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Micromax Tablets – Advantages of Micromax Funbook Tablet

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Micromax is an Indian brand that is known for the affordable handsets and smartphones that are marketed under its name. It is currently expanding itself with the challenge to contradict the notion that innovation comes with a price. It mainly targets the younger section of consumers with their innovation and design, which are a result of their incredible understanding of consumer demands and preferences. Micromax is one of the rapidly growing handset manufacturing companies in the world.

Micromax funbook is a line of tablets that are designed to provide education and entertainment in a single device. You can strike the right balance between work and play with the preloaded study materials and an excessive collection of entertainment options to keep you amused. Micromax tablet uses the portmanteau of education and entertainment – edutainment, to best describe the most important attribute of its tablets. Acmicromax tablethieve more as you learn more with the Funbook, Funbook Pro, Funbook Alpha, Funbook talk and funbook Infinity.

The Funbook is the first model in the Funbook series of Micromax tablets. The device runs on lightning fast CORTEX A8 processors that can handle daily computing tasks easily. It also has a dual Mali 400 graphics processor that allows a smooth multimedia processing. Its Android OS allows you to navigate through the system with its intuitive user interface and also gives faster response. With a 17.8 cms capacitive touchscreen the Funbook is large enough to entertain and compact enough to carry around. Its slim body also makes it stylish and easier to hold. Wireless connectivity feature makes it possible for users to connect to the internet without any hassle wherever they are with the WiFi or 3G Dongle (via USB) options. You can watch movies with great clarity due to the amazing HD, or you can enjoy them on a larger screen via the HDMI port. It has large internal memory to store all your important files, which can be expanded. The Funbook also comes with a VGA camera that makes sure you stay connected to your near and dear ones.

The other models are improvements on the first tablet in the Micromax Funbook line. The Pro model possesses a larger display and more internal memory capacity, along with extra features that make the device more useful. The Alpha model comes with a 7 inch display and an A13 processor while other features remain more or less the same. Engage in some more learning, games and movies, or never spend a moment idly, with the Funbook Talk. The Funbook Talk comes with call facility so that you can also receive important calls even while working or having fun with the tablet. Micromax Tablets can be bought online from e-commerce sites that sell them.


The Legend of Canon Products – Canon Cameras, Printers

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Canon is a multinational corporation, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. It specializes in electronics and further in optical products such as cameras, camera lenses, camcorders, printers, scanners and some medical equipment as well. The most popular canon products are consumer imaging products such as canon camera and lenses. However, the ones not known to most people are broadcast products, semiconductors, handy terminals and microfilm scanners.

Dating back to World War II, Canon began in 1937, which happens to be the founding of the Precision Optical Instruments Laboratory in Tokyo, Japan. Interestingly, in those initial years, Canon incorporated Nikon lenses, which now happens to be its contemporary in the domain of cameras. In 1940, Canon developed the first indirect X-ray camera in Japan.

canon camera

Canon further introduced the Reflex Zoom 8 camera and then Canola 130, the first 10 key calculator. In 1965, Canon introduced its first SLR (Single Lens Reflex) camera that eventually changed the trajectory of photography in Japan and in the world. In the decades to come, Canon introduced the F-1 series of cameras – which is a high-end SLR camera type. In the year 1985, Canon introduced the Inkjet Printer, the first of its kind in the world. One of the most important inventions from Canon came in the year 1987, as the EOS (Electro-Optical System) SLR camera series, which was named after the Goddess of dawn.

In 1992, Canon launched the EOS 5, the first camera series with eye-controlled AF (Auto-focus). In addition to that, Canon also introduced its first digital camera the same year the PowerShot 600. In 2004, Canon introduced the XEED SX50 LCD projector and its first HD camcorder in 2005.Canon has divided its products under “optical imagery” and “business solution” products. The optical imagery series comprise of cameras mainly. But the latter division takes care of multi-functional printers, large format printers for office purpose and also scanners.

