Sony BRAVIA KLV-32R412B or Toshiba 32P2400 – Who wins the battle?

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A hectic job, increasing expenses, unpaid bills, a goofed up political system – we have so much to deal with every day. Sometimes, all of this can become too much to take. You just want to break free. Watching television gives you this much-needed break. When you watch your favourite players on the TV, you find joy in their victory. Serials take you away from the harsh realities of your life and transport you to a world where everything is perfect. Watching television is a stress-buster for most of us. So, when you are out to buy a TV, pick one that gives you great sound and video quality.

When you buy a TV, it is important that you take your pick from credible brands like Sony and Toshiba. Sony is known for its cutting-edge technology while Toshiba is known for its innovative features.

Explore these two popular LED TV models from Toshiba and Sony and see which suits your requirements the best:

Toshiba 32P2400

The Toshiba 32P2400 come with an 81-centimetre screen and displays images and videos in HD Ready resolution. The screen size is appropriate for you if you want a compact LED television for your room. HD Ready resolution allows you to enjoy crisp images with great detail. It is powered by CEVO engine which ensures that the images on your TV look as true to life as possible. The Toshiba 32P2400 comes with Football mode which ensures that you see every shot in incredible clarity. The Game mode displays your fictional characters with sharp details, particularly in dark scenes.

Sony Bravia KLV-32R412B

This Sony LED TV has a resolution of 1366 x 768. It enhances your entertainment experience with its crisp, true to life images. This television is equipped with Clear Resolution Enhancer which further enhances the clarity of the images and ensures that there is minimal noise. The images on your TV have greater on-screen depth. With this TV, you can enjoy all the media and applications of your mobile phone on the big screen by connecting it with the Mobile High-Definition Link. You can also listen to FM radio on your television.

Hence, if you are an avid gamer or a sports junkie, you might want to choose the Toshiba 32P400 since it promises to give you a great gaming experience and will make you fall in love with football all the more. But if you require a television to watch movies and shows, go with the Sony BRAVIA KLV-32R412B . Moreover, the Bravia has more features compared to the Toshiba TV.

No matter what your choice, buy a TV online. Online stores give you a great shopping experience. Besides, you can also compare these products feature by feature to see which one suits your requirements the best. You can place your order from no matter where you are to have the product delivered to your doorstep.


Videocon, Samsung or Philips – Who Wins the Battle?

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With the Videocon VKC40FH, you will be able to see every image with incredible clarity due to the Full HD display. It comes with a screen size of 97.7 cm. The next time you want to watch a wildlife show on TV, watch it on the Videocon VKC40FH. Take in the beauty of the lush savanna with all the greens and browns in clear contrast; this TV has a mega contrast ratio. The 1080p display along with the great contrast ratio gives you a viewing experience that few other TVs can match. Enjoy connecting all your media devices to this Videocon TV with the HDMI cable.

Samsung 32EH4003

The Samsung 32EH4003 has a screen size of 81.28 cm which makes it suitable for those of you who require a compact television for your room. With a resolution of 1366 x 768, it provides a better viewing experience compared to ordinary HDTVs. It comes with Wide Colour Enhancer Plus which enhances the clarity of images and shows them with great detail. This Samsung TV comes with Triple Protection feature which protects your device from lightning, humidity and high fluctuation in voltage.

Philips 29PFL4738

This television from Philips comes with a screen size of 71 cm which makes it suitable for your room. HD Ready display gives you great image clarity with incredible detail. Watch and enjoy the ripple of every muscle of your favourite actor as he punches the bad guys in the face. It has a resolution of 1366 x 768. The Perfect Motion Rate feature ensures that you see the fastest motions with the best clarity. The next time Kohli takes his best shot, ensure that you watch it on this Philips TV. With a contrast as high as 3000000:1, Philips uses dimming technology and backlight technology to give you images with stunning blacks and bright colours. Incredible surround sound ensures that you get immersed in the scene and feel a part of it.

The major difference in these televisions is their screen size and the resolution. If you require a high-end TV which has a great screen resolution, the Videocon VKC40FH is your best option due to its Full HD resolution. The Samsung 32EH4003 has innovative features. But if you want a television which gives a great user experience overall, the Philips 29PFL4738 is your best option.

Review and Comparison of LG 32LB5610, LG 32LB5820, LG 32LB582B

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LG 32LB5610: With a cool and sleek design, this LG 32LB5610 TV will change your room and your TV viewing experience for the better. Along with its metallic finish, this TV also comes with IPS LED panel which makes sure you have a fabulous TV viewing experience. Its rich color and wider viewing angle gives you the freedom to watch TV from anywhere in your room. Furthermore, it is also loaded with a powerful Triple XD engine which results in the perfect blend of color, contrast and clarity. An added advantage of this LG TV is that you can also save more on your electricity bills as it has a backlight control function.

LG 32LB5820: What more does one want in a television that get crisp images with amazing clarity. With this LG 32LB5820 TV, your TV viewing experience is taken to another level. Enjoy flawless video and audio clarity and get mesmerized by its design. With features like SmartShare Mode, built-in Wi-Fi, Miracast, Tag On and Intel’s WIDI. Furthermore, this LG 32LB5820 TV comes with a number of additional features such as a timer and gaming console.

LG 32LB582B: With a powerful triple XD engine, you can enjoy watching TV with better clarity, contrast and color. Its slim depth and narrow bezel eliminates the space between these two and gives it a slimmer look. Its ultra-stylish stand gives an elegant look to the entire room. An added advantage of owning this LG 32LB582BLG 32LB582B LG 32LB5820 TV is that you can watch a lot of premium content. This LG 32LB582B TV is equipped with a lot of premium content that keeps you glued to the TV for hours.

All of these being relatively new and having the same screen size, choosing among them is surely a tricky task. However, with prior research you can choose the best one among these three that suits your needs and requirements. All of these three TVs have a lot of similarities like same screen type, screen size, power consumption, sound technology and backlight module. They vary in terms of built-in Wi-Fi, resolution, Smart TV option, HDMI ports and of course the price.

So why wait? Log on to your favourite online shopping site, compare these three models – LG 32LB582B, LG 32LB5820 and LG 32LB5610, read reviews and buy the one that best suits your TV viewing requirements and budget. Buy LG TV online and experience the bliss of online shopping and avail exciting offers like fast delivery, secure payment options and simple after-sales policies.