How To Look Quirky In A Saree

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You’re different. You can’t wrap your head around the stereotypical fashion trends followed by the society. You are not the girly girl. Pink is definitely not your colour. You’d rather wear the same outfits every week than wear a pink dress. You like flashy colours like yellow, orange, and neon green. Your favourite animals are lions and slothbears. You don’t understand why the other girls fuss about dogs so much. Your hobbies are carving eggshells, collecting tea bag covers, and exploring haunted places.

People call you weird. But you’d call yourself quirky. You’re unconventional but not creepy. Maybe you’re weird, but in an endearing way. Your style is a reflection of your personality. You like making heads turn wherever you go. You choose dresses and tees with quirky prints. Your closet is full of them. But now you’re just bored. After all, how many quirky dresses can you own? Well, there’s good news for you: quirky sarees are doing the rounds now. So, buck up, go buy the quirkiest sarees you can find on the racks.

A Few Quirky Sarees That Will Blow Your Mind

The world might consider sarees elegant and graceful. But sarees can be a lot of fun too. Floral prints and polka dots are a thing of the past. Cell phone, camera, clock, and hand prints are the thing now. These prints are perfect for you; they complement your personality perfectly.

Renowned designers like Masaba, Kallol Dutta, and Deepika Govind show you how you can have fun with these quirky prints. Read on to find out more:

Deepika Padukone recently wore a red and black saree with mechanical clocks printed all over it. It was simple but it became a rage within no time. The clocks gave the saree a quirky look. You can flaunt this trend too. Just remember to keep the makeup and hairdo simple.
Soha Ali Khan was seen wearing a blue saree with a pink hand-printed pallu. She teamed it up with a blouse matching the colour of the hand print. See how many colours she brought together in one outfit? You could do it too. But it is advisable to choose colours that don’t clash with each other.
Picture this, a white saree with light-coloured body sketches on the lehenga, colour palettes on the pallu and T-shirt print on the blouse. This is how quirky you can look. But, be careful, for such bold prints can be really hard to pull off.
Pacman fan much? Well, now you can flaunt it on your saree. The quirkiness of such a saree will grab attention wherever you go. Don’t accessorize this saree. Let the prints grab the limelight.

Shopping for Sarees With Quirky Prints

It might occur to you that not everyone can pull off the quirky look and they wouldn’t want to wear a saree with such eccentric prints all over it. So where can you find such unconventional sarees? You can find them online. Just browse through the catalogues of various online shopping stores and buy these sarees online.


Sarees – Define Your Sensuality Your Way

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Elegance, grace and beauty – a saree adds these enchanting words to a woman’s personality each time she drapes it. The beauty of this garment lies in the fact that it suits every woman; adds so much charm to her appearance that she is automatically looked at with respect and admiration when she wears it.

Sarees are looked at with wonder by the rest of the world because they are made out of a single piece of cloth of about five to nine yards. They are one of the oldest symbols of Indian ethnicity. They are known to have existed even centuries ago – during the Mesopotamian civilisation and later during the Vedic period. The Ramayana and Mahabharata also speak of women wearing sarees. What’s astonishing is that sarees still haven’t lost their appeal among Indian women. They have just been reinvented to suit modern styles and choices.

Infact, the pizazz of sarees has enchanted women abroad too. Several Hollywood actresses have flaunted sarees on the red carpet at award ceremonies – Jessica Alba, Victoria Beckham, Naomi Campbell, Cameron Diaz, Elizabeth Hurley and so on. Even Bollywood divas have been seen showcasing Indian ethnicity abroad by wearing sarees on international film festivals and award ceremonies.

Wear chiffon sarees and look like a diva at a party or wear silk ones with heavy embellishments on a festive occasion or a wedding. They will make you look glamorous and sensuous instantly. What’s more, you can wear them anywhere, on any occasion. No matter what your body type is, you can carry them off easily. Every region in India has got its own traditional way of draping these garments. Drape them in different ways based on the look you want to flaunt.

One important aspect which determines which sarees look good on you and whether they suit the occasion, your body type or even the climate of the place is: the material of the saree. You have to be very careful while making a choice here since each material gives a different look entirely. Depending on the material, sarees can either spruce up your panache or make you look like a fashion disaster. So, make a wise choice. They are available in materials like chiffon, brocade, chanderi, cotton, crepe, georgette, linen and so on.

Buy sarees online for the best shopping experience. You can easily take your pick from the large collection with the help of filters which simplify the selection procedure for you. Place your order in a few simple steps to have it delivered to your doorstep. Online stores give you multiple payment options like cash on delivery, credit/debit card or internet banking. Most of them allow you to have the product replaced in case you are not satisfied with it.

Saree – Yards of Sheer Elegance and Gorgeousness

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Saree goes synonymous with Indian ethnicity. As they say, “Nothing makes a woman look more beautiful like a saree does”. Well, I am sure all the fashionistas out there would definitely second this! Exposing and covering the right amount of skin, this five to nine yards of cloth is elegance personified. Having a couple of them in your wardrobe is a saviour for your numerous wedding and associated functions, or ethnic days at workplace.