The cameras are segregated between digital cameras and SLRs. The digital camera line of products comprise of Canon PowerShot, Canon Digital IXUS etc. SLRs and DSLRs are the top notch professional cameras that make photography a pleasurable profession.

canon camera photo

The largest sector for revenue for Canon comes from the multifunction copier division. These smart products are available in retail outlets and also on several e-commerce portals online. The products come in various sizes and cater to different business houses, including digital printing presses.

Canon also earns a good sum of its total revenues from laser printers engines. Apple and HP printers use the Canon LPB-CX printer engines for their machines. Additionally, Canon also manufactures flash units for its DSLR cameras and flatbed, film and document scanners.

All the canon products like canon cameras, printers etc are easily available at the click of a mouse on e-commerce websites that ensure speedy and timely delivery. You can avail the easy EMI options to make the payment. There are convenient options to pay by card or with cash on delivery of the product at your doorstep. Enjoy the amazing line of Canon products at affordable prices and avoid the hassle of going out for shopping.

Tips to Look stylish with winter clothes

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Winter is one of the most challenging seasons of the year, especially with regard to clothing and fashion. How do you look stylish with layers of clothes on you? With a few handy tips and the right choice of cardigans you can beat the chills. Mango and Marks & Spencers ensure that you spare you the burden of

For women in the West, a sexy and chic attire would be donning a classy black leather jacket and jeans. Accessorize it with a black muffler and snazz it up with a vibrant hand bag. Complement the attire with matching black boots and a black beanie.

women winter wearYou could also enliven your wardrobe with an animal print jacket and black hand gloves. Team it with a pair of skinny jeans and suede fawn boots. Wear a white sheer top inside and accessorize with a funky brown belt and a black hat.

For ladies, who like to kiss the sunshine in winter, you could wear a shift dress with stylish crochet embroidery all over and team it with a beanie. Throw on a smart coat and embrace fashion with sassy boots over a pantyhose.

For the prude in you, you could pamper her with a woollen white sweater and black velvet skirt. Wear white pantyhose and a black, ladylike hat. Don’t forget the chic platform heels.
Over coats and jackets are an all time favorite. Elegant and high-class, suede leather coats with fur collars make you look like a million dollars. Wear a white blouse with a black pencil skirt. Accessorize with a pair of glares and a stylish black purse. Wear black pantyhose and knee-length boots to complete the look.

Make a fashion forward statement with a stark pink round neck top and team it with a pair of wide flare trousers. Slip on an elegant white overcoat and accessorize with a zebra print handbag.
winter clothes
For the tomboy in you, don the classic scottish plaid jacket. Team the checkered coat with a pair of blue jeans and a neatly knit grey sweater. Accessorize with a beanie and brown leather shoes. Carry a sling bag along and flaunt the sassy look.

Be Miss Fancy Pants by slipping into checkered chinos that play a vibrant contrast with a solid color jacket. Wear a turtle neck black sweater and accompany it with a smart leather jacket and throw on a ravishing bright red over coat and accessorize with a charming handbag.

Don’t forget the amazing purple hue this winter. Wear a chic purple overcoat with a black pantyhose and accessorise with a stylish fawn scarf. Pep up your attire with black boots and over-sized sunglasses.

Get stylish winter clothes like sweaters, cardigans, winter jackets, coats etc for men, women & kids at stores and also by clicking on the “place order” option on various e-commerce websites that impress you with their assorted collection and speedy delivery. Have a pleasurable online shopping experience.

Van Heusen Shirts

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Van Heusen is a big name in the shirt industry. Finding its origins in a truly inspiring 1910 story of perseverance and creativity, the story of Van Heusen is a classic American bootstrap saga. Moses Phillips and his family stitched shirts at home and gradually witnessed the success of these hand-stitched shirts in the American market in the 1880’s. Moses and his family moved to NYC in 1910, thus gaining a global platform for their product. They partnered with the Dutch immigrant John Manning Van Heusen in 1919. Before the merger, Mr. Heusen had patented the soft folding collar design – which fused cloth on a curve, which replaced hardened collars that were uncomfortable for the wearer.

