all your favourite movies and YouTube videos with an immersive viewing experience.

And if you are a gamer or a multitasker looking for a great performance, the Samsung Galaxy On Nxt (64 GB) (3 GB RAM) is the phone that you can consider. With an octa-core processor, this phone lets you enjoy an efficient performance.

The Samsung S Series

Both the Samsung S8 (16 GB) (3 GB RAM) and the Samsung S8 Plus (64 GB) (4 GB RAM) come with big screens and virtually no bezels to give you an immersive viewing experience. The Iris Scanning feature helps you unlock your phone in a quick and easy way. And finally, the water resistant feature makes these phones perfect to carry on trips and outings.


Samsung C9 Pro

The Samsung C9 Pro (64 GB) (6 GB RAM) comes with an awesome combination of 6 GB RAM and an octa-core processor. With an FHD sAMOLED display, you can enjoy all your favourite movies and videos with stunning quality. This Samsung phone comes with a 4000 mAh battery capacity, so you can use it for long hours.

While these are just a few of the many Samsung Galaxy phones available, you can go online to read reviews and compare the features of different models to buy the perfect phone that suits your needs. Whether it’s a good viewing experience, efficient performance or stunning pictures that you want, shopping for a mobile phone online is sure to help you find the perfect phone for you.

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus

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How is Samsung  S8 & S8 Plus different from its predecessors?

Whenever a new mobile phone is launched, followers and lovers of smartphones yearn to learn what is new about the phone. The upgrades and innovations are extremely exciting to learn and understand. Samsung is a tech giasamsung-galaxy-s8.jpegnt and is a world leader in smartphone manufacturing. Samsung forayed into the smartphone realm in 2011 and since then it has been giving a tight fight to the dominant players in the industry, including Apple’s iPhone. Every launch from Samsung is looked forward to as it always provides something that gives its counterparts a good fight.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus models were launched online on 19th April. This one is new and improved ways more than one. Starting from the very look and feel of the phone to its functioning, Samsung S8 and S8 Plus have taken technological excellence to a whole new level. Let’s do a run through through the upgrades in the Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8 Plus mobile phones:

The display screen of Samsung S8 and S8 Plus- Infinity Display screen

Have you ever experienced a smartphone screen that spills at the edges? Sounds unreal ? This very feature has been materialized with the S8 and S8 Plus models that now boast of a display screen without the bezel and spills at the edges. This means that the display screen will cover a major portion of the front screen leaving very little portion of the body without it. It curves towards the left and right side of the phone and you will see only content all over the front screen. To help incorporate this innovation, the fingerprint sensor has been moved to the back side of the phone. The iris scanning technology has also been incorporated into this phone by which users are enabled to unlock the phone simply by looking into the twin circles in the front.

The ‘intelligent assistant’- Bixby

Bixby is Samsung’s effort to take the efficiency and utilization of smartphone technology to the next level. It could be compared to Siri seen in Apple iPhones. Having a feature in your phone which gets used to your actions and behavior and develop the capability to understand what your requirement is even before you make an incomplete request is purely futuristic technology- and that is exactly what Bixby is. Initially it works with a few pre-installed apps initially but Bixby will have the ability to support every task the app is capable of performing eventually through voice commands, text or touch. This smart assistant is expected to support the user to such an extent that gradually it will be able to process incomplete commands from your side as it will know by then what you are searching for.

Samsung S8 & Samsung S8 Plus available online now are great pieces of art and technology and the brand is bent upon taking this sort of excellence to a level that users yearn for.

Panasonic Mobile: A Few Popular Models

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There are two things that first enter the mind of someone looking for a new phone. One is the price. “How much would I want to set aside for my new phone?” This is the first question that someone buying a new phone has to ask himself. Then comes the brand. We all want to know more about the brand that our new mobile belongs to. A good brand is a sign of reliability. This is why most users go for phones from reputed brands, even those looking for mobiles at affordable prices. One such brand is Panasonic. Evolved and developed over the years, Panasonic is one of the leading companies in electronics today.


Panasonic has mobiles in different models that are reliable and designed for different kinds of users, depending on what each one wants. Are you looking for a phone that lets you multi-task, or a phone with a great camera or good security features? Decide on the features that mean the most to you before you start browsing through the different models of Panasonic mobiles online. Following are some of the most popular models that you can have a look at:

Stylish Panasonic Mobiles with Great Performance and Long Battery Lives

Designed with Premium Contour Edges, the Panasonic P66 Mega is stylish and elegant. The HD IPS screen of five inches provides you with a visual and colorful delight while you watch movies and videos. With a 3000mAh Li-Po battery, the phone is quite reliable and won’t beep to indicate a dying battery too often. The phone has a 1.3GHz Quad-Core processor that lets you enjoy a glitch-free operating experience. So, if you want to multi-task faster and more efficiently, you won’t be displeased with this Panasonic phone.


Sharing, connecting with friends and playing games at lightning-fast speedo are all possible with the Panasonic Eluga Turbo. With 4G LTE, the phone lets you use the Internet with greater speed and efficiency. The phone also comes with a 3GB RAM and an Octa-Core processor that lets you multi-task like a pro, enjoying a hassle-free experience as you use various apps at a time. The front of the phone is protected by the Gorilla Glass 3 while the back has the Asahi Dragontail Glass, making the phone robust and scratch-resistant, apart from being very elegant with a slim design.