Etymologically, the term had its origins from a Sanskrit word ‘sati’ meaning a ‘strip of cloth’. The history of the garment can very well be traced back to the ancient civilization of Indus Valley during 2800-1800 BC. Over the years, the garment gained prominence in the figures of various Gods and Goddesses and later, it spread its popularity among the various regions in India with distinct features pertaining to each of them. However, every innovation brings with it certain criticisms. Similarly, sarees also shared its bit when people accused it of the style of wearing, exposure of midriff and so on. However, it transcended all barriers and the piece of clothing continues to storm the modern fashion industry till date.sarees

The beauty of the saree lies in its style of draping. The styles change from region to region, depending on the length and the form. They have unique names, which eventually become a matter of identity of the women pertaining to that state or region. Some of the interesting draping styles are Nivi of Andhra Pradesh, Bengali and Oriya style, Gujarati and Rajasthani style, Maharashtrian and Konkani style, Madisar style of Tamil Nadu, Kodagu style of Karnataka, Malayali style, Gond of Central India, tribal styles and so on.

When choosing one for yourself, you need to take into account certain aspects like fabric, body shape, length, colour, type, pattern, occasion and so on. There are certain types for you to choose from. These include banarasi, banhani, berhampuri, Bollywood, chanderi, bhagalpuri, Chettinadu, daily wear, fashion, kanjivaram, kantha, lucknow chikankari, maheshwari, murshidabad, leheria, mangalgiri, patola, paithani, mysore, phulkari, rajshahi and many more. When selecting one, the fabric also plays a vital role. Sarees are available in a variety of fabrics like art silk, brasso, brocade, chanderi, cotton, chiffon, crepe, georgette, net, jacquard, nylon, organza, polycotton, satin, silk, polyester, synthetic.

In order to know which of these will suit you best, you need to know your body shape. Women with pear-shaped body should opt for fabrics like georgette or chiffon with small prints or embroidery. If you have an apple-shaped body, pick up silk as your fabric along with exquisite embroidery work to get the intended look. If you are on the heavier side, silk and chiffon fabrics will accentuate your look. If you have a typical Indian voluptuous figure, chiffon, georgette and net are bound to spruce-up your overall look and give you the sensuous curves at the right places. Women who are slim can go for cotton, organza or silk to get the look right.

You can choose from several patterns like animal print, graphic, polka, checkered, geometric, self design, printed, solid, striped, floral and such depending on the embroidery or embellishment and also the occasion. You can now buy sarees online from brands like Ishin, Prafful, Diva Fashion, Florence, Soch, Silkbazar, Cenizas, Aadrika, Aaliya, Aaliya Fashiona, Urban Vastra, Aaboli, Adaa, Aarzoo Dezigners, Ambardhara, All Factory outlet, Vipul and many more.

Sarees Online – Click and Drape

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A saree is a major marker of the ‘Indianness’ in you. Saree is synonymous with the concept of Indian ethnicity as it is much more meaningful than a mere piece of clothing and is unmatchable in comparison to other garments. In a layman’s term, a saree is a South Asian type of clothing for females, which consists of a long cloth ranging from two to nine yards. It is usually wrapped around the waist for a firm grip and one end of the sari is neatly pleated or left loose over the left shoulder. A saree is normally worn with a blouse along with a petticoat.sarees
Draping a saree is quite an art if you know the right way. There are various styles of draping a saree, which differs from region to region. For instance, Gujaratis and Marwaris drape their saree with the pallu in front. On the other hand, Maharashtrians drape a longer saree in the form of a dhoti, which is called a Nauvari saree. Typical Bengalis have a unique way of draping a saree with a key ring tied to the loose end of the pallu. Draping can influence your overall look to a large extent. You can drape one according to your body type, thus enhancing your figure to give you a svelte look. If the pleats are not neatly tucked, the saree looks clumsy and out of place and can add weight to your body irrespective of any kind of figure.
An integral part of a saree is the border which can be broad or narrow depending on the print of a saree. There are wide variety of prints and colours in sarees which you can find online. Since most of the online shopping sites have an image of a model wearing the saree, take a closer look at the draping style, fabric and print for a better idea. You can find sarees with embroidery, zari, stone and other heavy works for special occasions.
You can get a wide range of sarees online to choose from. Before you make a purchase, you need to know which kind of fabrics would suit you best and enhance your overall personality. The fabrics include cotton, silk, synthetic, chiffon, crepe, georgette, chanderi, blend of fabrics and so on. Choosing the right fabric is also important with respect to a saree. For instance, if you are on the heavier side, cotton sarees will make you look more puffy no matter what.

There are sarees  for all kinds of occasions. Whether it is a wedding, office, party, function or any event, sarees have a distinct charm of their own. There are various kinds of sarees pertaining to each region of the country. Some of them include Tasar, Kanjivaram, Kota, super net, south cotton, Sambalpuri, Mysore silk, Banarasi, Taant and many more.