The collar campaign became very popular and placed the brand on the world map. Today Van Heusen has a variety of products for both men and women alike. Van Heusen shirts are very popular and speak volumes of the research and effort that the company puts in for every thread that is churned out of the brand.

van-heusen-shirtsVan Heusen is known for its dress shirts that are finely crafted from exquisite fabric and innate with craftsmanship. Dress shirts are slightly longer than formal shirts, as they are meant for the primary purpose of getting tucked in. Dress shirts have the wrinkle free and studio slim fit series embedded within. Dress shirts can be worn at festive occasions and even to work.

Big & Tall series is another set of formal shirts in the Van Heusen brand that are ideal for office attire and flaunt varied patterns and features. Plaid, striped, roll-up sleeves being a few of them. These shirts are meshed in cotton, poly/rayon blend fabric materials. A pointed collar and double-breasted shirts make for classic office wear.

An impressive casual wear assortment deserves space in your closet. The “No Iron” series from Van Heusen is a stylish and dapper collection of casual shirts. Crafted from cotton blend this series of shirts make for comfortable office attires and for the after hours too. Solid color shirts are a treat for the eye. These cotton blends are comfy and team up well with formal trousers. Sport shirts also flaunt classic plaid and contemporary checkered patterns that make a fashion forward statement on your behalf.

All these smart shirts are available in Van Heusen retail outlets across the globe. Thanks to e-commerce websites, they are now available online, at the click of your mouse. You can choose your choice of casual shirts & formal shirts in your size online and choose to pay by card or with cash on delivery of the product at your doorstep. You can also avail the exchange policy that the e-commerce website offer you. Enjoy shopping in the digital age!


Floaters – Float With Style and Comfort

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Floaters refer to the type of sandals that are designed in a more sporty way. This type of footwear is very light and makes you feel like you are floating and hence the name floaters. They are designed with straps that make sure they are not loose and uncomfortable. Originally designed to give sports shoes type of comfort, they were received more for their fashionable look and came to be treated as a stylish piece of footwear. Today, floaters have become popular footwear because of their comfortable, stylish and trendy nature.

Currently, there is a variety of floaters that come in different designs, which are made from different materials. There are also floaters that are suitable for particular age groups and occasions. Floaters that are available in open-toe designs and velcro straps give more comfort than those with close-toe. Match them with a pair of shorts – cargos or normal shorts and T-shirts to get the fun look. You can also pair them with jeans to bring more variety to your casual look. Floaters are a good choice in summer, when you do not want your feet to get hot and sweaty. They can also be worn with socks in winter to spice up your winter fashion.


The close-toe designs, especially those made of leather are more suitable for formal occasions. They have the classic look that go well with casual trousers (regular fit) or with traditional wear like a kurta. However, they also look good when paired with jeans that have normal cuts and fits. Floaters have come to occupy the gap between shoes and sandals and tend to fit in both categories with their unique designing. This makes them versatile as they can be matched with a lot of clothing items and also tends to fit in different occasions and settings.

Make yourself more comfortable with a pair of floaters when you are on the beach or hanging out with your buddies. Engage in more adventures without being burdened by heavy footwear; add variety to your personal casual footwear collection with some trendy, colourful or classic leather floaters. Choose your own floaters that go well with your style of clothing, from your favourite brand or in the colour that matches your personality.

Now, finding floaters of your choice and buying them is easier as you can find loads of them on any online footwear shopping website. You can find floaters from popular brands like Puma, Reebok, Adidas, Lee Cooper, Franco Leone and others. Online shopping has made it easier for customers to find products and buy them. These sites also deliver products to customers’ homes and provide different modes of payment like Cash on Delivery and online payment methods.