Panasonic Mobiles for Multitasking, Long Conversations and More


Lightweight, with a textured finish and a compact design, the Panasonic Eluga Note is stylish and comfortable to hold. With an Octa-Core processor and a 3GB RAM, the phone is reliable and great for multi-tasking. With the IR Blaster, the Panasonic Eluga Note also serves as a remote control for your TV/air conditioner. The revolutionary VoLTE technology lets you enjoy conversations with great voice quality. The phone has a 16MP Autofocus Rear camera that comes with a Triple LED flash that lets you shoot non-stop pictures. The phone also has a front camera of 5MP for selfies and video calls.

If you are looking for a phone with great security features, the Panasonic Eluga Mark 2 is for you. The phone has an Android-For-Work security feature in the form of a back fingerprint sensor to ensure that all your confidential data is safe. The 5MP 88 degree wide front camera of the phone lets you capture brilliant selfies. The Voice-Over-LTE lets you enjoy crystal clear voice calls. Made of aircraft grade aluminum, this phone has a sleek metallic design that makes it strong and durable.


Panasonic has a range of mobiles online, apart from the ones mentioned here. If you want something at an affordable price, the Panasonic P77 is what you can get. The phone has an ergonomic build that makes it comfortable to hold. With a 2000mAh battery and 4G connectivity, this phone is a good choice for someone looking for a budget phone. So, set your budget, determine the features that you want and browse through the range of  Panasonic phones online. You are sure to find a phone for you.

Say Hello to Mi Mobiles – The Best in Class

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We’re done with using the same phone for years now. It’s all about keeping up with the latest trends and technologies, and the smartphones these days are only getting better and better. So if you don’t like being outdated and want to stay up-to-date, it’s time you replaced your smartphone for a Mi mobile.




Why Mi Mobiles?

It’s difficult to find a smartphone that’s both, trendy and functional. And that’s where Mi comes to our rescue – Mi mobiles strike the perfect balance between great looks and smooth performance, and in an affordable price range. Take a look at some of the best-selling Mi Mobiles online here:


The Redmi 3S – The Affordable Mi Smartphone



Dressed in a premium metal body and powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 processor, the Redmi 3S is a smartphone that will take your mobile experience to the next level. The Redmi 3S uses 4 performance cores to enhance your performance and uses 4 power-saving cores for extra efficiency. When it comes to entertainment, the Redmi 3S is a show stealer as it offers high sensitivity and graphics rendering and delivers an immersive gaming experience.


Redmi Note 4


If power is what you’re looking for in a smartphone, then consider the Redmi Note 4. It’s surprising how a smartphone that’s as slim as the Redmi Note 4 houses a powerful 4100 mAh battery. What’s better is that this phone features a 2.5D curved glass with tapered edges that feels great in your hands.  The Redmi Note 4 also comes with a noise-eliminating CMOS sensor with backside illumination (BSI) and larger pixels which give you stunning clarity even in low light conditions. Its glossy CNC-finished separation lines further add a touch of class to this smartphone.


Redmi Note 3


If you’re looking for a smartphone than offers seamless performance and at the same time feels great in your hands, then Redmi Note 3 is what you need. This Mi mobile has a superfast processor combined with a large 4050 mAh battery and looks stunning. The Redmi Note 3 also allows you to unlock it in 0.3 seconds with just a tap of your finger. This affordable smartphone also comes with a 16 MP rear camera and a 5 MP front camera that allows you to click beautiful pictures.


Mi 5


The Mi 5 is the perfect example of a smartphone that has both, stunning looks and great features. Its lightweight design and super-fast performance makes this phone a keeper. Powered by a Adreno 530 graphics processor and featuring a 5.15-inch LED bright display, this Mi mobile allows you to switch between apps effortlessly and enjoy an immersive gaming experience. This smartphone also comes with a 16 MP rear camera which allows you to capture beautiful moments in crystal-clear clarity and also comes with a 4 MP front camera which can be used to click selfies and video call.

Gionee Phones – For Style and Convenience

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“Products should be as unique as the people who use them.” This is the belief that Gionee has a global provider of mobile and Internet technology. Gionee’s phone’s are stylish, user-friendly and above all, wallet-friendly, with most of them coming at highly affordable prices. Founded in the year 2002, the company has grown rapidly over the years and has made its presence in various countries over the world, selling over a million phones per month. Let us have a look at some of the most popular Gionee mobiles:


  1. Gionee P5W Beautiful Designs and Cameras That Make Selfies Fun

With a UI that matches the color of your phone, the Gionee P5W is aesthetically very appealing. The phone comes with a 5MP rear camera and 2MP front camera with in-built Face Beauty and Filter applications to give you more stunning selfies. The phone has a storage space of 16GB which can be expanded to up to 128 GB so you can store more songs, pictures, videos and other files. And your videos and pictures can be viewed in stunning detail, thanks to five-inch HD IPS display. The On-The-Go USB cable lets you store and transfer data to any other system without the hassle of any software or unnecessary installation.