While shopping online for sarees, you can narrow your search by using various filters like fabric, type, print, colour, occasion and so on for the best results. Choose a saree which matches your skin tone and body type. Get a perfectly fitted blouse stitched and you can also experiment with the designs of the blouse as well.

Blouses – For the elegant and beautiful you

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A blouse is one of the staple wardrobe necessities. Blouses have had a series of changes ever since their origin. They’re worn to work, casual outings, formal meetings and other such events. In most of the countries, a blouse typically means a shirt that is tucked in and created with silk, cotton, chiffon, nylon and other such materials; some blouses have a collar while some don’t. Blouses are meant to be teamed with a trouser or skirt. But, in countries like India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh a blouse refers to a saree blouse. These blouses are designed to be worn with a sarees and are available in different designs, materials, colors, patterns and prices. Also, there are readymade, tailor stitched and designer blouses.blouses

Things to keep in mind while buying a blouse:

Blouse material: There are different types of blouse materials available in the market. Depending on your saree fabric, design and color, you can pick an appropriate material. Some of the popular blouse materials are silk, cotton, satin, net, georgette, tussar, jute, dupion, chiffon, lama tissue, crepe, kora cotton, velvet, munga silk, noil, organza and spun. You get readymade blouses as well as tailor stitched blouses in these materials – depending on your needs and requirements you can choose either a readymade or a tailor stitched one.

Blouse measurement: It is very important to wear a well-fitted blouse. An ill-fitted blouse looks very shabby and changes the whole appearance of the outfit. A tailor stitched blouse usually fits well as the measurements are taken for you, but, a readymade blouse comes in standard sizes. Therefore it is very important to pick a right size with perfect measurements. You can even alter the readymade blouse to your size.

Blouse design: There are different types of blouse designs and textures available – brocade, herringbone, jamavar, jacquard, matt, natural, soft, woven, wrinkled and many more. Depending on your style and personality, you can pick an appropriate design and texture that suits your saree as well as your taste. Also, you get blouses in different neck shapes, sleeve lengths and blouse lengths. Pick the best looking blouse that suits your saree.

Blouse price: Depending on the blouse material, texture and pattern the price of the blouse varies.


There are many brands that design blouses and some of the popular brands are 9rasa, Mina Bazaar, Mrignain, IndiDori, Ira Soleil, moKanc, Inblue Fashions, Medhira, Neerus, Sareez and many more.

Where to buy blouses?

You can buy readymade blouses online or in retail stores depending on your convenience. Shopping online is easy, safe and convenient. Some online shopping websites have easy payment options and return policies to ensure that you have a satisfying shopping experience.

Sarees An inherent, ethnic statement

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The Sari is one of the first form of clothing that traces its roots to the the culturally-sound Indus Valley Civilization. The word sari is derived from the sanskrit word Sati, which essentially means, ‘a strip of cloth’. Having such a glorious and interesting history, the sari is technically, a long piece of cloth that measures up to two yards or more. What is interesting to note is that the sari, on its own, is a simple attire but the draping is a slightly tricky affair.

The sarees are ideally draped from the waist that extends to the midriff and goes all the way down the shoulders. A sari, is worn by a woman, and features neat pleats and requires precision while draping it. The sari is a distinctive fashion statement amongst the Indian populace and is fashioned in a riot of colors. What is matched with the sari is a blouse that is designed in such a way that it extends only till the midriff. Besides colors, Sarees also feature sequins, embellishments, intricate embroidery patterns and a combination of two materials that lends it, a sleek and attractive look. The appeal of saris lies in their grandeur and ethnic flavour that resonates with the rich heritage of India.

Most grand Sarees are handwoven and feature a plain surface with two decorated sides that are crafted along the borders and towards the area where the pleats are made. Some of the prominent sari styles include block prints using wooden blocks, bandhani print, Ikat style, zari work (using golden threads) and zardozi embroidery. Grand Sarees are generally opulent in nature as they are meticulously handcrafted and they are generally preferred over machine printed adaptations. Most Indian functions are celebrated whereby, the women opt for handcrafted versions.

The Sari is said to be one of the most elegant ensembles in the global arena and has been popularized in the western world as well. In the recent times, prominent international ceremonies boasted of Indian women who have embraced the sari in all its allure and charm. Some of the popular brands that dominate the Indian market are Soch, Urban Vastra, Pavechas, Sunaina, Satya Paul, Fab India, Nalli and Kalanjali.

With online shopping offering a wide range of styles and designs to choose from, shopping for Sarees from the comfort of your home is now, a possibility. Thanks to the advantage of high-resolution images, viewing of the product in great detail makes purchasing a whole lot easier. E-commerce sites have opened up a new path, letting customers avoid the hassle and effort of regular shopping. Once the order is placed, the product is delivered at the doorstep with easy payment options such as net banking, cash on delivery and card on delivery.

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