Fitting In With Trousers

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Trousers are among the most common type of clothing items that are worn around the world. Originating from western fashion, it has spread across the globe to become a must have clothing item in most people’s wardrobe. Trousers are basically garments, worn to cover the lower part of the body from waist to ankles with two parallel sections to fit each leg. The type of trousers that are worn today evolved from bifurcated European garments around the 1820s. They have been basic wear ever since that time, with varying styles, from the wide Oxford bags to the recent narrow cuts.

Once considered strictly a male apparel, trousers have come through a long history to become apparel for women too. Initially, women’s trousers were introduced in the 19th Century by fashion reformers without any success due to orthodox social norms. However, in the Trousers for men20th Century, with the changing role of women in society trousers became appropriate garments for them too. Today, men and women wear trousers not just at work or formal occasions but also as casual wear because of the different styles of them that are available.

Trousers have moved away from the traditional loose fit style with pleats to involve more fits like skinny and narrow fits without pleats. Trousers now come in a variety of materials and more vibrant colours making them more popular than ever. These days trousers are manufactured keeping in mind various activities like business meetings, going out or hanging out with friends, party or sports.

For gents there are formals, semi-formals, party wear, casuals, chinos that will add more choices to a guy’s wardrobe. Trousers have also recovered their connection with the consumers that was lost when jeans came out and took the fashion world by storm. With a lot of improvements in the design and adaptation to modern fashion, they are in vogue once again. They are now considered stylish apparel that can be successfully paired with different clothing items and give a more refined look even with the casual nature.

In the ladies category, trousers have more detailing and come in different shapes. Apart from those similar to men’s trousers, there are also designs that have prints, extra-pleats and lengths above the ankle that all help lend a chic look. There are also the palazzo with wide flaring legs, the capris, the tight-fit pants, leather pants and sports trousers that all add to the previously existing variety to present more choices.

Fashionable trousers for men & women from popular brands like United Colors Of Benetton, Allen Solly, Van Heusen, French Connection and others are available on online shopping sites. Buying your choice of trousers or choosing to buy one is more comfortable with this style of shopping that improves on the traditional method.

Slip Into the Comfort Zone of Trendy Slippers

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Among all the types of footwear, slippers are perhaps the most simple ones. There is nothing complicated about them but that does not make them uninteresting. A majority of the people own at least a pair of slippers in their footwear collection. From being simple footwear meant to be worn within the confines of the house they have evolved to become footwear that can be worn outdoors too. Slippers now come in a variety of designs and colours making them more popular than ever.


They are available with various styles of straps, apart from the traditional V-shaped ones. The straps have been replaced by panels in some designs. These panels cover the middle or the front of the feet but somehow hold the lower part of the slippers comfortably with the feet. Slippers have come to be manufactured using different types of materials apart from the traditional ones that were manufactured from leather or rubber materials. There are slippers made from fabric and suede that give more choice to select from and to suit comfort levels of different individuals.

Nowadays, slippers come with attractive designs and prints on them to portray different styles and cultures. They display unique designs and have more detailing on them that have changed the way slippers look and are known to be. Today more people wear slippers – to the beach with shorts and loose shirts, as part of casual wear with jeans and trousers or with traditional wear especially leather slippers. For ladies, slippers come with more designing, detailing and accessorising to give the chic look. For ladies who love heels, there are also slippers with heels making them more stylish than ever.

There have been more developments in the comfort factor, where the soles and the straps now come with better padding. And the heels are also designed to be more comfortable and softer on the feet. Moving away from the tag of being affordable domestic footwear, slippers are also available in high-end designs and lines. People now consider slippers as part of their fashion wear. Manufactured by popular brands like Puma, Adidas, Reebok, Nike, Fila, Red Tape, Lotto and available in funky colours, slippers have captured the imagination of consumers when it comes to comfort in the footwear section.
Add some trendy slippers to your footwear collection and see them fulfil their purpose, when they come in handy at times when you run out of footwear variety to match your clothes.

Online Shopping lovers! You can can easily buy fashionable footwear & trendy slippers for men, women & kids on any online footwear shopping website that sell them.