  1. Gionee P5 Mini Great Audio, Security Features and More

With the Face Unlock feature, the Gionee P5 Mini ensures that all your documents and private conversations are safe. With a variety of photo editing applications, the phone’s 5.0MP camera and 2.0MP front camera make taking pictures and selfies great fun. You also get to enjoy an enhanced audio experience with DTS sound technology, listening to all your favourite tracks with great surround sound. With an FWVGA IPS Oncell display, the phone lets you view pictures and videos in bright and vivid detail. The Quad Core processor lets you switch between applications and enjoy all your favourite music, movies and games without facing any lag.



  1. Gionee Marathon M5 LiteFor a High Battery Power

If a good battery capacity is mainly what you are looking for in a new phone, the Gionee Marathon Lite is for you. The phone has a battery power of 4000mAh, letting you enjoy 32.7 hours of talk time and 450 hours of standby time. The phone also lets you share your battery power with your friends with the OTG reverse charge technology. With an ultra slim metallic body and an elegant mirror design, this phone has the perfect combination of sturdiness and style. The 4G dual SIM lets you enjoy lag free browsing while the 1.3GHz Quad Core processor gives you optimum performance and speed.



  1. Gionee S6sStunning Selfies Cameras

If stunning selfies are what you want from your new phone,  Gionee S6s phone for you. The phone comes with a high CRI front flash camera and even includes screen flash, letting you take awesome pictures even in low light conditions. The Live Filter lets you experiment with different effects till you get the perfect picture. With the Face Beauty 2.0 feature, every selfie is going to be worth sharing. The handy fingerprint button lets you take selfies with more steadiness and ease. The phone has a 3G/4G/VoLTE compatibility, so you can enjoy non-stop connectivity. With an Octa Core processor, the phone makes multitasking a breeze.



If you are looking for something simple and affordable, the Gionee L800 is what you can have a look at. The phone comes at an affordable price and has a battery power of 3000mAh that lasts for a fairly long time. The 2.6 inch screen lets you read texts with a fairly good view. You can capture your day to day moments with the 1.3MP camera. With preloaded apps like Facebook and Twitter, the phone also gives you options to kill time with when you are bored. So, no matter whether you are looking for a phone with a great camera or something that fits within a low budget, whether it is a phone with a high battery that you are looking for or a lot of storage space, Gionee has the phone for you. Browse through the different models online and compare the different features and you are sure to find a phone that is the most suitable for you.

Sony Mobiles – Taking Technology to Greater Heights

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When it comes to technology you can trust the Japanese to constantly push the limits. Sony mobiles are testament to this statement. The brand is always on the move, always looking for fresh innovation. It already has quite an impressive list of top-selling mobiles to its credit. The latest innovative smartphone that it has claim to is the Sony Xperia XZ. This Android smartphone embodies the essence of what today’s generation smartphone users want from their device. The Sony Xperia XZ comes with IP68 rating which makes it water and dust-resistant. It also boasts a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chipset and an impressive 23 MP 4K camera which comes with object tracking settings.Then there are the classic models of Sony Xperia phones. These Sony mobilessony-xperia-x-dual-sim-na-original-imaejj39jtt4wnce caught the attention of smartphone users because of their sleek and sophisticated design, but what kept people coming back were things like their usability and functionality. Let’s explore a couple of the best-selling Sony mobiles till date:


Sony Xperia Z5 Premium



With a wide 13.97 cm (5.5) screen, it’s obvious why people love this Sony mobile phone. To make sure every picture you look at and every content you watch on it are up to scale, this phone comes with the 4K technology which upscales content to amazing 4K quality. The best part? Your Sony Xperia will keep you company for hours on end. Its long-lasting 3430 mAh battery charges quicker than regular smartphones so you get about an hour’s worth usage with just ten minutes of charging.


You can also forget dealing with passwords or tricky pattern unlocking systems. The Sony Xperia Z5 Premium comes with the fingerprint sensor which lets you unlock your phone with a single movement. Once unlocked, you can browse the internet, play games, share videos, chat with friends who are online, or get work done on your phone – this Sony mobile’s upgraded Android OS facilitates better multi-tasking and longer battery life so you never miss out on anything.


Sony Xperia XA Ultra Dual


The first thing that strikes you about this Sony mobile is its borderless design. This Sony Xperia smartphone features virtually non-existent bezels and is incredibly sleek. Its entire body has a single color. If you want to amp up the game, you can change its wallpaper to match its body color.



The Sony Xperia  XA Ultra comes with the mini-screen mode which lets you switch from one app to another with ease. It lets you minimize the screen’s size with a single swipe so you can effortlessly switch between screens. This Sony mobile is good news for many people, but music lovers have one more reason to love it. The phone’s Loud and Clear technology makes sounds more audible and truer than their original quality so you can soak in every detail of your favorite tracks.



Other models of popular Sony mobiles you can check out are Sony Xperia X, Sony Xperia XA, Sony Xperia M5 Dual SIM. To get them at the best prices, buy Sony mobiles online.